DisJointed Season 2
DisJointed Season 2

Netflix’ Disjointed Season 2 Review

Was Seasons 2 Better Than Season 1?

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Reginald Reefer on Wednesday Jun 6, 2018

Netflix’ Disjointed Season 2 Review


Disjointed Season 2


Okay, it took me a while to write this because I was very hesitant to watch the second season. However, because I promised I’d write a review about the second season once it was out, I soldiered through it and watched Netflix’s Disjointed Season 2.


To give you a brief recap on my takes on the last season, I essentially concluded that if you like shows like “Friends”, “How I met Your Mother” and the likes, you’d probably like Disjointed. This is because Disjointed follows the same cookie-cutter template on Sitcoms – with laugh track and all baby!


However, if you’re a person that likes a tad bit more intelligent humor…then Disjointed will probably piss you off. While I’m able to set my personal biases aside…I don’t personally like the Sitcom formula of entertainment. Nonetheless, for the millions of you that do like Sitcoms, here’s my unbiased take on it all.


The Good


Disjointed is a weird series that mixes animation with live footage. What I absolutely LOVE about Disjointed are their animations. If only the entire show could be comprised of those whacky ganja fueled animated pictures, I’d probably be addicted to the show.


Another good element I found this season was the fact that they dealt with some relevant issues such as Faux Feminism, Terminal Medical Patients, Schizophrenia, more on PTSD and so forth. I do appreciate that the show attempts to bring this to the public eye and provides deeper context about the life of a cannabis user.


What the show achieved was showing that the cannabis population is a diverse group of people. Whether you’re wearing a suit or wearing shorts, cannabis doesn’t discriminate.


The Bad


Of course, my biggest issue with this show are the two characters Dank and Dabby. The epitome of the word “Pothead” these two are portrayed as dumb, belligerent schmucks that only smoke weed and have nothing else to offer.


This season however, I have to admit that they did paint some more depth to the duo. For starters, they are the highest earners in yearly income out of the cast. Grossing in more than $90k each from Youtube alone, their stereotype doesn’t reflect their business ambitions. We also learned that Dank is actually a master artist…so that’s something.


The stereotypes of the show is what kills it for me. They have some good jokes, they have some good moments, but then those stereotypes come and fuck it all to hell. If the characters weren’t as two dimensional as they are portrayed, I think the audience would connect to them more.


However, considering that this is a cookie cutter sitcom, you can’t expect much.


Is Season Two Worth Watching?


Listen, if you hated the first season, you’re not going to like the second one. If you loved it…you’re still going to love it. I actually think that the second season is better, has more depth than the first season [and I dislike the series].


Irrespective of my views, if you like the format, you’ll like Disjointed. It’s right up there with Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory, except it deals with weed as the central theme.


I watched it because of you guys; I promised I’d write a review on the second season and I did. If it was up to me I’d much rather chill and watch Arrested Development, which just so happens to have new episodes as of May 29th 2018.


Why I respect Disjointed


Disjointed, while not in my personal preferences in terms of entertainment, is a respectable venture. Firstly, they capitalized on the growing fame of cannabis around the world.  They had the balls to bring a cannabis-central show to the small screen and break into what I believe will become a massive sector of the entertainment industry.


It opens up the doors for other writers and shows to step into the light. However, I’d love to start seeing series more to the likes of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” or even Dramas such as Breaking Bad revolving around the cannabis industry. There is a lot of material to work from and I think if there are aspiring cannabis writers out there, this is an opportunity to pursue.


The world is welcoming cannabis and shows like Disjointed is creating a bridge between the staunch opponents and supporters, creating a dialogue to usher in a new era of Cannabis around the world.


Any other show you’d like me to review?


If there are any shows or products you’d like me to review, please message me here on Cannabis.net. I am more than willing to dedicate my weekend to reviewing a show on your behalf and I’ll give you the honest unbiased truth about my personal experience.


Drop the show you want to have me review in the comment section or DM me here on Cannabis.net.



Disjointed Neftlix

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