Marijuana on Halloween myths
Marijuana on Halloween myths

Don't Fear the Spooky Reefer - Busting Some Urban Legend Cannabis Halloween Myths

People will give away their expensive edibles to your kids, yeah, right, pleeeeeese!

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Reginald Reefer on Tuesday Oct 26, 2021

Don't Fear the Spooky Reefer - Busting Some Urban Legend Cannabis Halloween Myths

halloween marijuana stories and myths

It’s the spookiest time of the year and as with every year, you’ll begin to hear about the police warning parents of “spiked Halloween candies”. We’ve heard so many myths out there – razors in apples, poisoned chocolates and of course, cannabis infused Halloween candy.


These myths have been around for decades and every year we see some sort of authority warn parents about the “dangers of trick or treating”.


A recent article in “The Spokesman” – a WA based blog – where they pointed out some of the common myths surrounding Halloween and cannabis.


Here’s a quick list of the things covered in that article;


  • There is no evidence that cannabis has ever been given to children on Halloween.

  • One of the first instances of this myth being perpetuated can be traced back to 2012 – when cannabis became legal in CO and WA

  • Edibles are for the most part clearly labeled and purposefully made to NOT look like normal candy. In most legalized states, this rule rings true.

  • Infused candies cost money, you’d need some serious cash and motivation to give kids halloweed candies.

  • New Protocols – for the most part, parents are advised to NOT take baked goods from houses. The general consensus is that “pre-wrapped” is safer.


Here’s why cannabis users won’t give cannabis to children on Halloween



As mentioned in the bullet points above – cannabis edibles are not cheap. The average dose of an edible cost anywhere between $2-$5 dollars. When you’re buying a pack of gummies for example, it can cost you anywhere between $15-$25 for 100g.


To give these treats to kids would simply not be economically feasible for most cannabis consumers. Besides, when you are purchasing edibles at a dispensary you’re typically buying for yourself. Why would you waste a high on some kid dressed up like the latest pop-trend.


However, the biggest reason why cannabis users won’t give infused candies to children is simple – the same reason why non-cannabis users would not give cannabis edibles to children – it’s pretty much evil!


If you intentionally give drugs to children, it’s a strong indication that you are a sociopath. Unless you are a sociopath – the vast majority of adults know to drug children is bad. Irrespective of whether you smoke marijuana or not – you know this is something you simply don’t do.


The Idea behind the myth…


Why would the Halloweed Myth exist in the first place? We’ve established that any adult, whether they drink beer or smoke weed – know that to give these substances to children is bad. The only reason why this myth would exist is if the person perpetuating the myth was operating from a personal bias.


Within the scenario of spiking Halloween candy indicates that the person who does such an act is “morally bankrupt”. I would say, “sociopathic” would be a more appropriate term, but for the sake of this article we’re going to say “morally bankrupt”.


Perhaps this myth wishes to interject the subtle notion that “cannabis users are morally bankrupt THEREFORE they are likely to spike candies with THC for shits and giggles” or as the kids say “for the lolz”?


This myth establishes a hidden narrative that suggests that cannabis users are irresponsible and selfish, not capable of understanding the consequences to their own action. Furthermore, that they would prey on the most innocent of us – children.


However, in reality this myth reveals to us more about the people who believe in it. They are operating under a bias against cannabis users – probably due to all the negative propaganda they have heard from their trusted media and incorporated it into their belief systems.


Fortunately – people aren’t as dumb as the media portrays them to be. Sometimes.


Removing the Taboos of Marijuana


Irrespective of this myth or not – openly talking to your kids about cannabis is not a bad idea. The fact of the matter is that cannabis will become a staple within the global culture. It is going to be a fully legalized commodity one of these days and when that happens – there will be no hiding from it.


It’s time you begin to treat cannabis like any other “adult activity” when we’re talking about recreation, or as medicine for those using it as such.


Parents need to embrace the idea that their children will live in a “drug-available world”; whether you’re getting your fix from “flipping candies on your phone” or candy-flipping at your home. The fact of the matter is that drugs is a part of this world and it serves no one to keep it under wraps.


It certainly doesn’t make your children safer!


What it does do is leave them completely exposed to drugs, learning from other users and incorporating their philosophy about the substance of choice.


How would your child behave differently if you explained to them that it’s okay to consume drugs as an adult, whether we’re drinking beer, coffee, smoking cigarettes, cannabis, and more – however, because children are still undergoing development – it’s best to wait until you’re 25.


Instead of trying to hide the fact that “drugs exist” – teach them about the potential dangers, proper use, what to do when shit goes haywire…


This is the type of advice an experimental teen would need if he’s over at a party tripping serious nutsack on 10 grams of mushrooms. You can’t ever “stop” your kids from experimenting with different situations, substances, people, etc.


But you can prepare them for it. You can inform them about their choices and help them see consequences. You can teach them about taking calculated risks and to think of the long game. But you can’t prohibit them from consuming anything – because even if you do – they will still find a way if they desire.


The fallacy of hiding drug use should long have been discredited – we should openly discuss all of these things. If adults can do it – children will eventually become adults and will have to know what they are doing.


Let this Halloween myth be exposed for the bullshit it is – but let it serve as a bridge to begin an open dialogue between parents and their kids and the world of drug, sex, and rock and roll.


How prepared do you want your children to be before you let go of their hands and they begin exploring the world by themselves?








What did you think?

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