Is Twitter Now Anti-Marijuana?

Is Twitter Now Anti-Marijuana?

New searches on Twitter for marijuana lead to drug addiction messages, why?

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Reginald Reefer on Friday Sep 18, 2020

Is Twitter Anti-Marijuana?

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On Twitter, if you searched for the term Marijuana, Heroin or Cocaine – you may get prompted with the following graphic:

That’s right – Twitter teamed up with a federal agency promote drug treatment resources for searching a handful of terms. One of these terms that are excluded is – Alcohol.


That’s right, you search for alcohol or alcohol related content and you would get no such warning. While promoting a way for people to liberate themselves from a drug addiction isn’t bad – the fact that Twitter so disgracefully targeted cannabis and ignored cannabis means that they are perpetuating a stereotype that if you use cannabis – you have a problem.


Most People don’t have a problem with weed


There’s a large portion of cannabis consumers in the states. Some people estimate it to be in the 50,000,000 margin more or less, others say it’s closer to 100 million people. When you include medical marijuana (CBD), almost half of the US population has tried it.


The point being that the vast majority of cannabis consumers do not have a problem with cannabis just like the vast majority of alcohol drinkers don’t have a problem with alcohol.


Of course – as within every consumer group, there will be outliers. People who have an inclination to abuse substances. These people need help. But this would only be okay if Twitter approached the issue without discriminating against cannabis.


Why would Twitter do such a dumb move?


Well – one thing that could be the reason why Twitter is doing this is due to Democratic Presidential hopeful Joe Biden who is not a fan of cannabis legalization but definitely a fan of forced rehabilitation.


In his own words;


Anybody who gets convicted of a drug crime—not one that is in terms of massive selling, but consumption—they shouldn’t go to prison. They should go to mandatory rehabilitation,” Biden said at a campaign event in Kenosha, Wisconsin last week. “Instead of building more prisons, as I’ve been proposing for some time, we build rehabilitation centers.”


“Mandatory. They’ve got to go to mandatory rehab, but it’s not part of the record when they get out if they finish it,” – JOE BIDEN, SOURCE



“Instead of building more prisons, we build rehabilitation centers” – this is just another word for prisons. Essentially, what Biden wants is to force people who are caught with drugs to go to rehab – even if they don’t have a problem with drugs.


Let’s say you’re out one weekend, and get busted with some mushrooms going to the forest – Joe proposes that you go to forced Rehab because you are a filthy junky and have no control over yourself.


Let’s say you’re caught with cannabis in excess to the state permitted allowance [which is also bullshit but whatever] – Joe will send you to rehab because you’re a good-for-nothing stoner!


Perhaps not exactly with that sentiment but you get the picture. Biden continues to promote the idea that “using drugs is bad!”


It seems that Twitter is echoing his sentiments. Except – when it comes to alcohol Twitter is silent. This despite the fact that alcohol plays a role in 40% of all violent crimes and kills more than 88,000 people per year.


Compare this to cannabis with its zero deaths attributed to cannabis consumption alone.


Why are we still pushing this narrative?


It’s 2020 folks – why are we still thinking that people who consume cannabis, LSD, mushrooms, and so forth are “drug addicts”?


Can’t we reach a point in time where we can simply accept the fact that some people like to get high on occasions? Why are you immediately framed as “problematic” if you’re consuming a mind-bending substance on rare occasions – yet completely functional if you have a glass of wine every day? Why aren’t you labeled as problematic if you go out and have drinks with friends and get drunk? If consumption is problematic – then we would like to see it across the board.


The truth of the matter is that rehabilitation is big money. Forced rehab would mean that there will be a rehab clinic on every corner. If you though the prison industrial complex grew out of nothing – you’d be wrong. It was Biden’s policies that helped grow the demand for prisons.


It may be Biden’s policies that lead to the increase of the REHAB INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX if he continues with this path. I do hope that there are other people in his cabinet that are savvier about drugs, because if we are to follow Joe’s philosophy on drugs – we’re going back to the 1980s where he shined.


Of course – he can’t be as villainous with his policies – but he can still take these hoodlums off the streets and force them to get rehabilitated. Kind of like in China don’t you think?


I wish all the major platforms could die…


If there is one thing I’ve learned in 2020 is that I absolutely disdain social media platforms. I only use them as a necessary evil – but there is no joy in the matter. I certainly hope that other platforms become more popular – platforms less plagued by the political shitfuckery of the mammoths in the market.


This Twitter move is just a reflection on how disconnected not only the politicians are from the will of the people – but the leaders in Social Media as well.








What did you think?

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