cannabis healthy relationship
cannabis healthy relationship

How to Have a Healthy Relationship with Cannabis

Living a healthy lifestyle that includes cannabis is very beneficial

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Reginald Reefer on Tuesday Oct 16, 2018

How to Have a Healthy Relationship with Cannabis

Every single day millions of people light up a joint or a pipe and smoke cannabis. The question that many ask…is this healthy? Rather, is it possible to maintain your cannabis consumption habits and live a well-balanced life?

The answer to that question is simple; Of course you can!

No, this isn’t a subjective point of view. Data suggests that the vast majority of cannabis users level out their consumption levels and live a productive and well-balanced life. Does this mean that some people won’t ever go ‘overboard’ with their consumption habits? Of course not.

Whether we’re talking about cannabis, alcohol or even something as “harmless” as playing video games, some people will have a ‘problem’ with their habits. However, this only really comes true when their activity interferes with their personal growth or starts creating problems within their personal relationships or work activities. Nonetheless, those that do have issues with cannabis consumption falls into the minority.

If you’re able to smoke weed and continue to live a productive life…welcome to the majority. 


Everybody Smokes Weed

Today, if we were to create a typical cannabis consumer profile, we would have a difficult time mapping out the stereotype. This is because the modern cannabis consumer can be anyone. Doctors, Teachers, Sports People, Chefs, Lawyers…you name it…someone within any given profession is smoking weed.

Similarly, if we were to look at the median age group of the typical cannabis user we would find that the average consumer is about 35 years old. Quite interestingly, it’s the same age as your typical gamer however neither of these two are related irrespective that many gamers smoke weed too.

The main reason for the increase in the median age of the cannabis consumer is due to the introduction of a new fast growing demographic within the industry – Baby Boomers. More and more, people of advanced age, are turning to cannabis to help them with their health related issues. And why not, cannabis seemingly treats [or at the very minimal helps with most of the side effects] of conditions related to aging.

This includes everything from pain management, inflammation, mood, appetite and much more. Due to the introduction of Baby Boomers in the mix of cannabis consumers, the average age of consumers rose to 35.

While the demographics still suggest that smoking weed is primarily a “male” thing [currently], this statistic is also rapidly shifting. With more soccer moms switching up their glass of Chardonnay for a bowl of Kush as well as more women turning to cannabis to help with morning sickness, we’re seeing a significant increase in female cannabis consumers.

This brings us back to the “Typical Stoner Stereotype”. It no longer exists. Sure, you’ll still find your hazy eyed, bearded stoner every now and then…but they are a dying breed.


Most Cannabis Users DO have a Healthy Relationship with Cannabis

For the vast majority of cannabis users, they will never truly run into a problem with consuming weed. Most cannabis consumers tend to level out their consumption habits over time.

Once the novelty factor of marijuana wears off, users tend to integrate their cannabis consumption within their daily or weekly routines. Most people aren’t stoned all the time. Once a user understands how cannabis interacts with their organism, they regulate the frequency and potency of their consumption to suit their life styles. While use rates have increased over the years, admissions for people with “Marijuana Abuse Disorder” has actually dropped.

There could be two possible reasons for this trend;

  1. With legal marijuana, people aren’t being forced into rehab to deal with their alleged “marijuana abuse disorder”
  2. People are understanding how to use cannabis appropriately due to a greater exposure to the substance.

The same holds true for virtually any substance. Take a look at alcohol. While there are millions of consumers worldwide, the vast majority of them do not have a problem with alcohol consumption. Only roughly 6%-15% of users will have an issue with the substance.

The point here is that exposure and time allows a society to make the appropriate changes to create a “safer framework” for the consumption of vice substances. Cannabis has now been in a pseudo-legal system for the past 20 years [in some places] and as a result most people have become educated in their consumption levels.

Most people who smoke weed are responsible adults who have simply integrated cannabis within their life style. This doesn’t compromise their productivity within the workplace, nor does it render them a “danger to society”, just like having an occasional beer doesn’t do anything to alter your functionality within this world. 

People have been consuming cannabis for thousands of years. It’s a part of our DNA. Of course we can live a healthy-balanced life with cannabis. There are millions of us that do it every day.

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