smoking weed but didn't get high
smoking weed but didn't get high

First Time Smoking Weed, But Didn't Get High? Here is What Could Have Happened!

First time weed smokers sometimes don't feel high, this is what can happen...

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Laurel Leaf on Friday Jul 1, 2022

smoking weed but not getting high

No two people can have the same experience for their first time smoking weed. The science is that cannabis affects each user differently. For some, they go overboard, some get hungry, some trip a little or fall asleep, while a few feel nothing. These reactions are entirely normal. Not everyone is opportune to get the munchies on their first trial. A couple of factors determine how you react to your first cannabis experience. A few of these factors include the strain, your mood at the moment, and the dosage or amount of cannabis ingested.


Smoking Weed for the First Time

Days, hours, or even minutes before the first time anyone smokes cannabis, they anticipate the famous coughing fits, the euphoria, and the endless possibilities that could occur soon as the smoke hits the lungs. However, only a few people imagine they'd feel no effect—zero buzz!


You can't be too sure about the impacts of your first blunt until you have it. You could be lucky to immediately experience the highs, joy, boosted energy, and creativity. Or you might conversely feel anxious, sad, paranoid, or confused.


My first time smoking weed was preceded by a restless evening. I was so anxious to view the world in a new light. I was more than ready. Only for me to lift off the blunt that afternoon, the only reaction I experienced was a coughing fit. Even after coughing, I held out hope that my high was lurking somewhere, but still, nothing! Note that I wasn't hitting a medical strain. This got me confused, and I decided to discover what the hell had happened.


It goes without saying that if your first time came with no buzz, you're not alone, and it's not the end of your cannabis smoking journey.


Why You didn't Get High

As mentioned earlier, everyone has their unique body chemistry. Sure we all have the same primary chemical in our bodies; they're not all balanced the same way, nor do we react to invested substances the same way.

Here are the reasons why you didn't get stoned and a few ways to remedy them. If you don't get it right on your subsequent trial, keep trying.


You did not smoke correctly

Not everyone can get the technique of smoking on their first attempt. It's not a natural reaction or a biological activity, more an excuse for you not to know how to pull it off. Smoking ideally takes practice, and it is a gradual process. That is why after the first attempts or more, you notice you do not experience the smoking fits.


Tip: When you're ready to try that joint or glass piece again, ensure you take a deliberate deep breath immediately you take the smoke or value in. This breath will push the THC-laden vape or smoke deeper into the lungs.


If you're an asthmatic patient using medical cannabis through inhaling,  it is best to have your inhalers in hand for your first attempts.


Using the Wrong Cannabis Strain or Product

As a first-time smoker, it's very easy to go with the wrong strain or product, especially when you failed to do due research beforehand or bought your package outside a dispensary.  As a novice cannabis user, it would be a mistake to trust whatever a supplier is giving you outside a dispensary. It is common for suppliers to give out unsuitable, old, or poorly grown cannabis to unsuspecting novice customers.


Tip: Well-versed budtenders are available within legal cannabis dispensaries to clue you in on the right strain to use to complement whatever mood you might be in. Joints purchased from these stores are also labeled with the THC percentage, cannabinoids, and terpenes present, as well as their production and expiry date.


Locate a budtender with good reviews to obtain your cannabis from. The best way to identify good weed is to check for the presence of trichomes, a strong aroma, and a healthy green color.


Your brain is yet to recognize cannabis

A standard theory about first-time cannabis users that fail to get high is that their brains have no idea what to do. The first time our body Is introduced to a new compound, it goes through a sensitization period where it builds a reverse tolerance to the compound. The more you expose your body to that specific substance, the more receptive it becomes.


Your brain needs time to recognize THC, while your body needs time to jack up the production of CB1 and CB2 receptors. So you see, your brain may be excited to receive that first dose of THC; it cannot elicit the reactions you seek.


Tip: Continue hitting those blunts the right way, and you notice that in time, your brain will adapt. Think of your blunts as a new instrument. Your brain needs time to master it.


You may have been buzzed unknowingly

It is possible that you had felt something without realizing it. Most first-time smokers tend to chase after an experience without really knowing what they're chasing. So, when it hits them in the face, they do not realize it. You probably got stoned subtly, making you more relaxed, warm, and upbeat. But you had been expecting the buzzing creativity or giggles that more first-timers speak of.


Tip: It is unnecessary to experience something significant on your first trial. If at all you felt anything, anything at all! You could up your dose the next time or smoke more blunts responsibly. It could be that you have a heightened tolerance, or your brain was still learning the ropes of THC.


Bottom Line

Bad products, inability to smoke correctly, subtle highs, or lack of reactions from the brain are significant reasons why a first-time smoker may be unable to get high. The simplest solution is to continue trying. When you keep trying, your brain gets used to cannabinoids, and in no time, you be well on your way to the highest paradise. Even if it takes time, keep trying; you'll get to the peak one day.


Remember that there's no right or wrong way to go about your first attempt. I'm different; you're different. Relax, and keep trying, and you'll be high and fine.





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