Euphoria Marijuana
Euphoria Marijuana

Is Euphoria the Perfect Cannabis Strain - CBD and THC in Equal Balance?

Is Euphoria the new Blue Dream or just a nice hybrid with equal CBD and THC?

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Lemon Knowles on Tuesday Dec 22, 2020

Euphoria: CBD and THC working side-by-side

euphoria marijuana strain

The world of cannabis cultivation has grown considerably from just Sativa and Indica strains. New hybrid cannabis strains have opened up many cannabis users to a new world of experience. Hybrid strains are a great improvement from their parent sources, and the majority of them offer cannabis users a unique euphoric experience. In this article, I'll be delving deep into one of the unique hybrid cannabis strains on the market called euphoria. This strain has been described by experts as the perfect blend of CBD and THC; thus offering users the perfect experience of euphoria, relaxation, and deep relief. Read on to find out all that there is to know about euphoria!

A Detailed Analysis of Euphoria

This is a unique cannabis strain that shows the effect of synergy between CBD and THC. Both cannabinoids exist in euphoria in a 1:1 ratio which makes for a good blend of the effects experienced. THC offers the needed energy boost that influences the high while CBD complements the effect of THC by offering serenity and relaxation of the mind. The result of this is an experience that entails the best of both worlds.

This hybrid strain is an Indica-dominant strain with a mix of quality Sativa and Indica properties. These properties are shown in the growth patterns of the plant and physical characteristics. Hybrids help the user to enjoy the benefits of two-parent species in one and with euphoria, you get this and more. Euphoria is applicable for both recreational and medical users depending on what they are looking for.

To fully understand Euphoria, let's break it down into four key categories

Genetic history of the plant

Growing pattern


Flavor and aroma.

Genetic history

Euphoria is the product of two unique parent strains called Shark Shock and Royal Mock. Both parents are well known for their unique characteristics in terms of profile and genetics. Royal Mock has a good composition of beneficial cannabinoids which gives it good effects. It is also a desirable strain to grow because it gives rise to a very good yield which makes it a favorite among growers. Shark Shock is a legendary strain since the 1900s that is easy to grow and has a good composition of cannabinoids as well.

Euphoria is Indica-dominant because it has 20% Sativa characteristics and 80% Indica characteristics. This makes the strain display many Indica characteristics during the growing stage and in terms of effects. This is also influenced by the 1:1 CBD and THC ratio which offers a considerable entourage effect. This ratio between the cannabinoids coupled with the Indica-dominant effects makes the strain very unique. The plant has a very good yield and growing pattern thus making its cultivation very straightforward and economically beneficial.


When it comes to growing euphoria, there are simple things to look out for and take note of. Euphoria is an example of a beneficial plant that can be grown anywhere because of its strength and resilience. It is a very adaptable plant that can be grown in different types of environmental conditions. This is due to the resilient characteristics inherited from the parent strains. Euphoria can easily be grown indoors or outdoors with slight differences in the yield from both.

When grown indoors, euphoria can grow as high as 60-100cm. Euphoria is not a very huge plant and at this height when grown indoors, there is no risk of overcrowding. Within a period of 8 weeks, the plant grown indoor gives a return within 450-500g/m2. When grown outdoors, euphoria can grow as high as 120-180cm which is a considerable difference from when it is grown indoors. With some mild pruning and LST methods, outdoor euphoria can give returns between 8 and 9 weeks. These returns can rise to 450-500gr/plant.

During cultivation, euphoria is very easy to take care of as only a minimal level of pruning is required. The strain has a magnificent outlook during the flowering stage. A purple hue covers the plant as it approaches maturity while the buds become denser with trichomes. The plant is not bushy so it does not overcrowd the grow area making it very easy to maintain.


The effects of euphoria are largely mediated by the 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC present in the strain. The strain has 9% of THC which gives rise to euphoric characteristics but this is accompanied by the effects of CBD. CBD balances the euphoric effects of THC by offering relaxation and balance to the mind. This effect of CBD also continues long after the euphoric effects of THC have worn off making it ideal for relaxation.

Euphoria has beneficial effects suitable both for the day and night. During the day, euphoria offers an alert mind capable of being active during the day at an optimum level. At night, euphoria helps to remove disturbances that may cloud the mind and creates a platform for quality sleep. The effects of CBD that continue long after the effect of THC have worn off improve the quality of sleep and can help with insomnia. The blend of the THC and CBD effects in Euphoria is very unique making it a very special strain.

Flavor and aroma

The effects of flavor and aroma in cannabis strains depends on the composition of terpenes and flavonoids. Euphoria comes from two-parent strains with a very strong deposition of terpenes and cannabinoids. This gives a sweet and sugary berry feel to the strain that is the appeal of many. Euphoria has a very impressive aroma which makes the smoking or vaping experience more enjoyable.

The berry aroma of euphoria is one of the initial characteristics that attract the majority of users. It gives a certain type of soothing feel while you enjoy the high that comes from the smoke.



When it comes to euphoria, the beauty of the synergy between CBD and THC is made bare for all to see and enjoy. The strain maximizes the intense energy boosts that spurs on the euphoric high of THC and blends it with the calm that comes with the relaxing feeling of CBD. It should also be noted that Euphoria can be enjoyed comfortably without the risk of overdosing because it's THC level is not too high to cause an overdose.





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