top feminized cannabis seeds
top feminized cannabis seeds

Top Ten Feminized Cannabis Seeds on the Market Today

What are the best feminized cannabis seeds you can buy today?

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Joseph Billions on Saturday Nov 2, 2019

Top Ten Feminized Cannabis Seeds Of 2019

top feminzed to cannabis seeds

A lot goes into the cultivation of cannabis, growers employ a myriad of techniques and processes to ensure the highest yield possible amongst which is the use of feminized seeds. Contrary to what you might think, feminized seeds are totally different from regular seeds. Feminized seeds are seeds that produce only female plants when cultivated whereas regular seeds keep the return 50/50, half male and half female. Only female cannabis plants produce buds hence why they're so special. So Individuals oblivious of what feminized seeds are, how they're produced, the benefits they offer to a cannabis grower, and most importantly the top ten seeds available in the market today, should stay glued because all will be talked about in here.

A closer look at feminized seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds are the joy of all cannabis growers, their abundance guarantees a grower high yield of cannabis buds. The upside associated with cultivating female plants is the major reason why most growers prefer feminized seeds to regular ones. With regular seeds, growers have a lot of responsibility in identifying and discarding the Male plants. A process that consumes a lot of time and space, especially for growers who just want bud. Feminized seeds come into play in an effort made by growers to eliminate the uncertainty and wastage. Because with feminized seeds you're guaranteed of a bud producing female plant. Feminized seeds possess only female genetics hence the guarantee of a female offspring. To put it simply, feminized seeds eliminates the possibility of growing a male plant.

I'm sure those of you reading this not into cannabis cultivation or those new in the world of cannabis will be left wondering why bud producing female plants are so desired. This is so because the female cannabis plants are the ones who produce the cannabinoid-rich components that give the numerous effects users of cannabis crave for. So if you've ever enjoyed the euphoria of smoking a joint, you're in debt to the female cannabis plant, lol.

How are seeds Feminized?

The downsides involved in growing regular seeds are the major reason why seeds are feminized. And this can be done via diverse techniques. A couple of which include:

Silver thiosulphate - The use of silver thiosulphate is one of the popular methods of feminizing cannabis seeds. The cannabis seeds in question are treated with silver thiosulphate before cultivation and this ensures that the resulting plants are females.

Stress - This is a rather classic method of feminizing cannabis seeds. It's basically the process of imposing stress on a healthy female plant while it's flowering. The stress can be in the form of mild adverse conditions, interruption of light cycle, etc.

Spraying - This is arguably the most popular method uses in the feminization of cannabis seeds. A huge reason for its wide acceptance is because it can be easily controlled. The process involves spraying a female plant with silver thiosulphate solution although in some cases colloidal silver is used. What makes these feminizing methods so spectacular is that they allow the manipulation of the plant's sex without altering the foundations of its genetic structure.

Silver solutions are used in these processes because they inhibit the plant's process of producing hormones that control flowering. The result of this action is a female plant that gives rise to male flowers bearing pollen sacs. The fact that these pollen sacs were produced by a plant with only female genes ensure they all also carry only female genes. So when these flowers are pollinated with an untreated female cannabis plant, feminized seeds are gotten.


The benefits of Feminized seeds goes on and on, and as such numerous seeds litter the market, and with all vendors claiming that their seeds are hundred percent feminine unsuspecting and new cannabis growers often almost fall into the pit of buying counterfeit seeds which is why I've decided to put this list together, a shining light in the darkness for all cannabis growers and lovers out there.

Top ten Feminized cannabis seeds of 2019

Power flower - The first seed on this list is the power flower, a resurgence of the power plant. If you aren't familiar with the power plant it's one of if not the most popular and widely accepted strains in Amsterdam. What makes the power flower so ideal and popular is the relative ease involved in growing it indoors and the high yield potential it has. This is a go-to seed for most recreational and medical cannabis growers in warmer regions of the world. Power flower has been shown to have a yield rate of 500-500g/m (indoor) and 160-200cm (outdoor), estimated height of about 100cm, flowering time of around 8-9 weeks, and a THC strength of approximately 19%. The flower has a blend of citrus in its taste and delivers a melodious high to consumers.

Northern Light - At this stage of the cannabis industry, there's hardly any grower who hasn't heard of the northern light seed. Its track record of delivering deep and intense euphoria to consumers has made it a seed that is actively in demand. The northern light seed has been shown to have a flowering time of about 7-8 weeks, a THC strength of approximately 18% and an estimated height of about 100 -200cm.

