how to buy cannabis seeds
how to buy cannabis seeds

How to Buy Marijuana Seeds (GUIDE)

A guide to how to buy marijuana seeds online

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christalcann on Friday Jun 26, 2020

How To Buy Marijuana Seeds Guide

guide to buying marijuana seeds

Cannabis seeds are becoming more popular among growers, especially in places where cannabis cultivation is legalized. There is a vast amount of marijuana seed banks online, but it's important to know which brands have the best genetics. It's also vital to understand the various types of marijuana seeds and their differences. This guide will show you how to buy the best cannabis strains in seed form. We also take a look at the highest overall rated cannabis seed bank on trustpilot.


Best Cannabis Seed Brands

There is a real difference when it comes to high quality cannabis seed brands and others that are not. Established marijuana seed banks frequently have huge instagram followers, and pictures of extraordinary looking dank tagged by cultivators. Have confidence in this earned reputation, and buy cannabis seeds with confidence it's going to germinate.


mephisto seeds

Mephisto Genetics Seeds

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Mephisto Genetics -  These cannabis breeders can be found in many seed banks online, they are known for  their premium marijuana genetics. A lot of their cannabis strains can be found in the THC cartridges produced by Raw Garden. We linked back to a seed bank that has been in business for a decade.


Fast Buds Genetics

The Fast Buds Seeds are designed to grow mairjuana strains quickly. Find autoflower versions of the most popular strains from this seed bank. They have established themselves online with 100,000 instagram followers. Their strains include some of the most popular trending such as Purple Lemonade, Gorilla Glue autoflower, and many more.


Different Types of Weed Seeds

Learning the difference between marijuana seeds will help you understand which is the best for your cultivation. Below we are going to teach you about feminized, autoflowering, and regular marijuana seeds. These are the three different types of marijuana seeds available, and each have unique growing properties.


Feminized Cannabis Seeds Grow Into Female Plants Every Time

Cannabis breeders have intelligently figured out to force the plant to produce female seeds, these are known as feminized. Growing bud can only occur with female marijuana plants. The male plants on the other hand will never grow nugs. They are instead used to pollinate the female marijuana plants. Buy feminized seeds to guarantee your cannabis plant will grow into a female, and produce buds.

We recommend Nirvana seeds for great strain options. They have a wide selection of feminized seeds for some really affordable prices.

Regular Weed Seeds Can Result In Male Plants

Seed banks that label their seeds as regular means they can either be male or female. Regular seeds are not recommended for beginner growers because it requires understanding how to differentiate between the plants sex. However, do not worry if you're keen to learn how to distinguish the difference between male vs female marijuana plants.


Autoflowering Seeds Are The Best Choice For Beginners

The autoflower cannabis seed is really perfect for those new to growing and scared to mess up during the switch in light cycle. These marijuana seeds will begin to flower on their own because of age as opposed to the change in light cycle. Autoflower seeds will grow faster than all the other types, and are shorter.


Best 420 Seed Bank

seeds bank reviews

When we took a look at all of the most popular marijuana seed banks online, the reviews from their customers is what we focused on. We discovered, a 420 seed bank with the highest overall rating on trustpilot among all the other seed banks online. has been around for a decade, and during this time earned a reputation of quality pot seeds. They have some of the biggest weed seed brands available. They have mostly positive reviews from their cannabis seed customers.


The only few bad reviews included long delivery times, but it's understandable because of the COVID 19 pandemic. Other complaints include cannabis seeds not germinating, however, this is out of control of the seed bank. The majority of reviews are positive and share a good experience. Let us know in the comments if you have purchased from, and your experience with this marijuana seed bank. It's important to read the reviews of any potential marijuana seed bank you might buy from.








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