growing cannabis at home
growing cannabis at home

Why Home Growing Clauses should be in Every Legalization Bill

Growing Cannabis At Home Should Be a Legal Right Everywhere

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Reginald Reefer on Friday Jun 2, 2017

Why Home Growing Clauses should be in Every Legalization Bill


There are plenty of bills floating around the political arena that is aimed at legalizing cannabis. While some of the bills are quite liberal in their approach to cannabis, others have strict laws in place to limit the legal market. However, today we’re not talking about any specific bill but rather all of them.


Specifically, we’re talking about the right to grow your own bud at home. Some people frown on the idea of people growing their own cannabis at home. These people usually are not stoners themselves or have some preconceived idea of cannabis that forces them to think that allowing people to grow a “drug” at home is a bad idea.


I’m not going to be jumping into the discussion about why cannabis is one of the safest “drugs” available today, nor am I going to talk about the irrational ideas of prohibitionists. Rather, I’m going to be talking about why it’s a good idea to allow people to grow their own bud at home.


Growing Cannabis at Home


Why would anyone want to grow weed at home? Well, as an actual grower I have some experience in this issue. The first time I grew my own weed, it was pretty shitty to be honest. I harvested too soon, I didn’t wait for it to cure properly and in the end my weed was mediocre at best.


However, on the second try I was patient. I produced roughly an ounce in a small grow box I built using CFL lights. The nugs, were covered with thick resin-filled crystals, the aroma was pungent and the toke was blissful. It was one of the proudest days of my life when my friend ( a long time stoner) told me, “Damn dude…this ain’t weed anymore…it’s more like drugs!”


Yes, we only took a toke or two from my harvested stash and were blazed for hours.


Growing at home is therapeutic and it makes you appreciate the bud you are smoking. Not only did you wait roughly 4 months to smoke it, you took care of it throughout the entire process. You know exactly what’s in the weed and have a 100% certainty that no pesticides were used throughout the production.


For people who need large amounts of cannabis for the production of oil, growing at home makes a lot of sense too. Buying weed can become pricey, especially if you’re going to convert it into extracts. For medical cannabis patients, this is a huge deal. You could easily reduce your medicinal costs by up to 80% if you are allowed to grow at home.


Not to mention the byproducts of weed. The cannabis plant can be used in its entirety such as leaf for smoothies or teas, root for making extracts and of course live resin for a jolly good ol time.


Concerns about Growing at Home




For those who oppose home growing, their major concern is that within an unregulated market, weed can “reach the wrong places”. Mostly, it’s about the kiddies, and while I have addressed this point in a previous article talking about the “Children Argument”, home growing is typically shunned for that specific reason.


Other concerns involve, people selling it. If you have the ability to grow a cash crop at home, other people will be willing to buy it. Now of course, some people will be selling weed from their homes if they have the ability to grow it, but then again…that shouldn’t really be a crime either especially if we’re talking about two consenting adults. If 33-year-old “John” wants to buy weed from 29-year-old “Susy”, then there should really be no penalties to this, however under the current system that would be a big no-no.


Other than that, there are no real concerns of home growing other than the fact that it’s “illegal”.


The Hidden Benefits of Home Growing



Apart from what I previously mentioned, there are also additional benefits people don’t seem to grasp when talking about home growing.


For starters, the illegal weed market would disappear over a period of a year or so. Why? Because if everyone can grow, why would you want to buy Cartel weed ever again? If people can buy from their neighbors, why buy from a street dealer? If people can grow, why buy weed at all?



Of course, not everyone is going to grow their own weed even if it was permitted. It takes a long time to harvest and cure your cannabis. Some people simply don’t have the patients to do so. Thus, they would go to their friend or acquaintance and buy from them. Is this such as bad thing?


It’s not like the home grower is going to buy guns, organize a group of delinquents and then start hacking people’s heads off (like the cartels). It would make society a whole lot safer to eliminate organized crime from the cannabis market. Home growing could very well do that.


Every single cannabis bill should include a clause for people to grow weed at their homes. It’s not just about the previously mentioned benefits, but rather the freedom for adults to exercise autonomy over their own lives.









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