illuminati brain control
illuminati brain control

Ganja Theories - Worldwide Cannabis Legalization is Disrupting the Illuminati's Matrix and Mind Control of Humanity

Is cannabis helping people awaken to what is important in life?

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Reginald Reefer on Sunday Jul 10, 2022

reptillian brain control

Ganja Theory: Worldwide cannabis legalization is disrupting global mindkontrol operations


It’s been a minute since I wrote about a wild new Ganja Theory, but to be honest – the world was already a smorgasbord of “conspiracy-porn” that to add another stream to the collective pisspot that is mainstream media – I felt we needed a break.


Also, there wasn’t too much going on in the world of cannabis except the crashing of the market due to rising operation costs with declining wholesale prices – a wonderful recipe for disaster. Furthermore, most of the news surrounding cannabis has been positive for the most part.


Of course, there’s always some “study” or “paper” that claims some horrific side effect of consuming cannabis, only for none of it to be actually play out like it’s “projected” on the “scientific study”.


If you’re a regular reader of my work, you know I love to dive into these studies and pick at it until it comes apart. This is usually because there is insufficient or poor data which leads to the researchers stretching the truth to fit their narrative.


Within every single one of these papers you’ll read the words, “More Research is Needed” as a means of copping out from any type of responsibility. More importantly, these papers don’t need to adhere to scientific data to make an impact on the status quo.


Often times, this type of “headline research” only exists to infiltrate the mass consciousness and impact our internal narrative. When people are engaged in debate, their minds search their mental archives for some relevant piece of data to support your position and will always scan the “headlines” first.


Therefore, today’s ganja theory is all about how these scientific papers are used to warp our perception of reality and why I believe the illusive “they” are doing this.


So go ahead, hit that blunt and sit back – we’re about to get silly.


The Untold Reason Why Cannabis is Illegal in the first place (and it’s got nothing to do with Reptilians!)


Firstly, I believe that while fringe conspiracy theorists got it wrong about a reptilian race that is secretly ruling the world, I do believe that there could be a deeper truth behind the “Reptilian Metaphor”. Our oldest “brain” is the basal ganglia, which is often called to the “Reptile brain”.


Our Reptile brain is our most primitive brain and from this brain, our higher functions evolved. This brain is also responsible for the four Fs, which is “Feeding, fighting, Fleeing and of course Fucking!”


I think, that the “Reptilian class” of people are primarily “reptilian” in their way of thinking and tend to be more psychopathic in nature. These are people that believe that resources should be horded and that these base needs should be dominated by them, for their survival.


I may be wrong, but then again – we’re talking conspiracy theory here folks!


But now, let’s pivot back towards the main premise of this article – why the “ruling class” is so afraid of cannabis!


Cannabis is a disruptor. It doesn’t matter what it is you think you know, the moment that cannabis comes into play, you’ll begin to unravel all of your thought structures, reexamine your relationship to it and redefine power structures in your life.


This was literally the fear of Anslinger as he was quoted saying, "There are 100,000 total marijuana smokers in the U.S., and most are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos and entertainers. Their Satanic music, jazz and swing result from marijuana use. This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers and any others."


“Reefer makes darkies think they're as good as white men." – Harry J. Anslinger


In other words, cannabis is a disruptor and makes people question their authority figures. This was the same reason why Mine owners banned miners in South Africa from smoking cannabis. Little did they know that the poor miners were using cannabis to cope with the inhumane treatment they were enduring for money.


The point being, the ruling class has long seen cannabis as a threat to their hold on power. Since then, there has been an active campaign to limit society’s exposure to the plant. This is why for the past 80-years, we had an active push from the governments of the world against cannabis.


And while people have been pushing through that resistance, it is still very prevalent today!


Modern Day Tactics to keep the people in check!


These days, enough people have become aware that smoking marijuana will not turn you into a violent monster out to seek the destruction of the masses. On the contrary, cannabis is now seen as a medicinal plant (rightfully so) all over the world and recently even Asian countries started folding towards the global demand of the plant.


People are using it to help them get over psychological and psychological traumas, healing their broken bodies, and finding a safer alternative to drinking for recreational release.


However, the only way that the ruling elite can maintain their power is to scare people about using it. For example, the United Nations recently published their hit piece entitled, “Legalisation of marijuana increases consumption and resulting psychological problems and suicides: UN report”.


According to their “findings” they claim;


There had been "a pronounced increase in the reported frequent use of high-potency products among young adults," the research noted, however, the incidence of cannabis use among teenagers "has not changed much."


However, the percentage of people who suffer from psychological conditions and commit suicide with regular use of cannabis has increased. - Source


As you can see, the report is attempting to draw a conclusion that the increase of cannabis related in an increase of psychological conditions and suicide. Of course, these psychological conditions had NOTHING to do with Covid-19 mandates that severely restricted people’s ability to interact with their peers, while driving up prices and WHO fear porn transmitted on every major news media outlet.


