Why Big Banks Want Marijuana Illegal, Wait, What?

Why Big Banks Want Marijuana Illegal, Wait, What?

Big Banks Make Big Money On Illegal Things

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Reginald Reefer on Thursday Aug 31, 2017

Why Big Banks Want Marijuana Illegal



Uruguay was the first ever country to legalize cannabis with the aim of curbing illegal trafficking of marijuana. They legalized back in 2013 and it wasn’t until this year that Pharmacies could start selling the product.


All was going well…until the Big Banks stepped in.


How to disrupt a legal industry and violate the sovereignty of a country in one easy step!


According to the U.N, each country has a legal right to run their own country the way they like. This means, that if a country says, “Let’s legalize prostitution”, other countries despite their difference of opinion should not have a “legal right” to influence the country-in-question’s policy. This is called being a sovereign nation.


However, banks do not operate under these clauses seeing that they are “private entities”. And when the Uruguayans finally managed to do the work, the research and establish the legal cannabis trade…American banks decided to throw them a curve ball.


The letters from the American banks, which includes Bank of America, claimed that if a pharmacy would be selling cannabis, “A schedule I substance in the United States”, that the banks would have to close down their accounts citing the “Patriot Act” as their reasoning.


Obviously, with a fear of losing their banking…many pharmacies who purchased licenses to sell cannabis legally simply stopped selling it.


patriot act


What does the Patriot Act have to do with anything?


The Patriot Act, which was passed weeks after September 11th, 2001, has a provision written in it to “curtail drug trafficking and money laundering” saying that it is unlawful for American Financial Institutions to do business with “dealers of controlled substances”.


Using this reasoning, the American Banking system essentially gagged a legal industry in a foreign country by threatening to remove their financial framework from the equation.


While the Uruguayans who are ‘dealing pot’ have no issue domestically, the financial risk of having their bank accounts closed down was enough to scare many legal businesses from selling cannabis.


Of course, the banks broke no international laws…they merely wrote a letter…however the letter was enough to limit supplies and limit suppliers.



banks and cannabis


Why Banks Want Cannabis Illegal


You know what’s funny about the banking letter? The fact that so many banks in the US have laundered drug money over the past 15 years…that they would cite the Patriot Act as their reasoning.


Don’t believe me?


In 2012, HSBC admitted to laundering hundreds of billions of dollars for Mexican Drug Cartels and Terrorist organizations. Bank of America, JP Morgan and Western Union were all implicated in doing the same thing.


This is nothing new. Banks have long been partisan within the drug game. Where else do you think all that illegal-untaxed money goes to eventually? It sits in bank vaults, gaining interest for drug cartels and banks alike.


The worst thing about the 2012 HSBC money laundering fiasco was that while they collected roughly between $300-$500 billion dollars over the years, they were slapped with a mere $2 billion dollar fine and not a single banker went to jail.


Now, a few years later the banks are playing the “moral card?”


All of those banks have blood money in their vaults. They have taken bribes, laundered millions upon millions and cleaned money for dangerous people. The banks benefit from prohibition as the money isn’t taxed or tracked, so they can import capital easily and without too much government interference.


If you think Drug Dealers only use strip clubs and casinos to launder money, you’d be very mistaken. There are thousands of shell corporations that take the “unlaundered money” and convert it into legal capital, which then goes to the banks.


In the case of HSBC, they were accepting direct deposits from cartel members at their Mexico offices. For other banks, they simply turn a blind eye to dubious amounts of money and find a way to “make it legit”.



Why we should all fear the banking cartel


The mere fact that banks have so much power, as to write a letter and influence a national policy should scare us all. Not to mention, if you ever decide to create an alternative currency…they will probably invade your country and murder you.


If you think I’m making this up, just investigate the real reason the US went after Gadaffi. I’ll give you a hint…he wanted to create an unified African currency backed by actual gold, seeing that he had one of the largest gold reserves on the planet.


This would immediately devaluate the dollar, which is backed by bullshit…of which the immediate action of “killing a man” was required to protect the banking cartel and their dealings.


There are a few industries that are set on keeping cannabis illegal, and while the banking sector might not seem like a likely candidate to oppose legalization…they have been dealing in the shadows with illegal trade for many moons now. Feat the banksters…they are the real enemies.










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