vacuum sealing cannabis
vacuum sealing cannabis

Vacuum-Sealing Your Weed - Totally Worth It or Don't Waste Your Time and Money?

Should you vaccum seal your cannabis if you have the time and money?

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Joseph Billions on Sunday Aug 13, 2023

vacuum seal cannabis

Properly preserving your cannabis is vital to maintain its freshness and quality. Adequate storage is essential to prolong your weed's lifespan, whether you intend to store it temporarily or for an extended period. How you store your cannabis significantly impacts its potency and flavor.


The question arises: Does vacuum-sealing your cannabis offer tangible benefits, or is it merely a popular belief? While some seasoned cannabis users vouch for its efficacy, whether this practice is substantiated or fueled by hype remains to be seen.


The conventional wisdom suggests that vacuum-sealing vegetables is generally recognized as a safe and efficient method for preserving food, curbing waste, saving money, and facilitating healthier dietary choices.


This principle can be traced back to traditional canning techniques. Yet, many individuals still rely on the tried-and-true method of storing their cannabis in a hermetically sealed jar.

Adequately storing cannabis is quite simple. Firstly, keeping it in a cool location is essential, as elevated temperatures can degrade terpenes and lead to cannabis drying out. Avoid placing cannabis near water systems, heaters, or direct sunlight.


Likewise, freezing temperatures should be avoided, as they could cause trichomes to burst, ultimately diminishing the potency of the cannabis. Many individuals, therefore, choose to store it in a drawer or a dark closet.


Secondly, ensure that your cannabis is stored in a dim setting. Exposure to ultraviolet light can disintegrate the valuable terpenes and cannabinoids present in your cannabis. Containers should consistently be kept in the dark yet hygienic environment.


Lastly, safeguarding against moisture is of utmost importance. Excess dampness swiftly catalyzes mold development on cannabis buds, as trapped moisture provides an ideal environment for such proliferation. Maintaining the perfect humidity level is vital, with the optimal range falling between 59 to 63%. Should the humidity dip below this range, it risks rendering the cannabis overly desiccated.


For other products like oils, tinctures, and edibles, specific storage guidelines from the manufacturer may apply.. For instance, edibles could mandate refrigeration to preserve their quality. Before implementing your chosen storage procedures, it is advisable to meticulously review and adhere to these guidelines to ensure the utmost freshness and potency of your products.


By upholding these principles, you can extend the shelf life and maintain the optimal characteristics of your cannabis and other related items.

Vacuum-Sealing Weed

Numerous experienced cannabis aficionados have embraced vacuum sealing to maintain their buds' long-lasting freshness. Vacuum sealing is already extensively employed to preserve various commodities, including meat and diverse food items.


This technique can prove advantageous for cannabis storage, mainly when procured in large quantities, thus yielding potential cost savings. Vacuum sealing, as a method, proves efficacious in upholding the freshness and vitality of any item, owing to its airtight seal.

By hindering mold growth and preventing excessive dryness, vacuum sealing significantly enhances the longevity of the cannabis product.


Vacuum sealer prices can range from $50 upwards, depending on brand and size. Before making a purchase, opting for a vacuum sealing model explicitly crafted for food items is crucial, as alternative versions are tailored for non-perishable or inedible goods.


Despite its relatively higher cost, ardent cannabis enthusiasts can derive substantial advantages from routinely vacuum-sealing their cannabis flower and specific types of concentrates.


Furthermore, there exist vacuum sealers engineered to seal jars securely. This constitutes another exceptional approach to preserving buds in prime condition for up to a year. Some cannabis users prefer avoiding plastic or other pouches during the vacuum sealing process, fearing that it could lead to the compression and flattening of some buds. However, this concern holds less significance, given that the intention is ultimately to smoke or burn the buds.


Generally, people use plastics for vacuum-sealing products. However, when it concerns cannabis, it's advisable to avoid plastic usage due to its potential to harm the trichomes. Alternative packaging choices, such as compostable and recyclable food-grade pouches, are also available.

Prolonged Storage

By vacuum-sealing your cannabis, you can ensure its potency remains intact for up to a year.

Although, if you intend to access your sealed stash intermittently, it's more prudent to vacuum-seal multiple smaller jars or pouches rather than a single large one. It's essential to remember that each time the vacuum-sealed container is opened, continual exposure to air can result in the deterioration of freshness, flavor, and potency.


Vacuum sealing also presents an excellent method for preserving the freshness and delectability of a sizable batch of edibles over extended periods. This principle also holds for cannabis butter; after producing a substantial quantity, wrapping the butter in parchment paper and sealing it in a pouch allows for freezing until the next use.


In addition to these advantages, vacuum sealing your cannabis effectively contains its aroma. Once securely enclosed within the bag or jar, it becomes impervious to odors escaping and revealing the presence of cannabis.


The fragrance and aroma remain undiminished upon opening the container, eliminating concerns about terpene loss. Particularly when purchasing cannabis by ounce or in larger quantities, managing the scent can be challenging, and there are occasions when discretion is paramount. Opting for vacuum sealing presents the ideal solution in such circumstances.


So, is vacuum-sealing your cannabis a worthwhile endeavor?


If your typical purchases frequently consist of larger quantities by ounce or in bulk, or if your objective revolves around consistently ensuring the enduring freshness of your stash, then the answer is undeniably affirmative. The initial investment required to obtain a vacuum sealer pales compared to its many benefits. With this approach, you can relish cannabis that maintains its terpenes and cannabinoids in pristine condition, even after up to a year.


Furthermore, this method circumvents any concerns about the potential escape of its distinctive aroma. In essence, the choice to employ a vacuum sealer emerges as a prudent and advantageous decision, particularly for those who seek prolonged cannabis preservation with all its aromatic and chemical attributes intact.





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