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moonrock cannabis

I Just Tried A Moonrock For The First Time

What Is A Moonrock and Why You Should Try One

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Reginald Reefer on Sunday May 7, 2017

The Dank Side of the Moonrock



I was fortunate this weekend to try my first ever Moonrock. Ever since I saw the pictures online and my mouth sporadically started drooling over the image, I have had the deep desire to smoke it and experience it firsthand.



A new ‘hook up’ of mine recently presented me with a slew of new presentations, including honey-oil-dipped buds, vacuum sealed ounces, CBD drops and of course the might Moonrock.



While I didn’t buy any Moonrocks this time around, he did gift me a small nug like any good drug dealer would hoping that in the future I’d buy some [Which I definitely will, so good for him!]


The Method of Trying Something New



Before I ever experiment with a new bong, strain or method of consumption I first clear my ‘current state of being’. That means, if you give me a new strain to try, I won’t smoke it till the next day because in all likeliness I would have smoked weed prior to receiving the gift.



Why do I do this?



Well, perhaps it’s just personal folklore, but I believe that each smoking method, strain and so forth contains a specific configuration to the ‘high’. Therefore, in order to fully experience a particular method or strain, I need to be sober prior to toking up so that my current state of ‘high’ doesn’t influence the expected state of ‘high’. But enough stoner talk.



Although I received the Moonrock on the Friday, it wasn’t until Saturday morning that I decided to wake-n-bake with the Moonrock.



The Presentation




If you don’t know what Moonrocks are, and you’re still reading…let me clear it up quickly. A Moonrock is essentially a bud that is soaked in cannabis oil and then covered with kief. They are literally little rocks of goodness with three different layers of cannabis on it. Obviously, the THC count is in the 60%+ margin.



The smell is quite mild, meaning it won’t stink up your car if you leave it in there. To the touch, it’s kind of ‘fluffy’ but solid. To smoke it, I had to break off a small piece and put in in my pipe.



I also tried to smoke it in two different ways; firstly, by crumbling it and then by keeping it as a tiny hash rock.



The taste of the smoke reminded me of some premium hash I smoked a few years back, and I love hash!



The Effects of the Moonrock




I was couch locked all day binge watching the Last Man on Earth while munching on junk food and chilling all day. They call it a Moonrock, but you’ll definitely feel the gravity.



Now, in the defense of all moonrocks everywhere odds are that I had an indica dominant strain which produced the couch-lock effect, and due to the fact that my experience of Moonrock was limited to this one source, I can’t say it will produce the same effects for everyone.



The onset was rather quick, taking about 5 minutes for me to feel the first wave. The sensation of being stoned lasted all day however, I also was toking up all day so that could also explain the duration. The entire bud, which was probably a quarter gram or so, lasted me and my wife two days of solid smoking. We both didn’t have much energy to ‘do things’, but it was some good relaxation from a long week prior.



Thick! I felt thick at one point. As I laid on my couch watching Tandy get into his self-created problems, I felt the heaviness of the Moonrock on me sort of like I was being bear-hugged by the bud. I definitely enjoyed the high and even though it’s pricier than other stashes I buy, I can see the value of it.



What’s my take on the Moonrock?



For me, Moonrocks is like Champaign, it’s something you take out at a special occasion. I wouldn’t smoke Moonrocks every day, especially the strain I was smoking since it would render me unproductive. However, the next time I have a barbeque or a get-together, I’m definitely springing for a few moonrocks. My Bong (The T.A.R.D.I.S) and a few Moonrocks will most assuredly be the life of the party [Or the end of it].



It definitely looks cool, tastes great and has a long lasting effect which is nice for a seasoned stoner such as myself.



For those fortunate enough to have tried Moonrock firsthand, they can attest that it’s a glorious smoke with a hint of novelty that we don’t get to see too often within the cannabis industry. There’s a lot of the same, then there’s Moonrocks.



With my over 20+ years of active cannabis smoking, smoking Moonrocks made me feel like I was a kid again since it was something “new”.



For my final words on the topic; “Houston may have a problem, but it definitely ain’t Moonrocks!”










What did you think?

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