problems with edibles
problems with edibles

The Top 3 Problems With Marijuana Edibles Right Now

Too High, Too Low, and Wrong Person Got Them

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Oaktree on Thursday Jul 28, 2016

Issues with Marijuana Edibles

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Consumption of edible cannabis is on a rise, especially now that almost half of all the states has legalized marijuana. While smoking marijuana still remains the most preferred way, eating marijuana is gaining momentum. The high achieved by the edibles consumption is quite different than when you smoke pot, and is also an easier way of having marijuana without getting spotted by your family or your boss!


But as is the case with all great things, there are certain issues with marijuana edibles that the regular edible consumers face frequently. So you should probably know about these if you want to avoid the same issues with marijuana edibles.



Differing Levels of THC


THC is the chemical that causes you to get high, i.e. it is the main reason why we all love marijuana. It is helpful for the body and can relieve different kinds of bodily pains and make cure diseases.


The marijuana-infused edibles readily available on the market have the level of THC that it contains written on the package. But a growing problem is the reliability of that. Many people who regularly consume edible marijuana products have complained that they don’t feel the same level of high every time.


Further investigation in this matter showed that the products had different THC levels even though they were made by the same company and promises a particular THC level on the label. According to the Journal of American Medical Association, you get the accurate level of THC as promised on the labels only 17% of the time. There can be more THC than the labels read, but that too is only about 23% of the time. The other 60% of the time, the products contain lesser amounts of THC than what the label reads.


So what should you do to ensure that you aren’t being deprived of the promised THC content? Get your edible cannabis products from a trusted source. 

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The Scary Consequences of Overconsumption


Marijuana overdose has never been a concern…ever! But there has been quite a few incidents when overconsumption of products infused with cannabis has led to hospitalization.


The “high” of the edible products usually is quite delayed in comparison to smoking weed. It takes around an hour or so before you finally start to feel the buzz after eating the product, and the high lasts longer as well. But since it takes longer to get to the “high”, people – specially first timers or those who rarely eat pot infused products – think that they need to eat more in order to get high. As a result, they consume a little too much, and when the effects finally kick in, it makes the high a bad experience. Sometimes they may even need to be taken to the emergency room.


We would suggest everyone to practice moderation while having marijuana edibles. Take your time while having it instead of rushing and eating a lot in a short time.

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What If They Land In The Wrong Hands?


While having pot brownies and other marijuana-infused edibles is a much more convenient way to get your daily dose of THC, there can be one glaring problem – they might end up in the wrong hands. Let’s say you got yourself some pre-packaged edibles and stored in the fridge for use at a later time. And surprisingly your young nephew who loves sweet treats found it.


You don’t want to imagine what would happen next, and neither do we. So you must practice caution while storing them so that you don’t face this type of issues with marijuana edibles.


Edibles are blessings for those of us who love cannabis. So we should definitely be aware of the issues of marijuana edibles and make sure that we are not affected by those.



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