Matanuska Thunder XTRM
Matanuska Thunder XTRM

Why is Matanuska Thunder XTRM Feminized the New Hot Strain for Cannabis Growers?

What is Matanuska Thunder XTRM?

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Joseph Billions on Wednesday Mar 3, 2021

Matanuska Thunder XTRM Feminized: The Go-To Strain for Canna Growers?

Matanuska Thunder XTRM Feminized

There are different types of strains and seeds out there in the cannabis industry making waves. Top seed breeders and seed banks offer different varieties of feminized seeds and auto-flowering seeds in their catalogs. It is now left for the grower to know which seeds to go for and what to expect from such seeds. One particular strain that has caught the eye of many growers is Matanuska Thunder XRTM. In this article, we will be looking closely into what makes this special strain unique and why it is the go-to strain for many cannabis growers.


This special cannabis strain is so named to celebrate the Alaskan origin of the cannabis strain. This special strain is native to the valley grasslands of Matanuska in the North Atlantic. Most marijuana strains are already known to spring from tropical regions which is why this special strain is already peculiar due to its origin. Away from its snowy homeland, different cannabis seed companies have made strong moves towards growing Matanuska Thunder XRTM in different places. Sargamantha holds the honor of being the first cannabis seed company to breed and grow the special strain.

Since the development of the strain, Matanuska Thunder XRTM has gone by different names in different places. Matanuska Thunder Fuck strain and Matanuska Tundra Feminized. These names are normally used for the strain outside the US. Matanuska Thunder XRTM has also been used as a parent strain to produce other strains such as Cherry Thunder Fuck and Dutch Thunder Fuck. Many seed banks have tried to replicate the characteristics of Matanuska Thunder XRTM with some getting closer than others.

Characteristics of Matanuska Thunder XRTM

Matanuska Thunder XRTM is an indica cannabis strain and as such it has many of the characteristics of typical indica strains. The strain is not too tall with varying lengths depending on where it is grown. When grown indoors, it can grow up to 75cm in height. Likewise, when grown outdoors, it can grow as high as 120cm. The plant has gigantic branches that lie the plant shaped like a fir tree. One unique characteristic of Matanuska Thunder XRTM is the enormous size of its buds. The presence of such dense buds affects the overall weight of the plant making it dense and weighty. The buds of the strain also have a sturdy texture that aids proper identification.

Matanuska Thunder XRTM flowers have frostings of ice white hairs. These white frostings are THC crystal frosts. The plant also has dark green hairs and dark green resins. These characteristics with the squat size of the plant make the plant very recognizable. Matanuska Thunder XRTM has a unique smell that feels like a mix of chocolate and fruits. This is the work of the terpenes present in the strain with myrcene being the dominant terpene. The strain also has a hint of candy, musky, and lemon taste.


Growing Matanuska Thunder XRTM

Growing Matanuska Thunder XRTM generally involves using cultivation processes that are expected for indica strains. It must be stressed that there is no one-size-fits-all, nonetheless, it is wise to stick to general practices that are known to produce results. Matanuska Thunder XRTM can be grown indoors or outdoors with both given quality yield and results. The outdoors allow the strain to establish and stretch its rugged roots while it can be well trained indoors to give the desired result.

The results of growing Matanuska Thunder XRTM depend on how well the grower modulates the vegetative and flowering phase of the strain. The strain should be allowed to stay considerably in the vegetative phase. This will ensure that the plant can be controlled towards its final size during the flowering stage. Proper use of lighting like 500W LED light or 1000W HID light.

Proper training techniques are also pivotal to ensuring the right results while growing Matanuska Thunder XRTM. Growers have found that it is easy to train indica strains compared to sativa strains which are why many see Matanuska Thunder XRTM as a go-to strain. Low-stress training techniques and high-stress training techniques are compatible with growing Matanuska Thunder XRTM. It is important to ensure that the temperature is kept at the required range. While growing indoors, it is best to avoid high temperatures while night temperatures between 10 to 15°F are also advisable for optimal growth.

The growing area must also be kept free of nuisances that may affect the integrity of the growing process. Mold, caterpillars, and mildew are very common to growing indica strains. Exclusion of these nuisances will increase the quality of the product and increase the yield of the grower. It is also important to maintain humidity levels and water the plant well. When grown properly, the plant can grow up to 400gms per square meter indoors and 500gms per square meter outdoor.

Effects of Matanuska Thunder XRTM

Matanuska Thunder XRTM has 20% THC and 5% CBD which means the strain is made for energy. The strain has a special entourage effect which helps to give it narcotic and sedative effects. Matanuska Thunder XRTM can be modulated for medical marijuana in offering relief from joint pains and muscle pain. The strain is also useful for stimulating appetite and dealing with mood swings. The strain has a good balance of euphoric effects, promotes relaxation and creativity.

The goal of using strains like Matanuska Thunder XRTM is to get an energetic boost. This is why the strain is commonly used in social gatherings of cannabis users to spice things up. You can also use the strain to start the day as the effects of THC kick in just as you step out for the day.

Bottom line

Matanuska Thunder XRTM is a special strain from a special place with unique characteristics. The energetic effect of the strain makes it a go-to strain for cannabis lovers while the comfort of the growing process makes it appealing to cannabis growers. With Matanuska Thunder XRTM, you can be sure that you will get the desired results in terms of yield and effect.








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