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Scavenger Weed

Seasoned Secrets to Scavenger Smoking

Part #2 Of What To Do When You Run Out Of Weed

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Oaktree on Saturday Mar 19, 2016

Perry’s Seasoned Secrets to Scavenger Smoking


The Secret Stoner Hacks So You Never Run Out Of Cannabis (Part #2) from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


I wrote earlier this year about some of the best scavenger stoner tips to smoke when you are high and dry. The other day I went to the house of a friend of mine called Perry. Perry is a South African living in Mexico. He lives in a little town right outside of Mexico City. 


Every time I go over there, I feel like I’m in a ghetto version of “The Shire”. The people are nice, the prices are cheap and weed is ever present. Note however, that the quality of the weed you find in this place is substandard but is definitely great for joint smoking. 


The last time I went to visit Perry he got “hooked up” with about an ounce and a half of weed, which he purchased for about $12 bucks. Sure, it was seedy, but after a few tokes, it got you nice and baked. 



Perry’s Tips for Scavenger Smoking


I have different tools at my house, which gives me different options to “scavenge” when I don’t have weed. Perry typically smokes out of a wooden pipe but he also has an electric grinder that chops the weed up. With the combination of his tools, he suggested to me these different ways to scavenge weed for later time. 



Pipe Resin – I spoke about the pipe resin technique in my earlier article, however with the wooden pipe you have a bit more resin than normally. Perry uses his pipe hash to strengthen the quality of the weed. 



As mentioned, pipe resin might taste like the wrong side of “ass”, but if you don’t have weed or need to give your weed a bit more “punch” then it definitely does the trick. 



Pipe Stem Oil – Most people when cleaning their pipes simply discard the stem oil. Perry hoards this for later use too. In fact, the last time I was at his house I saw that he had collected roughly three grams of that stuff. He offered me some, but after we already smoked four vaped bowls, I really didn’t need anymore. Talking from experience, pipe stem oil can get you high but just like pipe resin…it tastes like ass. 



Electric Grinder – To be honest this grinder is more like an electric blender as opposed to a grinder. It will chop up your stems and buds into one concoction. However, one very solid benefit of this “grinder” is that it separates the kief from the bud quite effectively. Perry has a jar full of kief that he sprinkles on his weed or packs a full bowl of kief. I told him last time that he should get a hash press because he can turn all that loose kief into hash balls real quickly. Personally, this was one of my favorite secrets from Perry’s vault. 



Vaped Weed – I was actually the one that told Perry about this method and in fact, I wrote about “Cannamilk” in another article of mine. You can check it out here on While I use predominantly the PAX to vape with, Perry created a makeshift vaporizer out of a light bulb, a candle and a metal juice container. I was actually quite amazed by his engineering. The beauty of vaping is that you typically can get more out of your bowls than by smoking it. Perry’s vaporizer “kind of” burns the weed but manages to save enough to make Cannamilk. Cannamilk hits you completely different and has a longer lasting effect. 



Knowing how to scavenge can carry you over

Many people don’t ever think that they would ever get to the point of scraping a bowl for some more weed. However, sometimes you just find yourself in a tight spot whether you don’t have money in your pocket or the weed just isn’t good enough, knowing how to “mine for gold” in your smoke collection can carry you over until a more fortuitous time. 



With Perry’s secrets and mine, you should have enough knowledge to last quite a bit without a new “hookup”. I personally enjoy studying the smoking behavior of other stoners as everyone creates their unique set of rules and rituals. I think if we all are humble enough to learn from one another, we can learn a great deal. 



What are the scavenger tips you have for the community? Be sure to post some of your scavenger tips to help other stoners who might currently be reading this “high and dry” and waiting for the weedman to come knocking on their door. 



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