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420 in 2023 - New Traditions and the True Meaning of Stoner

What is 420, April 20th, and we is it international weed day?

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Reginald Reefer on Thursday Apr 20, 2023

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New 420 Traditions & the True Meaning of Stoner


As we arrive at another 420, it's important to reflect on the true meaning of the term "stoner." For many, the word conjures up images of lazy, unproductive individuals who spend their days on the couch, watching TV and eating junk food. However, the reality is much more complex than that.


The stoner is a countercultural hero, a rebel who refuses to conform to society's expectations. They are often depicted in movies as the comic relief, the relatable character who is unapologetically themselves. But beyond the stereotypes, stoners have played a crucial role in the fight for cannabis legalization and the establishment of the modern cannabis industry.


Today, as the industry continues to grow and evolve, there is a push to distance itself from the term "stoner" and the negative connotations it carries. But we must not forget the contributions of those who came before us. It is because of stoners that we have access to the plant we know and love today.


As we celebrate 420, let us honor the legacy of the stoners who came before us. But let us also look to the future and create new traditions that reflect the changing times. Let's find ways to incorporate cannabis into our lives in a meaningful way and show the world that being a stoner is not something to be ashamed of, but rather, something to be celebrated. In the following sections, we will explore the history of 420 and suggest some new traditions we can start to celebrate this important day.


The Origins of 420


To truly appreciate the significance of 420, we must first understand its origins. The term is said to have originated in the 1970s, in California, among a group of high school students known as the "Waldos."


As the story goes, the Waldos heard about a Coast Guard member who had planted a cannabis crop near the Point Reyes Peninsula, but was unable to tend to it. The Waldos, who would often meet up at 4:20 pm to smoke cannabis, decided to search for the abandoned crop.


They would use "420" as a code for meeting up and embarking on their search. Though they never found the crop, the term stuck, and "420" became synonymous with cannabis culture.


The term spread throughout the 70s and 80s, gaining popularity among cannabis enthusiasts and eventually becoming a symbol for the fight for legalization. In the 1990s, the Grateful Dead began using the term in their concerts, further cementing its place in cannabis culture.


Today, 420 is celebrated worldwide on April 20th, with events and gatherings taking place in cities around the globe. But beyond the celebrations, 420 remains an important symbol for cannabis activism and the fight for legalization. Records amount of cannabis are usually sold on April 20th as well!

An Ode to the Stoner…


An ode to the stoner - the unsung heroes of the cannabis movement. The term "stoner" has a long and complex history, with origins dating back to the early 20th century when it was used to describe people who were lazy, unmotivated, and apathetic. The term was often used as a derogatory label, associated with negative stereotypes and social stigmas.


But as the countercultural movement of the 1960s and 70s took hold, the term "stoner" began to take on new meaning. People who used cannabis started to embrace the term, appropriating it and turning it into a badge of honor. Instead of being a derogatory label, "stoner" became a term of endearment, a way to identify oneself as a member of a counterculture that was fighting against the status quo.


Stoners are the ones who kept the cannabis movement alive during the darkest days of the drug war. Despite the risks of imprisonment and social stigma, they continued to rebel one toke at a time, refusing to be silenced or oppressed. Without the dedication and passion of stoners, the cannabis industry as we know it today would not exist.

Indeed, the stoner has evolved from the classic stereotype of a lazy, unmotivated slacker who spends their days on the couch, to a more modern representation of people from all walks of life who simply choose to use cannabis as their preferred method of relaxation or medical treatment. In fact, the normalization of cannabis use has led to a growing number of stoners who are parents, grandparents, and even professionals.


The stigma of being a stoner has greatly diminished as more and more people come out of the "cannabis closet" and openly discuss their cannabis use. The media has played a significant role in this shift by portraying cannabis users in a more positive light, and by highlighting the medicinal benefits of cannabis. Additionally, the legalization of cannabis in many states and countries has further contributed to the normalization of cannabis use and the decline of the stoner stereotype.


Nowadays, the stoner is simply a person who chooses to use cannabis over other substances, and it's their preferred method of relaxation or medical treatment. They can be your next-door neighbor, your coworker, your doctor, or your friend. They are no longer seen as outcasts, but rather as a normal part of society. In fact, some stoners are leading successful and fulfilling lives while using cannabis to manage their conditions or simply to unwind after a long day.


