cbd capsules on the market
cbd capsules on the market

The Top 6 CBD Capsules on the Market Right Now

What are the best CBD capsules or softgels on the market today?

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Laurie Lyons on Saturday Jan 23, 2021

The Top 6 CBD Capsules and Softgels on the Market Right Now

cbd capsules best on market

CBD is a beneficial cannabinoid from cannabis that has found numerous uses in therapeutics. It works through the endocannabinoid system and with the cannabinoid receptors either directly or indirectly to help with a range of ailments. Examples of such ailments include pain, inflammation, sleep, Crohn’s disease, seizures, and a host of other conditions. Due to this utilitarian use of CBD, it has been incorporated into different product forms such as oils, tinctures, topical creams, transdermal patches, capsules, and softgels.

Capsules and softgels are very easy ways to use CBD. This convenience has made them very popular among those using CBD for medical purposes. The capsules also come in a different range which largely depends on the weight and other added excipients. Companies have different characteristics for their capsules and softgels which helps to make them stand out from others in the market. Some of them also contain special additives that improve the efficacy of CBD for treating different ailments.

 Here is a quick preview of the top 6 CBD capsules and softgels on the market right now.


TrytheCBD is one of the top CBD capsules available in the CBD market currently. The organization offers full-spectrum hemp oil which is farmed in Colorado. They use non-GMO and farming practices similar to fully organic farming to produce all their CBD oil products. The company has capsules as well as softgels among the products they offer. TrytheCBD capsules are composed of CBD, MCT coconut oil, plant-derived starches, and cellulose. The capsules come in vegetarian casings and are odorless and flavorless. The lack of flavor and odor in the capsules is to make them easier to swallow and enjoyable.


ProCana has a very distinguished lineup of CBD capsules and softgels for which they get very decent reviews. They have different varieties which means that the consumers have options to choose from depending on their personal preferences. One of the top products available by ProCana is CBD PM which is made up of 3mg of melatonin and 15mg of CBD working in synergy in every capsule. ProCana also offers another wonderful product in softgel form. It consists of both CBD and CBG which is another beneficial cannabinoid from the cannabis cannabinoid matrix. CBG is quite similar to CBD as it is useful in dealing with pain, inflammation, and nausea. It also has antibacterial activity. These effects of CBG in synergy with CBD makes the CBD available by ProCana to be very effective and useful.


There are fewer CBD lines on the market more popular than CBDistillery right now. They offer a different range of CBD capsules and softgels which differ based on weight. The difference in milligrams of these capsules and softgels helps to differentiate the kind of ailments they can be used for. Ailments that require higher doses for treatment come in capsules or softgels with higher milligrams. The special softgels from CBDistillery also offer full-spectrum and broad-spectrum products. With full-spectrum products, CBD works in synergy with other beneficial cannabinoids like CBN, CBD, and terpenes. The synergy between these molecules helps to improve the medical efficacy of the softgel. The entourage effect between the cannabinoids also comes into play as it helps to improve the activity of the cannabinoids.



CW Hemp

CW Hemp is short for Charlotte’s Web Hemp and this is one of the top producers of CBD capsules available right now. The hemp company is owned by some of the pioneers of the cannabis industry which are the Stanley Brothers and the Figis. CW Hemp is a household name in the cannabis industry and their capsule products show why. The product consists of a full spectrum extract of the cannabis plant and organic extra virgin oil. The uniqueness of the blend of the full spectrum extract and the extra virgin oil makes the CW Hemp capsules very unique and acceptable to CBD users.

Pure Hemp CBD Oil

There are four available sizes of Pure Hemp CBD oil capsules. The different sizes available are 300, 750, 1500, and 3000 milligrams. The softgels consists of coconut oil and CBD. They are made from carrageenan-based gel derived from red seaweed and thus can be considered vegetarian. Pure Hemp goes through a thorough process for the production of hemp used for their products. They do not use chemicals like herbicides and pesticides to cultivate hemp which makes the product very pure and natural. The company is also very revered in the industry because they publish their lab reports online for all to see. This enables consumers to know the scientific basis of the drugs they are using.

Care By Design

The company makes special types of softgels that feel like small fish oil pills as they are being swallowed. The softgels have no flavor which makes them very easy to swallow without the issue of irritation due to unpleasurable flavor or taste. The softgels are also very small and malleable which means they can be easily incorporated into the early morning vitamins. This helps to ensure compliance with the regimen which is commonly a problem with softgels. The company has been going from strength to strength since it launched in 2014. Much like Pure Hemp, Care By Design also ensures transparency by pushing their lab reports online for customers to see and learn from. The softgels have 5 varieties named Rest, Uplift, Balance, Calm, and Belief.

Bottom line

These are far from the only CBD capsules and softgels available in the cannabis market. They are however the top 6 that are available in the market right now. The market for CBD capsules and softgels is gradually increasing daily because more cannabis firms are paying attention to the therapeutics aspect of cannabis. This means that more investors and entrepreneurs are coming in to widen the scope and reach of this sector of the industry. The ripple effect of this is that more works of research will be conducted and more beneficial products made available.





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