bong or pipe from fruit or bottle
bong or pipe from fruit or bottle

How to Make a Pipe or Bong out of Almost Anything

The physics behind a bong or pipe can be reproduced

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Reginald Reefer on Wednesday Oct 3, 2018

How to Make a Pipe or Bong out of Everything – Toke Dynamics

bong or pipe from fruit or bottle

The MacGyver Stoner is a type of cannabis consumer that can make a smokeable device out of virtually any object on the planet. It doesn’t matter if you drop the MacGyver in the middle of the Amazon…he or she will simply look at the environment and shimmy up a fresh new toking accessory in a matter of minutes.

While it takes years for MacGyver Stoners to hone their skills, today we’re going to be talking about the “toking dynamics” which will help you understand “how a bong or pipe works” [at its core] and how to replicate these dynamics in these seemingly random objects.

Once you understand the basics of toke dynamics, you too should be able to whip up a smoke-able out of virtually anything.

Let’s jump right into it.


The Physics of Bonging

Let’s first understand how a water pipe or a bong works. We’ll also briefly touch on the dynamics of a pipe and below we’ll be walking you through the simple process of turning a piece of fruit into a pipe.

First thing is first. A Bong consists of a CHAMBER, a BOWL, STEM and CARB HOLE.

These are the four main elements when it comes to making a bong out of anything. You need to have the chamber which will act as the filtration device of the smoke. The stem is where the mouthpiece is located. This will be where you’re “toking from” and finally, we have the bowl. The bowl is connected to the Chamber via a smaller stem that is submerged in the water.

Essentially, you’ll light the bowl up and start dragging from the upper stem. This will create suction which will force the smoke to go through the “bowl stem” and filter through the water.

The smoke bubbles then will pop on the surface of the water and release the smoke into your upper stem eventually passing into your lungs.

A Pipe, works very similar except for the lack of a Chamber. A pipe simply has a bowl, connected to a stem which you use as the mouth piece. Simple as that.

Of course, I know there are some of you that are thinking, “Dude…this is some basic shit!” but understanding these basic elements is all you need to be able to build stoner contraptions of the future!

Right now we’ll walk you through two simple construction tutorials to show you the dynamics of how to make this happen.


How to Make a Bong out of a Water Bottle

Let’s say you’re at a party and someone has some killer bud. No one has anything to smoke out of. No problem!

First, grab a 1 liter bottle of water. I prefer to use Gatorade bottles since they have harder plastic. Nonetheless, any bottle would do.

The part where the lid of the bottle is located is your MOUTHPIECE. The bottle itself will act as your CHAMBER.

You’ll still need to make a Stem and a Bowl. Some people use Aluminum to make the bowl and the exterior of a BIC pen for the stem.

To make the bowl, get a square and then roll it around the exterior of the pen. Make sure to leave the edge of the aluminum wider. In other words, roll a funnel with the aluminum.

Once you’re done rolling, place your finger inside of the bowl and widen it a bit more. Then make a fold so it looks like a pipe. Hey would you look at that…it is a pipe!

For the purpose of the bong, you’ll then leave the pipe end on the pen exterior and burn a small hole in the side of the water bottle. Be careful when burning because the plastic can melt. If you’re an expert with a knife, you could always cut a hole the size of the pen.

Then at an angle, insert the pen into the bottle so it can touch the bottom part of the chamber. Fill it with water below the hole you just made for the bowl.

Fill your pipe with Ganja, and let it spark.

 Now, let’s turn a random piece of fruit into a pipe!


apple pipe

How to Make an Apple Pipe using a Pen

Get an apple – Any variety will do. This pipe can be considered to be quite organic. All you need is the apple and a pen with a sharp enough edge.

  • Use a fresh apple as a soft apple could collapse when you make the whole
  • Use the type of pen you can unscrew to take out the inkwell. After you have taken the inkwell out, screw the tip back on.
  • A pencil won´t work as it could break off inside the apple when you try to make the hole.

Remove the Stem – Cut a slit around the stem and try to twist and remove it with your fingers. If it breaks, use your fingers to dig into the hole to take it out.

Make a hole through the apple – By using the pen, start from where the stem was removed and bore a hole through the apple. You only want to go halfway, because you want to keep the chamber airtight. If it is difficult to push through, use a twisting motion. It also will help to take the tip of the pen and use the tip-less pen to push through the apple.

Make the Mouthpiece-   In order to make the mouthpiece, you need to make a second hole. This hole should be made about 2.5 cm from the base of the apple. Insert the pen and connect the hole to the first one you made

Make a third Hole – a third hole is necessary. Insert the pen about 2 to 3 cm from the top hole. Push the pen through until it meets the chamber system. This hole serves as the carb. It must be set conveniently enough to be covered with a finger when you light the pipe.

Pack the bowl – Hollow out the area where the stem used to be just enough to use as a bowl. Make it just big enough to hold your weed.

Smoke the Pipe -   Hold the apple pipe in one hand. Let one finger cover the carb or the small hole on the side of the apple. With the other hand, light the bowl and suck through the hole near the bottom of the apple.

Posh up the pipe

If you want to make your apple pipe an extraordinary experience, look into some really nice strains to compliment your flavor.

Apple Flavor Weed

Apple Jack Hybrid

Apple Kush Hybrid

Caramel Apple Weed

Caramelicious Hybrid

Cream Caramel Indica

Vanilla Apple Weed

Vanilla Kush Indica

The plus side of using an apple for a pipe is that after smoking it, you have something to snack on for the munchies.











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