The evolution of the stoner from a counterculture icon to a mainstream symbol of cannabis use is a testament to the power of social change and the importance of breaking down stereotypes. The stoner is now a proud and accepted member of society, and their contributions to the cannabis industry and culture cannot be overlooked.


Today, stoners are celebrated for their creativity, their humor, and their unwavering commitment to their beliefs. They are the ones who have pushed the boundaries of art, music, and culture, creating a vibrant and dynamic community that is as diverse as it is passionate.


So here's to the stoners - the ones who have fought tirelessly for the legalization and acceptance of cannabis. Let us honor their legacy and celebrate their contributions to the movement. Without stoners, we would not have the industry, the culture, or the freedom to enjoy this miraculous plant.


Some current 420 Traditions to consider…


Every year, on April 20th, people come together to celebrate the plant that has brought so much joy and healing into their lives. While the traditional 420 celebration involves smoking cannabis, there are many other ways to mark the occasion.


One of the most popular 420 traditions is attending a public gathering or festival. These events provide an opportunity to meet like-minded individuals, enjoy live music and entertainment, and explore the many products and innovations in the cannabis industry. From Denver's 420 Rally to San Francisco's Hippie Hill gathering, there are plenty of options for those looking to celebrate in a more communal setting.


Another popular 420 tradition is getting together with friends to smoke a special joint or blunt in honor of the day. This can be a great opportunity to connect with loved ones and enjoy the camaraderie of the cannabis community. Some people even make special 420-themed edibles or drinks to share with their friends.


For those who prefer a more introspective celebration, taking a solo hike or spending some time in nature can be a great way to connect with the plant and celebrate its healing properties. Others may choose to meditate or engage in creative pursuits like painting or writing.


Let’s start some new stoner traditions on 420…

Let's face it, traditions are what make holidays special, and 420 should be no different. It's time to start creating some new stoner traditions that we can look forward to year after year. Here are some ideas to get us started:


  1. Gift a cannabis plant: Instead of giving flowers, why not give a living plant? Choose a strain that's easy to grow and can thrive in your area. Not only is it a unique gift, but it's also sustainable and can bring joy for months to come.

  2. Public spark-up: Choose a public place, such as a park or beach, and gather a group of friends to spark up at exactly 4:20 PM. This is a great way to show solidarity and bring awareness to the cannabis movement. Just make sure to check local laws and regulations beforehand. If you do decide to break the law - that’s on you!


  1. Stoner potluck: Host a stoner-themed potluck where every dish includes some form of cannabis. This could be a great way to bond with friends and try out new recipes.


  1. 420 scavenger hunt: Create a scavenger hunt with clues that lead to cannabis-related prizes. This could be a fun way to get outdoors and explore the city while celebrating 420.


  1. Come out of the stoner closet: If you've been keeping your cannabis use a secret, 420 is the perfect time to come out and proudly declare your love for the plant. This could mean posting on social media or simply having an honest conversation with loved ones.

  2. Joint-rolling competition: Invite friends over for a joint-rolling competition. Set up categories such as speed, creativity, and functionality, and award prizes for each.

  3. Stoner movie marathon: Gather some friends and indulge in a stoner-themed movie marathon. From Cheech and Chong classics to more recent favorites like Pineapple Express, there's no shortage of options.


These new stoner traditions can help us celebrate 420 in new and exciting ways while also bringing us together as a community. So why not try out some of these ideas and make this year's 420 one to remember?


The Sticky Bottomline

As we conclude our journey through the history of 420 and the evolution of stoner culture, it's clear that cannabis has come a long way from its days of being a misunderstood and demonized substance.

 Let's honor the stoners who paved the way for us and continue to push the boundaries of what's possible.


And let's create new traditions that celebrate cannabis in all its glory. Whether it's gifting a cannabis plant to a friend, sparking a joint in a public place, or coming out of the stoner closet, let's make 420 a day to remember.


I encourage you to try out one of these new traditions, and if you have any other ideas for new traditions, share them in the comments below.


 Remember, we are the cannabis community, and it's up to us to create the culture we want to see.


Happy 420, my fellow stoners!





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