What is brick weed?
What is brick weed?

New Cannabis Consumers Will Never Know the Pains of Brick Weed

What is brick weed and why was it so horrible if you were trying to find weed before legalization?

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Reginald Reefer on Thursday May 20, 2021

New Cannabis Consumers Will Never Deal with Brick Weed

what is brick weed

If you’re just starting to smoke weed – you’ll never understand what it was like to live under the tyrannical policy of cannabis prohibition.


Perhaps, if you do other drugs – you may feel a tinge of the historic situation, but you’ll never truly understand just how fucked up things really were/are.


In today’s article, I wish to outline some of the things that the youth of today will never know. Things we ought to remember lest we repeat the same shitfuckery in the next few decades.




Because we saw the spectacular failure of the prohibition of one substance – alcohol prohibition – and decided that we should implement the EXACT same strategy on a plethora of other substances.




Why? Because drugs are bad or something like that…especially when it’s not fabricated in the nutsack of Big Pharma.


And so – dearest Reeferites – we commence the analysis of what should never be repeated.


Drugs are Bad – but only if there’s no quality control!


In 1971 – when the Controlled Substance Act was signed into law by a criminal president essentially giving the pharmaceutical industry control over “all drugs” – the argument was that “drugs are dangerous”.


The truth however did not reflect the policy – as it tends to do when we’re dealing with drug policy.


Prior to the major crackdown on illicit drugs – very few people were actually using drugs at all. Drug dens have been around since the dawn of civilization – however, up until the government actively tried to eradicate drugs from the existence of reality did people really start to take drugs.


This is because prohibition created the black market. It created a financial incentive to break the law. And within the rules of capitalism – the black market is a purest!


What followed was an explosion of illicit drug manufacturing and the creation of transnational criminal organizations. These TCO’s – like any good capitalist venture – aims to maximize revenue while decreasing costs.


Why spend on the good stuff when we can spend on the cheap shit and still make the same amount of money?

Since the black market is not subjected to regulation – there are no rules save the unspoken ones that hold the black market together.


You know like – “Dog eat dog!” and “The fittest & most ruthless will survive!”


Over time, cheaper base products were being used and then cut with other chemicals; passing through countless hands and crammed into millions of spaces to avoid detection.


The drugs indeed became bad due to prohibition.


Weed was shit!


In the 1960s, there was a movement happening in what is now known as the “Emerald Triangle” where cannabis was being selectively grown for its genetics.


However, in the rest of the world you got what you got!


And what you got was BRICK WEED!


Latin American Drug Cartels shipped tons of Shwag across the border because Americans LOVED IT! They smoked it by the ton!


Nobody complained about the seeds, the sticks, the foul taste, the scratchy smoke. Why? Because $10 was a shit load of weed!


Way back in the day, a $10 buy could last you easily a month with you smoking doobies three times a day. Well – I may be exaggerating a bit for the US – but in Mexico $25 used to get you a kilo, so weed was pretty cheap.


Sometimes you’d get better weed, sometimes you’d get worst. You could always tell what part of the brick you got – whether the crisp top nugs, all fat and sticky [but still seedy as fuck] – or the shake at the bottom of the bag.


Nonetheless – compared to the quality of the weed that’s available on the black market – the weed during the height of prohibition was essentially hemp.


The Programming Was HARD!


The government didn’t just want you to not smoke weed or do drugs – they wanted you to HATE IT! They created ridiculous propaganda campaigns and literally went to schools to indoctrinate children like it was some Hitlarian wet-dream.


In the 1980s, the CIA created the Crack epidemic and as a result, “YOUR CHILDREN NEEDED PROTECTION!”

What better way to protect our children than to lie to them about drug use and create stereotypes that would ostracize anyone who D.A.R.E.D go against the status quo.


General “re-education” programs were being implemented at the same time the US government decided to outsource their “War on Drugs!”


I mean – why oppress one nation when we can oppress the world “amerite”?


The re-education required science to back it up – even if science wasn’t going to back it up. The government bankrolled millions in bunk research to use as “evidence” to support the narrative – effectively compromising scientific objectivity in the process.


Fortunately – these campaigns simply fueled a counter-culture that equated the consumption of cannabis as “sticking it to the man!”


Smoking a blunt was being a Freedom-Fighter!


You’re ALL Criminals NOW!


I do hope that we’re reaching a threshold in society where we understand that drugs is a part of life and that it is not only unethical to prohibit someone else’s choice on what they can and cannot put into their own bodies – it is the telltale sign of authoritarianism.


If we wish to live in a society that respects people’s right to express themselves however, they see fit – then we must not be hypocrites in excluding the freedom of taking a fuck-ton of drugs!


This doesn’t mean we encourage such behavior – but every individual should have the right to choose.


Under prohibition – anyone who simply smoked weed was a criminal. You broke the law because you combusted a plant and inhaled smoke into your lungs!


You fucking FIEND!


Considering that cannabis was (and is) the most consumed “illicit drug” on the planet – anyone that smelled like weed was a target for the police! If you happened to be black, brown or any other color than “Patriot White” – you were extra fucked!


Now you know how the “land of the Free” ended up with the largest prison population on the planet.


The Sticky Bottomline


You kids are lucky. You have to battle cannabis corporatism and fight about whether the packaging is the right color or some shit.


For us old school stoners, we were forged in the fires of prohibition. We had to walk in shady neighborhoods, get harassed by the cops, “educated” by the school system and shat on by our peers for smoking weed.


Yet don’t think that because prohibition is ending on cannabis, that the shitfuckery of government has ended. If there’s one thing you can count on – it’s government shitfuckery.


There are no certainties in life but death and taxes – and government shitfuckery!


Prohibition was a dogmatic approach to governance. It attempts to legislate morality based on a particular configuration of “moral principles”.


The government used programs like D.A.R.E to create “The Gospels of Prohibition” which then were shoved down the throats of many of the people who are making the laws today. This is why the “Potency Wars” is maybe a thing…


Prohibition is the tyrants way of dealing with problems and if you closely examine it within the entirety of what it means – it’s very similar to religious doctrine – not founded on science but beliefs and fears.


To question the official narrative was akin to heresy…oh wait – that shit is still going on today isn’t it?





What did you think?

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