Cannabis town California
Cannabis town California

Welcome to Cannaville – A Town Entirely Dedicated to Cannabis

Cannabis Town is Coming to California

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Reginald Reefer on Tuesday Aug 15, 2017

Welcome to Cannaville – A town entirely dedicated to Cannabis

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Imagine a town entirely dedicated to cannabis. A place where you’d be able to sit at a café and smoke a blunt, or purchase weed from the corner store. How about restaurants with cannabis themed cuisine? An old-timey hotel that allows you to get baked with your friends and family members without feeling scornful eyes judging you? Sounds like paradise right?


Well, it may be coming sooner than you think.


One of the largest cannabis companies in the US just purchased an entire town in California. The town of Nipton is now in the final stages of being purchased and then converted to a cannabis-haven. American Green will buy all 80 acres of land which includes a west-style hotel, RV park, a few houses and a coffee shop.


The current population of the town is fewer than two dozen and the property includes some additional benefits that will serve the future cannabis town well. The idea of American Green is to make it 100% self-sufficient in terms of electricity and will be selling cannabis-infused water as well. They are currently reaching out to edible manufacturers and other cannabis businesses to set up shop in the town.


The town is located 60 miles from Las Vegas and is literally in the middle of nowhere. This might insight yearly pilgrimages for cannabis consumers who want to live in a “cannabis friendly” location. I can imagine especially for 420 that town will light up.



An Example for the Rest of the Nation


Now, of course this is still in the works and it will take some time for the entire town to be up and running as it should, however I believe that once the location is completed it can serve as an example for the rest of the nation.


Of course, Nipton doesn’t really have schools or any of the other elements larger cities have to worry about, however if the nation can see a town run solely on cannabis…perhaps it would change the perspective of people all around the country.


Additionally, it could be seen as a “Cannabis Amusement Park” in the near future. The venture will definitely attract a lot of attention from consumer across the globe. I for one will definitely go visit that place once it’s up and running.


Nonetheless, if this project can work in real life…we would probably see more of these locations pop up around the country. There are many “ghost towns” in the US that have a very small population and are generally forgotten landmarks. If the experiment proves to work, then there would be incentive for other cannabis companies to start purchasing these towns.


Revitalizing Economies


Nipton currently only really makes money from selling lottery tickets to out-of-state residents from Nevada who can’t buy lottery tickets in their own state. Thus, the cannabis addition should technically revitalize the economy.


The idea is to re-create a “gold rush” of sorts, where this ‘new’ industry can act as a catalyst for change. In fact, Nipton was originally founded due to the gold rush in the 1900s making it a poetic gesture in all aspects.


I can imagine cannabis-friendly people going over there to set up shop and some might even move there to live. There are many desert aficionados already heading over to the town, add the element of cannabis to the mix and you’ve got a recipe for success.


If you build it they will come


Cannabis is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States and with more people opening themselves up to the idea of cannabis commerce, we can expect more of these sites to appear. We have already seen Colorado creating new ways of presenting cannabis, whether through concerts, hotels and even retreats.


Cannabis restaurants are quickly becoming popular as a concept and there are many chefs who want to start cooking with this ingredient. The cannabis industry will continue to evolve and we will definitely be surprised about what will happen over the next few years. This would be especially true if the “Marijuana Justice Act” which was introduced earlier this week passes. As I mentioned in my other article, I doubt we’ll see the MJA enacted as law this year, however we are seeing more interest from politicians and amazing support from the public.


With initiatives like these, we might be seeing the end of prohibition real soon. We’re still not out of the woods yet, however we are seeing significant change in the entire political landscape and I for one am excited. I have been advocating cannabis for two decades now and believe that we’re finally coming to the point where the dreaded war against cannabis might finally be over. Fingers crossed!


Would you go and visit Cannaville once it’s completed? Let me know in the comments!













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