Snoop quits smoke, but marketing wins out
Snoop quits smoke, but marketing wins out

Hell Unfroze and Pigs Stopped Flying - Snoop Dogg Trolls the World in the Most Brilliant Way

No, Snoop did not quit weed and the world is back in its normal order today.

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Reginald Reefer on Wednesday Nov 22, 2023

snoop quits smoke in marketing ploy

Snoop Dogg Trolls the World in the Most Brilliant way!


 Did You Hear? Snoop Quit Smoke!


Hold up, wait a minute. Did the Dogg Father himself just resign as global cannabis commander-in-chief?


That's right - Snoop Dogg shockingly announced last week that after decades of legendary smoke sessions, he has quit smoking altogether. Just like that. This has sparked endless conspiracy chatter.


"I've decided to give up smoke. Please respect my privacy," he tweeted somberly. The tweet sent shock waves across the internet. People didn’t know what to make of it.


Naturally, this set the entire weed-loving world abuzz with speculation. Is Snoop alright? Does he have some terminal Hot Pockets disease forcing him to hang up the G Pen? Or did Eminem finally stage an intervention?


After the tweet, I saw an onslaught of articles written about him as if he was a “fallen stoner”. Others simply reported on it understanding that “Snoop Quits Smoke” is a headline that will grab views. And they were write – because here I am writing about those articles.


But not because Snoop Quit Weed – mainly because he pulled off one of the most genius marketing stunts that I’m sure paid off insanely well.


You see, Snoop strategically said “smoke” not weed. And of course, we all know that Snoop refers to weed as “smoke”, but “smoke” doesn’t necessarily mean weed.


And that’s where the brilliance of the campaign happens – on that one cryptic word – SMOKE!




Because 4 days after he tweeted that he’s quitting “Smoke” – he released a video where he addressed the issue and said, “I’m quitting smoke, some of you might be saying, that’s like your whole thing, but I’m done, done with the coughing, my clothes smelling all sticky icky…that’s why I’ve got a Solostove, the only smokeless fire pit…!


And like that, there was egg all over the media’s face – 150 million+ organic views on a single tweet, and now even myself – doing a deep dive on the brilliance of this marketing campaign.


So don’t worry, Snoop is still smoking reefer, but he quit “smoke” when trying to warm himself by his fire pit – most likely smoking weed!


Top 3 Greatest Marketing Ploys of All Time


While some fans may feel duped by Snoop's fake smoke retirement, most agree pulling one over on the entire world for profit proves marketing genius. So let's explore the all-star play and other classic publicity stunts for the ages.


First, examining why Snoop's announcement worked so effectively. He leveraged existing intrigue by abruptly pivoting his decades-long stoner persona. The shock factor compelled engagement even as the cryptic tweet left audiences guessing.


But the real masterstroke lay in the brilliant double-meaning of "smoke" - both cannabis and actual fumes. This semantic trap set viral wheels turning as folks imagined the worst before the commercial reveal reset the board completely.


In the end, Snoop won public amusement and awe rather than outrage. And his sponsor surely won massive exposure and sales practically overnight. Talk about manifesting one's own media cycle from thin air!


The art lies in orchestrating misdirection through narrative tension, then redirecting with comic relief. Snoop played the long game, his punchline hitting perfectly.


Another all-time great publicity feat was Taco Bell announcing the Liberty Bell purchase in 1996. On April 1st, major papers ran the company’s full-page ads proclaiming the deal to reduce national debt.


Despite the obvious date, millions were duped that a fast food chain could buy a historic monument. Phones lit up in outrage until past noon when Taco Bell revealed the prank.


The ensuing attention around their inventive hoax generated a fortunate billion media impressions for the brand. Not bad for a budget of just $300k on some silly ads placed expertly to stoke intrigue. Sometimes less is more!


Richard Branson has also frequently pulled impossible stunts like transatlantic hot air balloon voyages to highlight his risk-taking Virgin empire. While his adventure marketing initially seemed absurd, it reinforced ideas of fearlessness and innovation associated with the company.


The common thread runs deep - savvy marketers create suspense and excitement by teasing the improbable, even subtly contradicting public perceptions. But the final twist always resolves in amusement rather than betrayal.


In many ways, it allows brands to embed themselves deeper in pop culture by participating in playful shock art. And the media reliably snaps every organic bait in search of engagement.


So say what you will about manipulation, but such cunning PR parlays tiny investments into massive returns. That not only saves advert money for better purposes, it humanizes companies as eccentric entities rather than soulless corps. And that makes iconoclasts like Snoop extra relatable - sticking it to the man just comes naturally.


