Snoop, Wiz, and Cannabis
Snoop, Wiz, and Cannabis

8 Hip Hop Stars That Are Finding Green In The Marijuana Industry

Snoop, Wiz, Paul Wall, B-Real Are All Betting On Cannabis

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DanaSmith on Saturday Jan 28, 2017

8 Hip Hop Artists Who Found Green Pastures In Cannabusinesses

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Hip hop artists and rappers have pretty much been consistent about their passion for a couple of things: women, weed, and money. It’s not surprising that some of them wanted in on the pot pie, and have made it a business to make money off weed. From endorsing products to creating their own strains of weed, artists have shown their creativity in the cannabis industry in more ways than one.


Here’s a list of some of the most famous rappers and hip hop artists who are involved in cannabis:

snoop in the marijuana bizz

Snoop Dogg: It’s safe to say that no other artist has been as vocal and passionate about Snoop Dogg when it comes to his love for bud. He’s been successful in building his hempire, from endorsements over the past few years, starting his own company, and even got into the media industry through a website called Merry Jane. To date, Snoop has also developed 8 of his own strains.


wiz khalifa

Wiz Khalifa: Early last year, Wiz Khalifa announced his plans of getting involved in the legal cannabis business. He partnered with River Rock Cannabis, a Colorado-based company to develop his own strain called Khalifa Kush. Just like many of his peers, Wiz Khalifa has long been open about his support for cannabis and also has hopes that his involvement would increase awareness about the plant’s medicinal benefits and end prohibition.


berner cannabis niche

Berner: Mexican-Italian entrepreneur Gilbert “Berner” Milam Jr. invests so much time on a daily basis to grow his medical marijuana business. Aside from that, he’s still heavily involved in his music, has a nutrient-water and help infused company called Hemp2o as well as a clothing line called Cookies. Berner’s most famous contribution to the world of cannabis is his involvement with the Bay Area’s Cookie Fam, the group responsible for creating the Girl Scout Cookies strain.


freddie gibbs cannabis

Freddie Gibbs: In 2015, Gibbs launched his own cannabis strain which he named Freddie Kane OG. To do so he collaborated with Chroncierge, a cannabis collective. In an interview, he said “He smoked that Freddie Kane and he said I thought Freddie Kane was another nigga. Shout out to Snoop. He’s the Godfather. The Doggfather. Much love always and respect. Once Snoop Dogg gave me the plug, the stamp, it’s all love.”


Paul Wall Cannabis

Paul Wall: Although he’s gotten a lot of flack and was even arrested on felony charges, Paul Wall has long been associated with the legal cannabis industry. The famous rapper from Houston partnered with the group behind Satellite OG Kush, and has endorsed vaporizers, rolling papers, and a grinder.


B-Real marijuana business

B-Real: Also known as Dr. Greenthumb, B-Real from Cypress Hill has developed an award-winning strain called Tangie, which also won 3rd place for Best Cannabis Flower in the 2015 Cannabis Cup.


cam'ron cannabis

Cam’Ron:  Popularly known for his (pun-intended?) 2004 album called Purple Haze, Cam’Ron also signed up with Chroncierge to create his own strain. The strain is expected to be pink or purple in color, and may come in a grape soda flavor and will be released in time with his new album Killa Season 2: The Pink Edition.


The Game cannabis

The Game: The Game and Darice Smolenski co-own a dispensary in Santa Ana, California called The Reserve. He’s also in the works developing his own cannabis strains and has a brand called Be Lit where he sells a number of different cannabis accessories including weed trays, dug outs, scented candles and more. In a statement, he said, “Our mission as a community is simple: safe and legal access to a plant that saves lives and changes futures.”


The number of artists getting involved in marijuana businesses is only seen to grow more in the coming years. What is your favorite product from a hip hop artist or rapper? Share with us in the comments below!




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