cooking with magic mushrooms
cooking with magic mushrooms

Cooking with Magic Mushrooms - Do They Taste Good?

Can you add magic mushrooms to your favorite dish and still have it taste good?

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Nanci Chi-Town on Tuesday Dec 8, 2020

Cooking With Magic Mushrooms: An Enjoyable Experience

cooking with magic mushrooms

The growing acceptance of cannabis has given room for different types of trends in the cannabis industry to blossom. And of all the numerous trends, the craze of cannabis edibles has been the best. Nowadays, all kinds of foods and drinks are being infused with cannabis and this has made it possible for professionals to come into the industry to develop different types of cannabis cuisines. Different types of recipes for cannabis-infused edibles are now out there. Have you ever tried cooking with Magic Mushrooms? In this article I'll delve deep into all there is to know about cooking with magic mushrooms, what you should look out for, and things to avoid. I'll also offer some quality tips for anyone wishing to delve into the enjoyable experience.

Cooking with magic mushrooms 

Though we are still a long way from talking about the decriminalization of psilocybin, the prominence of cannabis cuisine has impacted psilocybin greatly. It has increased the attention being paid to psilocybin cuisine as a better way of delivering psilocybin. The allure of going into the kitchen to infuse shrooms into different types of foods also helped to give the prospect more acceptance. With the well-known taste of magic mushrooms, it’s no surprise that many are quick to find ways of infusing it into different types of foods.

There are different types of examples of food being infused with magic mushrooms. From gummies to chocolates, brownies, and smoothies, psilocybin has been infused into common types of food and drinks. There aren’t many guidelines and rules when it comes to cooking with magic mushrooms, but there are some things worthy of note. We will be looking into these things to an extent to explain the peculiarities of cooking with magic mushrooms.


When it comes to cooking with magic mushrooms, the importance of dosing cannot be overemphasized. For those with prior experience with magic mushrooms, it’s possible to be able to work around the best dosage from experience. This is not the same for those without prior experience which is why the importance of dosing must be stressed. Magic mushrooms are very potent and they can pack a very strong punch especially when they are grown indoors. This is why it is important to use personal tolerance level to gauge the dosage to be used while cooking with shrooms.

When there is a lack of prior experience with magic mushrooms, the best step to take is to dose low and start slow. When you dose low and start slow, there is room to carefully assess the results and work your way up from there, if need be. This method is advisable to avoid the unwanted reactions that characterize overdosing on magic mushrooms. So, before trying out some of the huge doses that many people boast of online, it’s best to have a personal experience by starting low to know your tolerance level.

Interaction with food

When considering the meal to infuse with magic mushrooms, it’s important to consider how the food will interact with the mushrooms. The eventual effect of the mixture when it gets to the stomach is also worthy of note. This is because the effect of the food during consumption and digestion can give rise to unwanted effects such as nausea and vomiting. The nature of shrooms and their effect is peculiar which is why ground up shrooms in some dessert can give rise to a nauseating feeling. The combination of this nausea and the trip that comes in when the psilocin kicks in is not a feeling anyone wants to go through. This is why it is preferable to start with common foods such as confectionaries, gummies, and smoothies. Ginger can also be beneficial for dealing with the nauseating feeling that comes with mixing magic mushrooms with some types of foods.

Magic mushrooms and Heat

We must touch on the much-debated relationship between psilocybin and heat. Some reports have been flying around in recent times over the possible degradation of the active ingredient by heat. This then becomes a big problem while cooking with magic mushrooms because some of those recipes will require heat. However, some are also of the opinion that heat does not degrade psilocybin. Presently, there is a lack of sufficient evidence to validate either argument; but we should look into the stance of both parties. 

Those that argue that heat does not degrade psilocybin fault the method of collection and other factors for the reduced effects felt with some shrooms. Dried shrooms are sure to have a very different effect from fresh shrooms. Likewise, personal tolerance levels can also affect the results observed but this doesn’t fully counter the argument that heat affects the potency of psilocybin. Given the lack of sufficient data to dispute the effect of heat, it is advisable users make use of low heat when cooking with Magic Mushrooms. This is majorly why there are few baking recipes involving shrooms however, brownies are still a good idea to go with.

Pro tips for cooking with magic mushrooms

Start off with simple recipes

For those that are new to cooking with shrooms, it’s advisable to start off with simpler recipes. One such food that you can try out first is ginger and chocolate truffles. It is very easy to make and the dose is low enough to avoid undesired effects. The presence of ginger in the mixture also helps to deal with any feeling of nausea.


Take note of doses and effects

It is very important to take proper notes of the effects experienced and the dose at which they were observed. This will help you to carefully work your way up or down as you experience the effects.

Make the cooking process personal
The goal of the cooking process is to cook what works best for you. So, if it’s a baked food or a drink, ensure that it’s what works for you. Also, ensure that the dose is accurate. Take note of these things and you are good to go.

 Bottom line

Cooking with magic mushrooms is a special process that must be done carefully. If done the right way, the feeling experienced cannot be compared with another. It's as unique and mindblowing as it gets.








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