Why This Campaign Is An Impossible Unicorn


Snoop's smoke fake-out will be remembered as an all-timer because capturing lightning in a bottle twice proves near impossible with such brazen tactics. The elements aligned serendipitously for a one-shot wonder.


True, the bait and switch concept could work again for another brand. But the specifics - pranking the world by retiring an immortal stoner persona - cannot be recycled due to its sheer singular spectacle.


Firstly, Snoop's mythic reputation is peerless. He sits enthroned as the Pope of Dank, his decades of cannabis advocacy granting unmatched authority. Had Wiz Khalifa or Willie Nelson claimed quitting, it would be the few that could also be considered “worthy prospects” for this campaign. But Snoop is more Media Friendly. He’s more Main Stream. He’s more Pop Culture…even for a gangsta!


Equally vital was framing the tweet linguistically vague by using "smoke" over "weed". This seeded the viral spread as audiences puzzled over meanings. Yet now that the semantics got exposed, no coy wordplay would land as clever anymore, instead coming off as cheap deception.


Essentially the charm lies in the innocence of the first dupe. Like humor, you can really only ambush people once with brazen irony before it grows stale. The element of surprise thus makes sequels near impossible.


Because at its core, this campaign broke trust in a playful way, leaning on Snoop's genuine shared history with fans as license. But once burned, folks turn skeptical of future stunts - the social proof no longer convinces.


So though highly effective for shifting product and cementing icon legend, such deliberate rug-pulling erodes credibility long run. The goal becomes not overusing the tactic lest audiences grow numb and alienated by gimmicks.


In that sense, unscrupulous marketers should beware - authenticity cannot be faked, and real connections built over decades can be torched quickly through bald-faced deception. The line between humor and exploitation blurs subtlety.


Thus Snoop's ploy will stand as a rare milestone where stars aligned for manipulating public trust into commercial gain somewhat harmlessly. The comedic timing and insider wit clearly amused more than offended.


But rarely do all essential pieces sync so fluidly - right person, right audience, right message, right moment. Marketers can chase the template but will find recreating such karma near impossible. They're better off finding untried fresh paths built on human truth.


In sum, this campaign will be studied forever as an improbable alignment of luck and skill. But Snoop himself becomes his own act's impossible encore. The Doggfather already played his card and can't renege a retirement again. There can be only one first unicorn sighting that captivates all. And we won't see its kind again for a long while.


The Sticky Bottom line


While Snoop laughing last tastes sweetest, his smoke-fake teems instruction beyond bamboozling journalists. Marketers should glean lessons in the Dogg's artful deception.


First, this masterclass in free brand building spotlights media hunger for clickbait regardless of fact-checking. Snoop himself rang no alarm bells amidst the sensational headlines.


With context and integrity no longer prerequisites, few "newsworthy" narratives exist beyond spin. Thus image architects possess immense power positioning the day's discourse via social engineering. But does this serve society's best interests?


Equally, we must admire Snoop's decades cultivating an authentic niche and voice that afforded such implicit audience trust to leverage in the first place. He organically nurtured a durable, distinctive personal brand.


This proves the influencer age birthed not from buying bots or gaming algorithms, but rather by firmly embracing one's individuality and talents against trends. The cream still rises, and people recognize realness.


So while orchestrating a unicorn publicity feat takes luck and guts, the foundation builds slow through representing your essence fully. Snoop sowed loyal seeds to one day harvest this bountiful crop. Patience reaps passions.


The bottom line for artists and entrepreneurs alike - obsess less with short-sighted virality than establishing enduring resonance over long horizons based on bold personal truths. The rest flows from radically self-expressed integrity.


Does this guarantee fame and riches? Never. But selling out your vision or cutting integrity corners inevitably backfires when facades crumble. Lasting connections spring from courageous authenticity - the kind fans stand by amidst conflict.


So chase not superficial trends nor publicity stunts devoid of deeper purpose. Channel interests and skills into forging an inimitable identity around your nature. From there, ideas unlock organically.


The messages that ultimately compel come from places of radical vulnerability and conviction in service of real cultural betterment. Thus true influencers bless us by refining humanity's reflection. Their bravery inspires our own.


Snoop just happens to breathe this ethos while occasionally serving his amusing interests. Remember, before icon he remained Long Beach's truest ambassador. So stay truer to place and people through every peak. The rest writes itself.


Now back to hotboxing these stoic marketing paradigms, one truth-telling disruptive act at a time...





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