weedscraft purges
weedscraft purges

What to Purge and What to Keep as a Stoner in 2022 - Weedscraft Part 4

If we live in a fractal reality, what purging should we do as stoners?

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Reginald Reefer on Friday Jan 21, 2022



Another year means that there’s another opportunity to do some stoner sorcery. This will be the fourth installment of a series I have written entitled “Weedscraft”. If you want to read them all, you can check them out here:


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In today’s Weedscraft article, we’re going to be talking about a New Year’s Ritual that can have some major impact on your life.  We’ll specifically be taking a look at an hermetic principle “As above, so below, as within, so without!”


This is a concept within Hermetic Philosophy that says that we live in a fractal reality. Our internal and external worlds reflect one another. The universe, with its orbits and constellations, look and work similar to our atomic selves – where orbits and constellations make up our bodies. It is within this realm of thinking that we have the opportunity for significant internal transformation – and what better time than right at the beginning of a new year.


Many people like to make “new year’s resolutions” but as we know, the vast majority of people will abandon their resolutions before the snow melts. This however is not a New Year’s Resolution, but rather a ritual. It’s something that you can do at the start of every year and it will most certainly help declutter areas of your life you didn’t even know was cluttered.


If your interest is piqued, then get ready to unburden yourself with this Stoner New Year’s Ritual.


Purge Your Disuse


What I am about to suggest many people might know as “Spring Cleaning”, in where you go through your house and scrub it down in Spring Time. Getting rid of the old and unused stuff. In essence, with this ritual you are doing the same – however, you are also energetically untying yourself from the “things” in your life that has gone stagnant.


Considering that we tend to “become what we surround ourselves with” every day - take a minute to think about your house and the area where you live. Do you have things that are simply taking up space in some closet that you stopped opening up a few years ago? How about under and inside of the couch? The Fridge? Your closet?


We tend to become very familiar with our mess and overtime, you might find yourself lugging stuff you don’t need with you across the world, expending energy and taking up mental bandwidth. This is why the first purge that you must undergo is a “purge of your physical environment”.


In order to do this you simply have to;

Step 1: Smoke some weed (mindfully)


You’ll want to decide on the day you will be doing your “cleanse” and make sure that you won’t be disturbed during your ritual. Then, you’ll want to smoke up by focusing in on the experience. I wrote a whole piece on Mindfulness Toking here. Essentially, you’ll want to attune yourself to the “here and now” and then simply frame your mind to detach from anything you haven’t used more than five times during the last six months.


Step 2: Purge baby!


The next step comes down to relentlessly going through everything you have and throwing things in three piles;


  1. Shit to keep

  2. Shit to Sell

  3. Shit to Donate


Depending on how extreme you are willing to go, you can fill these piles up but try to keep the “keep” pile as light as possible. The idea is to reduce your “stuff” to the bare minimal. When you do this, you liberate a bunch of cognitive bandwidth since you know longer need to have a “mental space” to harbor your stuff.


Many people feel a giant weight lifted off their shoulders when they do this because they realize how much stuff they actually carry without the need to. If you just take a look at your work environment and purge some of the unnecessariness, you too will realize how much junk you like to keep on your person.


Try to be as ruthless in your purge as possible. If you simply can’t get rid of something, ask yourself why? Ask why it’s so important to you. Try to make peace with the idea of “what if it got lost?” Would you stop being you if you didn’t have it?


The Digital Purge


The whole house cleaning used to be enough, however – these days we have another “self” that is larger than life. Our “digital selves” leaves a major data trail every time we’re using a computer or our mobile devices. This is just as important as cleaning your physical space.


My work computer is so full of random shit, downloads, pictures, memes – that if it were a real place the city would probably close it down on the count of it being such a fucking mess!


This digital chaos also translates into your own life and there are probably apps and files you have accumulated that are simply taking up space on your devices and in your mind. It’s good to make a backup of your stuff every now and then, but it’s also a brilliant idea to purge your digital worlds every now and then. Remove the fluff, clean up your space and you’ll see how more efficient you’ll become.


The Mental Purge


Finally, when you have completely finished the physical and the digital purge – it is recommended that you go for at least three days without any social media interaction. If at all possible, uninstall all of your regular “distractors” such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc. It’s okay to leave work related apps, but ideally you’ll want to almost reach “factory settings”.


This purge is typically the hardest for people. We recommend a lot of “Mindfulness Toking” during this phase because you’ll discover how much free time you actually have when you remove all the distractors from your life.


All in all, the whole ritual should last about seven days. When you are done, take a moment and reflect how you are feeling about everything you have done. You can write a short paragraph or two about it and seal it in an envelope – ready to be read on your next year purge.




While this might seem mundane to many of you thinking that Weedscraft is all about flashy magicks – the truth is that if you truly understood how impactful this ritual can be in your life, you’d incorporate it in your life more often.


Alakazam motherfuckers!





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