Cannabis Junk Food
Cannabis Junk Food

Why Eating Cannabis-Infused Junk Food is a Bad Idea

Mixing marijuana with junk food will lead to a bad reputation for the plant

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DanaSmith on Monday May 13, 2019

Why Eating Cannabis-Infused Junk Food Is A Bad Idea

cannabis junk food


Cannabis-infused sweets and junk food is nothing new… after all, space cakes are the most iconic edibles of all time.


However, in this day and age when we are all becoming more health conscious, hence the popularity of cannabidiol (CBD), is it really a good idea to consume cannabis in junk food? Because that just seems so counter-productive.


Early this month, Mondelez, the company responsible for giving us Oreos, announced that they were considering creating CBD-infused cookies and snacks. While CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties, as well as a host of other medicinal benefits, consuming it in junk food form doesn’t seem like the smartest idea for health-conscious people.


“Yes, we’re getting ready, but we obviously want to stay within what is legal and play it the right way,” says Mondelez CO Dirk Van de Put to CNBC.


Though CBD-infused Oreos aren’t in the pipeline, what they are thinking of doing is creating an entirely new product line. Other big companies including Coca-Cola have also weighed in on the cannabis-infused food and product category, though they are still waiting for new regulations on CBD to be finalized.  “The space is not clear,” Van de Put says. “It’s a bit clearer in non-food products. In food products, I’m hoping that the FDA will bring some clarity in the coming months.”


Then during 4/20 of this year, Carl’s Jr. announced that they would be debuting their CBD-infused burger for a Denver branch. The burger, which was sold for $4.20 just on April 20th, is called Rocky Mountain High and contains two beef patties, pickled jalapenos, fries, pepper jack cheese, and CBD-infused Santa Fe Sauce.


Carl’s Jr. received a lot of attention for being the first major fast-food chain to ever place CBD on their menu.


Even if CBD doesn’t get you high, more companies want in on it and that doesn’t exclude fast food chains and junk food makers.


Why You Shouldn’t Be Eating CBD-Infused Junk


Let me put it simply: it just doesn’t make sense. There’s no logic to consuming CBD for health reasons if you’re going to consume it in a burger or in sweets.


CBD has been proven to be effective in helping a wide range of diseases including anxiety, sleep, stress, epilepsy, heart conditions, and overall wellness. There are numerous studies to back up these claims, and it isn’t just snake oil. CBD is medicine.


Now, when you eat burgers, Oreos, or other fried and fatty things, the negative health consequences brought about by those foods are just going to cancel out the therapeutic properties of CBD.


Fast food is generally filled with carbohydrates, sodium, fat, and sugar. Added sugar, which is found in many fast-food dishes, doesn’t just mean that you’re taking in added calories, but it also provides you with virtually no nutrition. The worst kind of fat, trans fat, is also found in many types of junk food including cookies, fried pies, pizza dough, crackers, and much more. Even the smallest amount of trans fat isn’t healthy for you; eating small amounts will still put you at risk for high cholesterol and serious, irreversible heart problems later on.


What I’m trying to say is that, just because you’re taking CBD-infused junk doesn’t mean that it will negate the horrific effects of junk food on your body. You may not see or feel it right now, but junk food of any kind is slowly causing you health problems.


Cannabis and CBD may be used to treat diabetes and heart problems, but you also have to do your part in prevention in the first place. Just because companies are making CBD more “accessible” by infusing cheap and popular foods with it doesn’t mean that you should be ingesting it. Make a wise, informed decision by doing your own research on the impact of junk food on your health.


CBD is best taken on its own: whether you smoke it in a vaporizer, take it in a tincture, capsule, or oil, do what is most convenient and suitable for your needs. Edibles and drinks, even if the FDA has already come up with regulations for these foods when CBD is used as an additive, should be evaluated based on the product’s actual nutritional value and not how much CBD is in it.







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