spiritual awakening with weed
spiritual awakening with weed

Is It Possible to Have a Spiritual Awakening with Cannabis?

Could the world be on the edge of a spiritual awakening as millions use cannabis for the first time?

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Reginald Reefer on Saturday Jun 5, 2021

Is It Possible to Have a Spiritual Awakening with Cannabis?

spiritual awakening with marijuana

With health and wellness becoming an increasingly ‘hot topic’ – many people are wondering about the role of cannabis within their own spiritual paths.


Religion for the most part has made their position on the consumption of cannabis very clear – “Thou shalt burneth in hell for alleth eternetieth!”


Sorry, I got a little carried away…


That position has evolved over the past two decades as more people began acknowledging cannabis for its medical purposes. In essence, the “beef” religion had with cannabis wasn’t so much over use – after all, you don’t go to hell for smoking cigarettes or drinking booze – their beef with bud was more in relation to the experience of Euphoria.


For some reason, religious, medical, and political entities have a strong aversion to encouraging Bliss. While some might argue that being drunk is a “blissful experience” – it is incomparable to the effects of cannabis not to mention psychedelics like mushrooms or peyote.


In comparison to the experience of these “higher vibrational substances” – alcohol is a blundering idiot attempting to explain complex math to a chimpanzee.


There are very few instances where drinking enough alcohol has sparked a spiritual awakening. It happens – but it’s rare.


However – we’re not talking about alcohol or psychedelics. We’re talking about the role of cannabis within the life of a spiritually “aware” individual and more importantly – if cannabis could be the catalyst to spiritual awakenings.


Before we start – WTF is a Spiritual Awakening?


I abhor the term “woke” or people who refer to them as such. It’s the first indication that they are exactly the opposite of the term but rather subscribed to a pre-defined ideology of crystal-wearing, patchouli smelling bullshit used as trinkets of spirituality.


In order to fully understand what a “spiritual awakening” means – one must consider that some people on this planet are stuck in a mode of operation.


Some people don’t have the ability to “think” clearly. While some of you may find this a hard pill to swallow, the truth is that not every person on this planet has the intellectual faculties to operate within a rationalist paradigm.


Many people are subjected to their “emotional bodies”. In other words, their emotions rule over their rational mind. On the other extreme, we have people who tend to be entirely rational and very well developed within their “Mental Bodies” – but lack the emotional understanding to truly connect with the human experience.


For example, a data scientist quantifies people and loses sight of the individual concluding that “2.5 people behave in a certain way”.


From the individual perspective – what is a “half a person?” From a purely mental perspective, you can argue that it is the medium point of quantifiable behavior – yet from an emotional perspective emotional expression can’t be measured by reason – and so these worlds sit on the opposite spectrum of the human experience.


These are only two of our bodies – we also have energetic bodies and spiritual bodies. An energetic body relates to our magnetic fields, electrical charges, and so forth.


The Spirit Body is that element that connects you to the “divine” – the key selling point behind the popularity of religion.


The Spirit Body is the most illusive of them all and far more difficult to rationalize because it goes beyond the bounds of logic. It is within this body that we experience epiphanies and enter into the “Flow State”.


This is where we find out “Bliss” as they say and experience the connection between “Us” and the Universe.


For most people – they exist on various degrees of their Emotional, Mental, and Energetic Bodies. Yet many lack development within their Spirit Bodies. In some cases, it’s completely dormant.


When that spark goes “online” – we call THAT a spiritual awakening & it is unmistakable from any other experience found in this world.


Ask any New Born Christian about how they are feeling right after they fully gave their lives to Jesus and they will tell you – “FAN FUCKING TASTIC!”


It’s the exact same experience in every single religion after conversion – Bliss, Power, On Top of the World, Divine Love!


And the Religion doesn’t even matter – it’s mostly the individual going “online” for the first time, gaining a fresh perspective of everything around them.


Okay – so cannabis….


I’m getting there – patience!


The original premise of this article is, “Can cannabis spark a spiritual awakening” with a follow up premise of, “What role does cannabis play in the life of the Quickened?


Let’s address the first one – YES & NO!


Cannabis can play an important role in the spiritual awakening of someone but it can also be detrimental to the process depending on who uses it.


This is the problem with spiritual questions – there’s no one right answer!


However, let me stress that cannabis can help those who are completely shut off from spirituality re-engage with their own divine spark. It’s a common occurrence that people change when they start smoking cannabis more regularly.


Not in a bad way. They allow themselves more liberty, they have a bit more freedom in their choices – they start listening to different music!


Believe it or not, all of these subtle changes will compound overtime and the “slight alteration in perception” granted from cannabis will dissolve toxic paradigms & habits over the decades.


Not to mention the boost to the endocannabinoid system – your physical body – will give you more energy (energetic body) with a higher performance, which allows you to sustain more non-linear thinking (emotional body) and allow you to explore your own creativity (mental body).


With all of these 4-bodies getting a boost, with habits altering over time, with new music and information being streamed into the individual – all it takes is the right circumstance to create that “spark”.


It could be something you never dreamed trying before like a Transpersonal Breathwork Session, picking up Yoga, Tai Chi – hell, even going for a Hike in nature could be the spark you need to “Get Activated!”


On Rare Occasions…


There can be instances where someone has eaten too many edibles and entered into the nightmarish realm of ego death where they could discover their divine spark – but to be honest, it’s not the most enjoyable path.


Most people aren’t ready to see the demons that hide within running about without restraint; so best not try to “Heroic Dose” your way to enlightenment.


Can Cannabis be used in a spiritual manner?


Listen – some people will try to convince you that cannabis has a low energetic vibration while others will swear that it’s like sucking on God’s titties…

Throughout my experience – if you’re honest with yourself, in tune to your five bodies, and honestly seeking continual growth – you’ll know what is and isn’t good in your life.


No two people are alike and therefore no two experiences are alike either. If cannabis is helping you in your personal development journey – by all means use it. If it’s healing your body, use it. If it helps you get out of your mind and connect to your divine – do it!


If you feel it hinders you in any way, either change your relationship with it, or don’t use it.








What did you think?

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