what is a blunt holder
what is a blunt holder

What is a Blunt Holder and Should You Try One Out?

Do you smoke blunts, if so, do you need a blunt holder?

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DanaSmith on Monday Aug 8, 2022

blunt holder

Blunt holders, also known as joint holders or roach clips, are much more than a stylish smoking accessory. These clever and useful tools are made of various materials though glass and metal are the most common.


These are by no means a new cannabis accessory.


In fact, its design was inspired by the old cigarette holders of the past. Some of the earliest cigarette holders date back to the 1700s though it gained popularity in the 20th century when women used them as a stylish fashion accessory. They were used to help individuals make the most out of their tobacco cigarettes since tobacco was wrapped in paper then smoked while this device was hand held.


Back then, cigarette holders were usually made from ivory or wood. Aside from looking fashionable, it also helped filter out carcinogens from cigarettes. Filters were added into cigarettes by the 1960’s then the holder prevented the cigarette smoke from staining finger nails. These cigarette holders were also seen in movies.


The modern-day blunt holder is an evolution of this old smoking accessory. Marijuana consumers who enjoy smoking blunts and joints can also benefit from the concept of cigarette holders, and so many styles and variations of these accessories are now widely available.


There are benefits to using a blunt holder:


  • Save your fingers: The most common reason why people use blunt holders is to prevent your hands and fingers from smelling like weed. Over time, holding joints and blunts can cause your fingernails to yellow because of the impact of the smoke. Blunt holders can prevent this too.


  • Make the most out of your joint: Nobody likes to see their stash go to waste. When your roach becomes hard to smoke because of its small size, you can use a blunt holder to still get a few more decent puffs out of it.


  • Avoid getting joints and roaches wet: Using a blunt holder that is designed with a mouthpiece is a much more hygienic way to smoke especially when your joint is nearly running out. Wet or glossed lips tend to stick onto the joint paper, making it difficult to get a hit. However, using a blunt holder is an effective alternative: it provides you with a separate mouthpiece from where you can puff without affecting the joint paper.


  • They come in different styles and sizes: From tweezer-like holders to mouthpiece holders, there are so many different styles and shapes out there to accommodate all kinds of stoners. They definitely look cool but they are also extremely functional. Additionally, there are also blunt holders that are smell-proof too.


  • Blunt holders with a mouthpiece reduce throat irritation: The mouthpiece available in certain blunt holder models helps to cool the smoke before it reaches your throat. Because of this, it’s a convenient way to reduce any harshness in your puff, which also reduces coughing. You get a much smoother smoke that is a delight to inhale.


Types of Joint Holders


There are dozens of different models and styles to choose from.


There are metal, wood, plastic, silicone, and glass blunt holders. They come in tweezer-like holder designs to sleek metal cases and glass mouthpieces. Other styles feature a ring that holds the joint securely in place while you take a puff from it.


 However, the glass mouthpieces have been known to enhance the flavor compared to other types of blunt holders.


Other Types Of Cool Smoking Accessories


If you’re reading this, then you’re likely in the market for other cool ways to elevate your smoking experience. There are so many affordable smoking accessories that you can try out with blunts and joints:


  • Rolling tray: Forget assembling your joints and blunts on a table. A marijuana rolling tray helps you neatly make joints while ensuring that no weed is lost in the process. Rolling trays are usually small and compact metal or wooden slabs in rectangular form. The flat surface makes it smoother and easier to roll your joints.


It’s far too common for shake to spread on a table, causing a mess when you’re rolling joints with nothing to gather them all in. A rolling tray solves all that.



  • Smoke odor eliminator spray: There’s no doubt about it – the smell of marijuana can linger for days in any room where you smoke. This is no good if you live with other people and are trying to keep your smoking activities to yourself. A smoke spray is an inexpensive product designed specifically to help you get rid of the dank smell of weed from the air as well as fabric and the walls. It can also reduce the chances of someone else getting second-hand high from all that smoke.



  • Grinder: Grinders are an essential tool for many joint and blunt lovers. While you can always grind the weed by hand or using scissors, a grinder saves you time. It also provides the added benefit of breaking buds apart evenly.


More importantly, grinders save the precious trichomes in the bud. The trichomes are what contain the highest level of cannabinoids within the plant, which all get damaged when you break buds down by hand. Grinders help you save these valuable trichomes so that you can extract all that goodness with every inhale.





There are many fantastic smoking accessories out there that can amp up your experience. They don’t have to cost a lot of money: many inexpensive accessories will be worth the few dollars and can also save you time and money.





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