plant a cannabis seed
plant a cannabis seed

Plant a Cannabis Seed this April 20th

Why You Should Plant a Cannabis Seed in the Ground This April 20th

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Reginald Reefer on Wednesday Apr 18, 2018

Plant a Cannabis Seed this April 20th

Everyone Should Plant a Cannabis Seed This April 20th Coming Up from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


Every year, cannabis enthusiasts all over the globe gets together to celebrate the unofficial “Ganja Holiday” known as 4/20. This mass action of defiance has been going on for close to 40 years now and while I’m not going to jump into the origins of our most sacred day, I will be looking into the future of cannabis as a whole and why we should take our act of defiance one step further.


A Current Look at the Global Climate of Cannabis

Cannabis has quickly become one of the most talked about subjects around the globe. Whether we’re talking from a social standpoint and the failure of the drug war as a whole, the medical benefits of cannabis and of course the economic benefits of legalization; cannabis is definitely no longer a ‘taboo subject’.

Rather, we’re seeing countries all over the world legalizing cannabis in different forms. While not all governments are embracing the shift towards cannabis, we are seeing some more progressive countries jump in on the game such as Uruguay, Canada and perhaps soon Australia.

Many Latin American countries are also putting cannabis legalization on the books seeing that the drug war has ravaged the continent for the past 40 years and drugs are still as prevalent as ever.

Additionally, the demographics surrounding cannabis are widening. Where before the consumer demographics typically were limited to the 10yrs-30+yrs, we’re seeing people 60yrs+ joining in due to the vast medical benefits of the plant.

While there still is resistance from the status quo, we can safely say that cannabis legalization is imminent. A few years ago we reached the tipping point and now the movement is snowballing with more conservative voters backing up legislation.


A Mass Act of Defiance

Since the 1990s, we’ve been celebrating 420 as the unofficial cannabis holiday and millions of people from around the world toke up in a mass act of defiance against antiquated laws.

These days, you can find hundreds of thousands of people coming together in public spaces, sparking up and having a good time. Despite the fact that in most of these events you can see police presence, the “cannabis protests” typically are quite peaceful and serene.

This year, once more, millions of people will come together in masses, occupying famous landmarks, parks and government buildings and will light up a joint in defiance.

The presence of these movements become so big that it is impossible for major media outlets to ignore it, and with more exposure, the dialogue surrounding legalization steps into the light.

This year however, I believe we should take it one step further. It’s not enough to simply defy the law, but rather, we should start applying pressure to the government to speed up the legalization efforts.


Plant a Seed for the Weed

This year, I personally will go out and randomly plant cannabis seeds around my city. I’m specifically going to be looking for government buildings such as police stations and the likes and sneak in a few seeds hoping they sprout.

Why am I doing this?

Because while the act of smoking is a big “Fuck you!” to the man, planting cannabis seeds is a statement in its own; “No matter what you do…the weed will endure!”

Can you imagine, a few weeks later, cannabis plants popping up in police gardens?

Now imagine if millions of cannabis smokers got together, went about their day and planted one or two seeds. Imagine a few weeks down the line headlines of major newspapers reading; “Cannabis plants sprouting up all over the world!”

This act of defiance places the problem right under the noses of those who oppose legalization. Sure, some would say that this would be counterproductive to the movement. They would claim that by “pissing off” the opposition, we would only stifle progress.

I say, we call this a “mass-desensitize campaign” showcasing the world that cannabis is, and will always, only be a plant!

Most non-smokers think of “marijuana” as this dangerous drug…but when you actually see the pretty little thing grow, you start warming up to it. You realize that this isn’t the devil it was made out to be. And by bringing it into the conscious mindscape of the masses, you begin to initiate the dialogue we so desperately need; “Why is cannabis illegal?”

This year folks, I urge you all to take a few seeds and plant them throughout your town. Be careful, don’t do anything stupid…but go ahead and spread the good news. Sow those seeds and let’s take our collective act of defiance to a new level.

Let this year be the year that cannabis grows wild all over the world. Let it be a symbol of legalization. Let it be an indication of the future. Cannabis is here to stay, and no matter what you do…it will always endure!  


Plant a Marijuana Seed Every 4/20 from CannabisNet on Vimeo.











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