Nipton, CA Weed Town USA
Nipton, CA Weed Town USA

Whatever Happened to Marijuana Town, USA - Nipton, California?

The town was bought for $5.5 million and was suppose to become Cannabis Town, USA

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Reginald Reefer on Wednesday Feb 26, 2020

What’s up with Weed Town USA?

marijuana town usa nipton ca

There once was talk of starting a town and dedicating it to weed. We first heard about this in 2017 when a Phoenix Based company – American Green – purchased the town for a cool $5.5 million. The idea was to convert the entire town into a weed-type resort.

People loved the idea! They were like – “Pff Yea! Take my money!”

Since then, everything has been eerily quiet about that development and so I decided to take a gander at what’s been going on in Weedstown….Ganjaville…Cannabiscove?


The Owners Had to Sell

Since American Green purchased the town – they sub-sequentially came out with a statement that read; “Buying and Building a town is very cash intensive. Up until now, the cost of attracting capital has been very expensive for our company”

This then led to them selling the town in 2018 to Delta International Gas & Oil for $7.7 million dollars with the stipulation that American Green could still continue with its project to move forward with developing their cannabis-town.

Delta International Oil & Gas then changed their name to Cannawake Corporation – so it seems that the project is still a go.

However, more than this isn’t known from these two companies. We don’t know if they have generated more capital investment – when they plan to expand or any other detail.

The locals – who currently boast a whopping 20 people – are welcoming to the idea of going the way of the weed.


What Mayor (and soon to be Minister) of Marijuanaville thinks about all this

The town – Nipton, CA – has Jim Eslinger as the mayor. He also happens to be the owner of the Trading post and the only Hotel in the town.

In fact – one could say that much of the town exists because of Eslinger’s involvement.

He’s all in favor of turning the cannabis town into a resort and in preparation will become ordained as a minister in order to start a cannabis church.

Nipton used to be a place that catered to ranchers, miners and people traveling by railroad in the early 1900s. However, as the world evolved around Nipton – it didn’t and eventually became what it is today. A pseudo-ghost town of sorts.

Considering that some people are wholly anal about public cannabis consumption – the idea of creating a special town for weed seems like a very interesting social experiment. Of course – this would be a small scale simulation of what “could happen” in larger society – however, it would be interesting to see how a town that orbits the concept of cannabis would fair.

Mayor Eslinger – who is also a self-proclaimed hippy – currently sells only CBD-infused products in his trading post – however, one would imagine that American Green and Cannawake would be working on bringing in the cannabis supply. After all – one would think that their revenue model would be based on selling a considerable amount of cannabis to make the town profitable. Perhaps – they are even thinking about real estate development in the future – but for it to make money immediately – Nipton will need some nugs. Oooh…Nugstown?


A church of cannabis?

It’s not the first time that people use cannabis within their religious rites and if Eslinger is up for the task of being a ganja minister – I’m sure that there will be other “Cannabists” and “Cannabistians” that would want to flock to the middle of the dessert for some Holy Worship with a side of bong smoke.

It makes sense to utilize cannabis within a religious setting since it would allow the devotee to connect with their gods – bypass their psychic censor and experience their faith in a more kinesthetic fashion.

I personally don’t like going to church – unless you consider eating peyote under a full moon in the middle of the desert while following a one-eyed dirt shrew with a thick middle-eastern accent (which is my spirit animal) to the edge of a multi-colored vortex portal – in that case, I definitely like to go occasionally.

Nonetheless – I believe that many people would find it quite relieving to be open about their cannabis use and faith in one place and if Nipton can pull it off…then the experiment can begin.


Can I go there now?

You know how you visit a place – then 10-years down the line you return to say “Man this place changed – it used to be so cool when I first…blah blah blah”.

Well – Nipton is currently a small ghost-ish town with Teepees and a renovated Hotel. They have a very tolerant attitude about smoking weed and are eager to see new faces. I think it would be a good time to go over there and check it out. Perhaps – if the development is going to go ahead – it might not even be a bad idea to buy some land out there for cheap. Who knows – in 10 years you could be sitting on some pristine real estate and sell it off for millions. At the very least – you’d have a place in the dessert to chill and do your own version of Burning…Man!








What did you think?

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