Of course the suicides had NOTHING to do with the uncertainty that global leadership displayed, the dystopian and often hyper-authoritarian response to people asking for freedom, the blatant lying in the scientific and medical fields, the major wealth transfer and the enrichment of the ruling class…


No…all of the world’s problems was because people decided to smoke weed instead.


According to the research, the most recent data available in 2020 showed that 284 million people, or 5.6 per cent of the world's population, had used a narcotic like heroin, cocaine, amphetamines, or ecstasy. 209 million of them smoked marijuana.


The COVID-19 pandemic's "lockdown" times triggered rises "in cannabis use... in 2020," the report claimed.


In other words, the hyper-irrational disruption caused by Fauci and his people that funded the research in the Wuhan institute of virology, that released the virus upon the world. YES – I’m saying that THEY did it, because at this point it’s almost blatantly obvious.


They would have to prove to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that they did not fund the research, but they can’t because they will continue to redact the files and hide the truth from the public – because they TOTALLY FUNDED THE RESEARCH.


What I don’t know is if they accidentally or purposefully released the virus. That is still up for debate in my mind….whether it was malice or incompetence. I’m hoping the latter, but it’s probably the former.


Nonetheless, according to the UN – more people smoked weed because of C19, meaning that more people were feeling a level of anxiety they had never felt before – BECAUSE OF COVID 19.

The Human is a Social Animal!


Back in ancient days, a fate worse than death was banishment. This is because death would mean that you would no longer need to worry about anything, but banishment was essentially death due to the fact that the human by itself is pretty weak against the other animals in the wild.

Back then, there was a lot of animals wondering the wilderness. We were very much still “on the menu”.


Nonetheless, banishment was seen as a fate worse than death because we ascribe meaning to our lives based on the lives of others. We compare, we share, we compete, we unite…we are one.


The global pandemic essentially disrupted our social glue and as a result, with 24/7 fear mongering, with death tolls being screamed into your consciousness, with a world of uncertainty – people decided that suicide was a better option.


They may have been smoking weed trying to deal with the anxiety and ultimately succumbed to the internal narrative of self destruction. Then the UN took those deaths caused by the mandates they suggested and shifted the blame on cannabis…


“Oh no, it’s not us…it’s cannabis” they smirked while Reginald Reefer’s rage swelled up like a tidal wave building up force after a major earthquake.


The truth is, the ruling class will always try to shift the blame on anything other than themselves. It wasn’t cannabis that increased psychological issues nor suicides…it was them and their policies. It’s the fact that people are barely making ends meet each month and that there doesn’t seem to be any conclusion coming anytime soon.


Billionaires keep on making billions while the rest of us are forced to sell our homes and downgrade our lifestyles.


The great dissatisfaction of life is not because of cannabis, it’s because ultra-rich self-serving mega families have purchased enough political power that they are bending the law to enrich themselves at the expense of the masses.


If anything, cannabis probably saved the lives of millions who would have killed themselves due to the sheer pressure they must have felt completely isolated from friends and family, not knowing who to trust, subjected to the whims of the government – their power, freedom and rights stripped for a “greater cause”.


The bottom line


The elite don’t like that cannabis is legal. It’s fucking with their plans of fear-based mind control. Cannabis acts as a means of seeing the bullshit, of saying, “Hey wait a minute…let me see if this holds up!”


Of course, some people go to the extreme and even in this article, I have spoken about some outlandish things. Nevertheless, there are always hints of truth in even the “bullshittiest” of bullshit. While I use this medium mainly as a means of “informed entertainment”, never to be taken with absolute seriousness…there are hints of underlying truths that I have mentioned in this article.


This article is meant for you to think, to explore the ideas of “what if” and to perhaps see some of the things that I speak of play out in the real world.


I don’t think that there is one single cabal there trying to control the world. Rather, I believe that what we see when it comes to these types of anti-cannabis rhetoric is the nature of those who hold “power” to try everything to keep it.


If they know that cannabis greases the grips of authoritarianism and makes “darkies think they as good as white folk”…then it becomes apparent that all these laws, studies, and policies are designed to keep us “peasants” from thinking that we’re as good as our masters.


The ruling class needs us to be dependent on them. Cannabis allows many of us to explore alternatives and this is probably the most dangerous truth for the ruling class. If they lose enough of us to “free thinking weed”…they might be replaced entirely.


History shows us that society once awakened to the harsh reality of authoritarianism – does not take kind with those who wielded their power without wisdom. It’s fair to say that the institutions, our leadership and governments have wielded power without wisdom…and now, desperately need to blame anything other than themselves for the problems of the world.


All I’m thinking as they hurl more bullshit towards us is…”Tick tock…the time of reckoning is getting closer…”





What did you think?

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