Granola is one of the easiest and quickest marijuana edibles that you can make. Get cookin'.
Granola is one of the easiest and quickest marijuana edibles that you can make. Get cookin'.

Cooking with Cannabis: Greenola

Whip up a batch of cannabis infused granola in 15 minutes with this recipe

Posted by: on Saturday Feb 27, 2016

Granola definitely wasn't a snack I grew up as a kid. When I first heard about granola, I associated it with a healthy, and hippy-ish thing that old people ate because they were trying to avoid an oncoming heart attack. As a child, granola meant something natural, bland and seriously lacking in colorful marshmallows. It was one of those things that seemed to live in the cupboard for years, only to be used in case of apocalypse. It was basic, boring, and I wasn’t having it.


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For cultures around the world, granola has been a mainstay for centuries. What we call granola was known as muesli back in the day, like way way back, back before Kellogg's and Quaker Oats got their hands all up in it. While traveling in Australia and Europe you’ll still find it called Muesli and it has all of those characteristics: bland, natural, marshmallow-free. One day, the hippies got a hold of it and added some fruit and nuts to it, but since then, the history of granola has been at a standstill.


Welcome to the 21st century. These days, cannabis is becoming decriminalized and legalized all over the world.


It’s time to put some green into the granola and make it into the perfect pair.  We’re calling it Basic Greenola.


It’s colorful, crunchy and (while it’s still seriously lacking in colorful marshmallows) it’s a grown up treat that is perfect for a mountain hike or before a good yoga session. The extra special ingredient will help you connect with your breath, keep your stamina up and activate your cannabinoid system to make for a more productive work out and a seriously beautiful day.


Sure, it’s probably more of a hippie treat than ever. It’s natural (organic optional), dairy free, gluten free (if you use gluten free oats), and vegan (use maple syrup instead of honey). And maybe it’s because I’m not a kid anymore, but it doesn’t need any teeny tiny marshmallows to be magically delicious.


The best thing about it? It’s one of the easiest and quickest marijuana edibles that you can make. By subbing the oven for a stovetop, you can whip up a batch in about 15 minutes and have warm, fresh, cannabis infused granola ready to go.


The options are endless for this Basic Greenola recipe.


Try different nuts. Toss in a variety of dried fruits. Mess around with different sweeteners and spices.

Mix it with some fresh fruit and yogurt for breakfast. Heat it up with some warm almond milk and get cosy in the winter. Or simply grab a handful and head off to start your next great adventure.


1. Oven = 325°

2. In a large bowl, combine:

  • 3 Cups Oats

  • ½ Cups Cashews

  • ½ Cups Walnuts

  • ½ Cups Sunflower seeds

  • ¼ Cup Dried Fruit

3. In saucepan melt:

  • 1/8 Cup Green Monster Oil

  • 7/8 Cup Coconut Oil

Once melted, stir in:  ½ cup Honey, Maple, or Agave

4. Combine wet and dry ingredients. Mix!

5. Spread in a layer on a greased cookie sheet.

6. Stir every 15 minutes.

7. Bake until golden.




cooking with cannabis oil



cooking using cannabis oils



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