You Want Medical Cannabis, But You Don't Want To Get High

You Want Medical Cannabis, But You Don't Want To Get High

How To Get The Medicinal Benefits Of Cannabis Without Getting High

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DanaSmith on Sunday Sep 18, 2016

How To Get The Medicinal Benefits Of Cannabis Without Getting High


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My top 3 favorite activities, in no particular order:

  1. Being stoned
  2. Being stoned
  3. Being stoned



Thankfully I’m not suffering from chronic pain or any form of debilitating conditions that would make me depend on the medicinal benefits of pot. But it’s a good trade off anyway: I get high, and it keeps me healthy.



But I’ve seen and read about countless cases where cannabis is depended on by people from all over the world to save their lives, and that of their loved ones of all ages. It’s no joke to be sick, and everyone who is, should have access to quality medical marijuana. Having said that, I understand that it isn’t always responsible to enjoy being high while you’re on medications. Of course some will enjoy it, but for many cases it’s not an option such as:



  • Using cannabis to as part of a fitness regimen or as a performance-enhancing drug
  • Cannabis to treat children and the elderly
  • Cannabis to treat your sickness while you’re at work or any other time that you need to function properly



It’s THC that gets you high, but both CBD and THC have their own unique health benefits. While CBD oil is easily more popular as a form of treatment, we shouldn’t discount the efficacy of THC in treating illnesses especially cancer - just read about our interview with Rick Simpson to learn more. So both are important.. Let’s face it: the only real difference between CBD and THC is that one is a psychoactive component - THC.



The effects of THC though, are loved by many of us. THC has been exploited for a long time so that we can enjoy its mind-altering effects. Only in the last few decades has its medicinal properties been given a chance to shine. THC has been shown effective in treating the most painful diseases known to man WHILE keeping your spirits lifted - surely something that anyone in need of healing would be able to appreciate.



And only recently did the cannabinoid CBD make its way on stage. Thanks to a special feature by Dr. Sanjay Gupta on CNN a few years ago talking about how CBD was helping young children, such as the famous case of Charlotte Figi , be cured of epilepsy. Ever since, the eyes of the rest of the world have opened up to the medicinal properties of CBD.


It’s also important to know that both CBD and THC will affect people in different ways - hence the importance of finding a strain that suits your specific needs. Not everyone enjoys the feeling of being stoned and that is why the medical community shows a preference towards CBD as a form of treatment.  But people still don’t understand that it is entirely possible to get the benefits of CBD without the high that THC gives you. And it is also possible to isolate CBD completely from THC however doing so would be a complete mistake - studies do show that a greater amount of healing occurs when both cannabinoids are present in the strain, even if it’s in much smaller doses.



If you take a CBD-rich strain and you aren’t feeling the therapeutic benefits you’re looking for, it’s most likely because it’s missing its other half - THC.




CBD and THC need each other to become the world’s most powerful natural healer.



When used together, CBD extends the benefits of THC by restraining its breakdown in the liver. If there is more than 4% CBD present in the flower combined with the therapeutic benefits of THC, the CBD is capable of decreasing the psychoactive effect (which means that you’ll barely feel stoned, if any) of cannabis. Scientifically and medically speaking, this is referred to as the Entourage Effect.



This study also shows that when we maximize the complete cannabinoid profile of cannabis is much more effective than isolating THC to treat many different conditions. Another study also proves that THC and CBD combined is more potent and successful in treating cancer than when used individually. There are so many other studies just like these, which have the potential to revolutionize medicine altogether.



The information isn’t just valuable to patients of medical cannabis - even recreational users can benefit from the entourage effect too. Taking pure or potent THC doses might make most of us experience the negative effects of pot - such as paranoia or generally feeling uncomfortable. However if you get high off a strain that also has some CBD, it can regulate THC which will give you added protection from a potentially bad experience.



So if you don’t want to get high, it simply boils down to asking your budtender about giving you a strain that has both CBD and THC, instead of going for a plant that has completely weeded out the THC.








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