different bong water liquids
different bong water liquids

Sparkling Bong Water? Red Wine Bong Water? - The New Liquids People are Using to Smoke Weed!

Forget plain old water in that bong, people are trying all new flavors and liquids!

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DanaSmith on Wednesday Mar 30, 2022

bong water liquids to try

Bongs provide a much smoother smoking experience compared to joints and bowls.


The presence of water, usually cold tap water, effectively filters the smoke and cools it down for a hit that is not only strong but smooth. Most people use cold or room temperature water, though some go even further by adding ice cubes to it. Then there are also those who are fans of using hot water.


No matter which camp you’re on, there is no doubt that bongs provide a significantly better smoking experience for everyone.


But did you know that you can use liquids other than water to flavor your smoke? Seasoned bong users know that using alternative bong water can drastically improve the overall experience. Here are some bong water alternatives that you can use to flavor your high the next time you toke:


  • Sparkling water is becoming more popular these days than ever. LaCroix, Perrier, and other famous brands offer a delicious way to stay cool and hydrated, but they can also be used in bongs. For many seasoned bong users, sparkling water is among the best choices for bong water because trust us, your hit will feel so much more different due to the carbonation.


You will notice a mild fizzy sensation as soon as you inhale your weed. Many report that the more hits you take, the cooler it feels. Opt for fruit flavors such as citrus, pomelo, lime, mango, and lemon. There are dozens of flavors to choose from these days, and you’ll be surprised how delicious sparkling water can be when you use it as bong water.


  • Tea has been a trendy choice for bong water, especially for tea lovers. Try using freshly brewed herbal, green, or black teas which do a great job of adding subtle flavors to your smoke.


With all the different types of tea out there, the options are endless when it comes to the kind of flavors you can try. Just be sure not to brew the tea in your bong but instead, brew it first in a teapot before adding it. This is a great idea especially in the winter when brewed hot tea provides a nice, warming sensation when you smoke. However, when using hot liquids in your bong because cheap bongs made with low-quality water may end up cracking.


Don’t use hot liquids in acrylic or plastic bongs either since this may release toxic fumes due to the heat. If your bong is made from these materials, you can still benefit from tea flavors when you use room temperature tea.


  • Iced tea is always a refreshing idea, whether to drink or use as part of your bong water. It’s also a great alternative for those who aren’t into drinking hot tea.


You can make your own homemade iced tea, or buy a store-bought powder. Cool it in the fridge for a few hours after brewing or mixing, then add some ice cubes in before you add it to your bong. Of course, you can also just buy a bottle of ready-to-drink iced tea then pour it directly into the chamber of the bong. You might even want to experiment with pairing iced tea with citrus and lemony strains for an even more enjoyable taste.


  • Wine does a surprisingly good job as flavored bong water. The same is not true for other types of alcohol since they would usually make the hit too harsh, but it’s different with wine especially if you use a fruity, rich variety.


When using wine, we recommend going with one that has a lower alcohol content, though it won’t make you drunk. The experiences that await you when using wine in your bong are endless; you can even try mixing and matching wine depending on the strains that you are using. If you love wine in particular, you can also enjoy a glass on the side to elevate your high.


  • Cranberry juice is a fantastic choice for smokers who love fruity flavors. While cranberry juice lends a subtle fruity taste, you will still definitely be able to taste it.


You can add cranberry juice directly to your bong whether it’s in room temperature or cold. As another bonus, the acidity of cranberry juice helps to keep glass bongs cleaner for a longer period of time.


Things To Remember When Flavoring Your Bong Water


While using liquids other than sterile water in your bong, remember that this may increase the risk of bacteria developing if you don’t clean it fast enough.


Using these popular alternatives to water in your bong are safe and have been tried and tested, but don’t forget to regularly clean your bong in between uses. Also remember that wood pieces are not compatible with using bong water since the liquids will merely seep into the wood due to its porous nature. For the best results with using flavored water, glass bongs are best. However, if you are using bongs made out of stone, metal, plastic, or acrylic, it should still be fine as long as you don’t use hot water and remember to always clean the water chamber.


You also want to ensure you are using a fresh batch of flavored water everytime. Just imagine that you want the liquid to be fresh enough that you could actually drink it: that’s how clean and fresh it should be. Having said that, never reuse bong flavoring water.  The liquid filters out old plant material and ash, so you don’t want to be inhaling these contaminants when you reuse bong water.








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