B-Real Giggle Stick
B-Real Giggle Stick

Have You Tried B-Real's Cannabis Giggle Stick, Yet?

What is the Giggle Stick by B-Real?

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Reginald Reefer on Sunday May 24, 2020

Have you tried B-Real’s “The Giggle Stick” yet?

B-Real Giggle Stick

As I was scouring the internet to find something ‘worthwhile’ for my fellow cannabis aficionados I stumbled on a video entitled “This Joint is 100% Made out of Weed”.

Now- that immediately sparked my attention. “Have I don’t this before?”

It turns out that I have a long long time ago and this idea – at least according to the video – was first ‘Youtube-ed’ by B-Real from Cypress Hill.


B-Real called it his “Giggle Stick” despite having “King Kong’s Cock” as a suggestion from one of the people he was smoking with. I think B-Real’s suggestion is far more ‘family-friendly’ although a hit from Kong’s Cock might be appropriate to let you know how powerful this truly is.


So what is the giggle Stick made from?


Unlike a Thai Stick – which is essentially a cannabis cigar made out of cannabis leaf – filled with weed and covered with oil – the Giggle Stick is far simpler and easier to do. All you need are two things – Weed and Hash.


Even though hash is not as popular as it used to be – it is still something that I personally love. The taste of hash is very different than smoking bud – and the high is different too. I guess – what I love most about hash is that with a small hash pipe – you can take this virtually anywhere and it is far less difficult to get busted with it. Hell – if a cop stops you, just mouth the entire ball of hash and swallow.


Anyhow – the core ingredients of the Giggle Stick are Weed and Hash. But how do you smoke it?


How to roll your own Giggle Stick


Rolling a Giggle Stick is fairly straightforward albeit requiring a delicate touch. The first step is to roll the hash into the shape of a paper.


This means you’ll be rolling a small-flat rectangular shape with the hash. Be sure to really work it evenly like you are kneading some dough or something. Once you are satisfied with the shape, grind up some weed as fine as you can without turning it into powder.


Place it on the long edge of the “hash-paper” and then carefully roll the hash around the weed and start making a joint. If you want to make it easier on you – pre-roll the weed in a joint-roller or a bill. This will give you the conical shape you want for the joint and won’t be as loose as B-Real’s version.


Once you have completely wrapped the weed with the hash, gently massage the edges and merge them into one. Once you have done this you are ready to smoke the Giggle Stick – but there’s a whole science to that too.


OPTIONAL – In  B-Real’s video, he wanted to work in a glass filter into the design. We did that once and it works perfectly. I highly recommend getting a glass filter unless you like the taste of hash on your lips.


How to Properly Smoke a Giggle Stick


To effectively smoke the Giggle Stick you will need to always keep it elevated. You need to understand that this isn’t a “joint” but a conical-shaped piece of hash with a bud filled center. It’s going to burn very differently from what you expect – and every time I tried it, it burned differently or presented some other challenge to overcome.


Of course – these “challenges” are easily overcome but from experience, I would recommend to always err on the gentler side of things. If not – you could have a burning piece of hash and ash fall on your favorite shirt and burn the living shit out of it.


The Giggle Stick does not forgive – it demands all of your attention. B-Real smoked it at an elevated angle and in most cases, the “angle” is required. You also want to ensure that the weed burns evenly with the hash otherwise the “bushy center” will turn to ash and then you’d be smoking Ashy-Hashy which is an entirely different thing I just made up while writing this sentence.


It does not take long before you get the hang of it and before you know it – you’ll be passing around the Giggle Stick giggling like a 2-year old who just discovered their own shadow for the first time.


It is recommended to smoke this in a group – however, if you are a “Solo Toker” it will probably take you a few tries before finishing the entire stick. I doubt most people would be able to finish it in one sitting. Nonetheless – it would be a great challenge to see people try so maybe film yourself doing the #GiggleStickChallenge and let’s see where this goes. I mean – 2020’s been a total mindfuck thus far, why not douse it with a round of artificially induced giggles.







What did you think?

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