What is Sinsemilla?
What is Sinsemilla?

What Does Sinsemilla Mean and Why is It So Important?

Sinsemilla is a famous cannabis word, but what does it mean?

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Joseph Billions on Sunday Jun 14, 2020

What Does Sinsemilla Mean and Why Is It Important?

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The word sinsemilla shouldn't be strange to you if you love cannabis and you're deeply interested in its culture and tradition. But at the same time, you might have little or no idea if you were asked what sinsemilla means unexpectedly. Some people describe sinsemilla as a seedless cannabis flower that is grown with perfect care. A section of cannabis expert even referred to 'sinsemilla' as the gold version of cannabis and it is nicknamed 'Sensi'. It is a special breed of cannabis in the sense that it is seedless cannabis that has high potent quality.

A closer look

In Spanish, cannabis flowers with no seeds (sinsemilla) were coined from the literal meaning ('without') "sin" and ('semilla') "seed". Sinsemilla is a highly concentrated special breed of cannabis. It is described as a pure strain of deeply potent weed. Sinsemilla is different from other kinds of weed because it contains no seeds at all. Every seed needs fertilization but interestingly sinsemilla comes from the unfertilized female cannabis plant. It is important to note that a female cannabis plant that isn't allowed to fertilize do redirect the energy into producing a high level of resin that's rich in THC, CBD, Terpenes, etc. A cannabis plant cannot be sinsemilla if it is not seedless, let me explain. Most plants have flowers with both female and male parts but the cannabis plants are special because they can feature either the male or female parts. Some cannabis plants will produce only the pollen while others produce just seeds. Male plants produce the pollen while female plants are the seed producers. The female plant cannot create seeds without getting exposed to the male part. Without this reproductive process, the female plant will continue to create more and more resin. This is how sinsemilla is created.

This process has over the years built a reputation for the sinsemilla, it is known to be the best high-quality weed with more intense effects. Sinsemilla is known to be darn good and very potent. It has more quality than the regular weed full of seeds and even tastes better. Sinsemilla could be hybrid, Sativa, or Indica and contains more THC levels. Since there is little or no seed involved, it practically means more flowers, more resin, more aroma, and more puff. Note that the main aim of sinsemilla is to give you that special cannabis experience.

Production of resins by the female cannabis plant instead of seeds directly deposits a high level of cannabinoids and aromatic substances in the seedless buds. This makes it far more potent and it even tastes better. Growers shifted their focus to sinsemilla when it was discovered that seedless cannabis flowers produce a far better product than other seedful plants. There was even an increase in the potency of market cannabis due to the development of the sinsemilla growing technique.

Depending on the strain and how it was grown, the levels of THC in sinsemilla cannabis are at least double of fertilized cannabis. In this generation, we enjoy a combo of high-quality buds and easy access to sinsemilla. Some 50 years ago, they didn't enjoy this wonder weed called sinsemilla. The elevated levels of cannabinoid production in sinsemilla is one of the key factors that makes it very valuable. It should also be noted that the potency of sinsemilla is second to none. The quality is top-notch. The best way to continue the sinsemilla legacy is to learn how to grow it the right way. Here are a few simple steps to grow sinsemilla.

How to Grow Sinsemilla

Seed: Choosing the right seed to plant is very important. Make sure you buy a feminized seed for planting.

Setting Up: Basic garden tools, a good soil, quality fertilizer, and a round pot is all you need. To avoid unwanted elements feeding off the plant, you can also get an organic pesticide.

Quantity: It is advisable to limit the number of seeds planted at a time to avoid the possibility of a male fertilizing the females.

Germination: The chances of the seed surviving in the soil is dependent on how this stage goes. The seed is awakened by water and then sprouts will spring when the hard shell of the seed begins to loosen. Always try to tend to the seed at all times.

Planting: The germinated seed is transferred into a pot and a potassium and nitrogen fertilizer mix is applied to boost its growth.

Gender confirmation: During growth, monitoring the plant to make sure it is female is very crucial. Examining the stalks is a simple way to detect the gender of the plant. Another thing is that male plants grow faster and stronger than the female ones, they also have bushier leaves at the base. Always cut off a male plant close to its base but don't throw it away or even pull it out. It can damage or contaminate the female plant roots.


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