Why Dry Herb Vapes and Bongs are a Perfect Match for Cooler and Cleaner Vaping

Why Dry Herb Vapes and Bongs are a Perfect Match for Cooler and Cleaner Vaping

The bong water will help filter and cool your dry herb vape

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HighChi on Tuesday Dec 17, 2019

Why Dry Herb Vapes and Bongs are a Perfect Match for Cooler and Cleaner Vaping

dry herb vapes and water bongs

Bongs are typically associated with smoking dry herb or concentrates. But they can be used with dry herb vaporizers too! Pairing dry herb vaporizers with a bong or water tool has a long list of benefits, and you should definitely try these two out together!


However, before we get into the reason why using bongs and dry herb vapes together is amazing, it’s best to show you how to do it first so that when you do pair them together, you’ll get the full experience!


How to Use a Dry Herb Vape with a Bong or Water Tool

Before using a dry herb vape with a bong, you first need to get a good bong and a good dry herb vape that’s compatible with bongs and water tools. Of course, using any dry herb vape and any bong will work, but getting the best of the best is essential to having a great experience.

Of course, if bongs really aren’t your thing, you can purchase other types of water tools which work just as well. However, a good bong paired with a good vape is a match made in heaven, and you should definitely try it.

Here is the step by step guide for using a vape with a bong:

First, you’ll want to fill your bong with water (⅔ or ½ ways, not full), and load your dry herb vaporizer with product. Try some ice cubes in the bong for super cool vapor!

Then, you need to put the water tool adapter onto the mouthpiece of your vaporizer. These come in all different sizes, they are cheap, and very easy to find.**

Once everything is set up properly, you then connect the vaporizer to the bong. Next, press the power button on your vape, and instead of drawing from the vaporizer, all you need to do is draw from the mouthpiece of the bong.

The vapor will go from the vaporizer, pass through the water in the bong, and will then go into your lungs.


How to attach a vape to a bong

First you need to purchase an adapter, as explained above. Make sure the adapter fits the bong you want to use. For example, if your bong is 14mm, you want to buy an adapter that fits 14mm bongs.


Remember that there are some vaporizers that require special adapters made to fit that specific model. Therefore, always check if there is a specific adapter for the dry herb vape you’re using, and if not, you can always find universal adapters too.

Once you have the adapter, attach it to your bong. Make sure it’s tightly attached so that there is no airflow coming in through the seams.

After, depending on the style and aperture of the adapter, you might need to take the mouthpiece off your vaporizer and attach it that way. But otherwise, all you need to do is carefully but surely attach the vaporizer onto the adapter.

Once that is done, and you’ve made sure everything is connected properly, you are set to start vaping with your bong!


Though the vapor passes through water, some claim that the vapor tastes even better. Since the vapor is cooler, it allows users to taste all the unique notes from the dry herb. This is a big plus if you like getting different strains of dry herb, and really want to experience each one.


Why Using a Dry Herb Vape with a Bong is Great?

The vapor is cooler. When the vapor is cooler, you can taste the flavor of the dry herb better, and it’s easier on your lungs.

The vapor is ‘cleaner’. Water does slightly filter vapor when it passes through it, and therefore the vapor that reaches your lungs is even cleaner than when vaping from the vaporizer itself.

It’s cleaner than smoking with a bong. Vapor doesn’t have all the particles and oils that dry herb smoke usually does, and it doesn’t leave such a mess in your bong after sessions. That’s why it’s much cleaner than smoking with a bong.

It switches things up. Yes, vaping dry herb with a vaporizer is great. However, why not switch things up every once in a while, and add some fun tools to your vaping kit? It’s fun and inventive, and actually really great!

Now you are practically a ‘vaping dry herb with a bong’ expert! You know all the ins n’ outs of the task, and you can now go and get the best bong, your favorite dry herb vaporizer, and get to vaping through your bong!

But please remember that keeping your bong and vaporizer clean is always very important for making sure the vapor tastes yummy. Therefore, don’t forget to empty out the bong water after each session, and to give your equipment a good clean every 3-5 sessions.








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