Purple Queen - This seed's name is due to the aesthetically appealing sight it displays, like a queen. Purple Queen is a real beauty to behold, it displays a bright green core that extends into blends of deep purple and an absolutely stunning bright pink coloration of its fan leaves. Studies have shown that the purple queen owes it's distinct colors to a group of flavonoids called anthocyanins, compounds that have been shown to give a spectrum of pigments ranging from red to black. The flowering time expected of Purple queen is about 9-11 weeks, a THC strength level of approximately 22%, and an estimated height of at least 100cm. Purple queen being a progeny of Hindu kush and purple afghani, possesses intense relaxation and sedating effects.

Green Gelato - Green gelato owes its unique name to the spectacular dessert-like flavors that it offers. Studies have shown that its wealth of flavors is due to the wide range of terpenes it possesses. Green gelato's popularity and wide acceptability are down to just the flavors, it also has a THC level of over 25%. It isn't a hyperbole if I say that this level of cannabinoid will teleport you through all seven dimensions, lol. In addition to its sky-high potency level green gelato also gives enormously high yields.

Wedding Gelato - Like an old family drama, wedding gelato is the result of a love cycle. And like a successful hybrid procedure, weeding gelato features all the desirable traits of the parent strains. Weeding gelato is as potent and full of flavors as they come, with an ancestry of triangle Kush and animal mints (wedding cake) fused with gelato 33, its euphoric prowess and wide range of flavors is to be expected. Wedding gelato has been shown to have a THC content level of about 20%, considerably high yield and short flowering time. According to first-hand accounts of several users the euphoria wedding gelato gives is remarkable. It starts off slowly creeping on you like a thief in the night with every joint taken. Inhale the saccharine flavor of Gelato, and exhale the peppery notes of Wedding Cake. The wide array of flavors makes the while process dreamily enjoyable. When the high eventually hits, it hits as hard as the fist of a 2000 pound boxer, leaving you in a spot as it creeps even further into the body system.

North Thunderfuck - Unlike the other top Feminized seeds, the origins of the north thunderfuck is unknown. Although it's origin is unknown its mesmerizing effects aren't. The unique and thrilling effects of North Thunderfuck has made it a seed in high demand globally. North Thunderfuck has widely acceptable traits and features that make its cultivation relatively easy for both indoor and outdoor growth. Smokers of North Thunderfuck describes the euphoric feeling it gives as an equivalent of pleasure heaven. The intense lemony flavor of North Thunderfuck further improves the experience.

Bubblegum seeds - Bubblegum feminized seeds are a very unique type of seed. Unlike most cannabis plants bubblegum plants extend outside the plant's resin thus facilitating a sweet smell. Bubblegum seeds produce very versatile plants that thrive in either indoor or outdoor cultivation. And although warmer climates favor its growth more it can still survive in cold temperatures. What bubblegum plants lack in height (50-80 cm) they make up for in high yields (350-500g/m2)  and bud production. Bubblegum plants have been shown to produce buds so heavy growers need to provide mechanical support for the plant here and there.

The Black Domina seeds - The relative ease involved in growing and maintaining black domina is the single most important reason for its popularity and widespread acceptance. The seeds also give plants that are very resistant to diseases. Black domino's short flowering time is also one of the many desirable traits it has. The black domina gives a relatively high yield even when the growing conditions are not so favorable.

The blue dream strain - If there were a seed that could be called 'tested and trusted', it would be the blue dream strain. The blue dream strain is one of the most in-demand feminized seeds. The seeds wide variety of desirable features amongst which is its phenomenal taste and flavor have made it the seed of choice for most growers because the plant it gives is wanted by all. The blue dream strain is gotten from a fusion of the haze and the blueberry so it has an ample amount of THC and a wide variety of other beneficial compounds like terpenes and flavonoids. Although the blue dream strain's flowering time is relatively long compared to other seeds on this list, it gives enormous yields and can grow as high as 2m.

The ACDC feminized cannabis seeds - This is a rare type of feminized seed that happens to be in high demand. It's astronomically high CBD content and relatively low THC content is one of the reasons why it's so desired by cannabis growers. ACDC has a relatively low level of resistance to fungal infections and as such much more is required of the grower during its cultivation. The factors that play major roles in influencing plant growth have to be carefully monitored and controlled to ensure optimum growth of the plant. ACDC has a flowering time of about 70 days, an average yield rate of 400g/m2, and an estimated height of 100-140cm.














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