best tasting way to eat magic mushrooms
best tasting way to eat magic mushrooms

What's the Most Palatable Way to Consume Magic Mushrooms? (FYI, They Don't Taste Very Good Just Chewing Them)

What is the best tasting way to eat those magic mushrooms?

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jsp1073 on Wednesday Feb 14, 2024

best tasting way to consume magic mushrooms

Magic mushrooms, or psilocybin, aren’t the most palatable natural ingredient for most people. The earthiness and dirt flavoring of them can be off-putting. While you might eat them raw anyway to feel their effects, many people would prefer if they could mask the flavor and still enjoy the same effects. Fortunately, that’s possible. Here are some of the most palatable ways you can consume magic mushrooms: 

Chocolate Bars                   

Just as you would consume chocolate containing cannabis, you can also consume chocolate containing magic mushrooms. You can purchase pre-made milk chocolate bars like Mantra Bars Euphoria or even make your own if you consider yourself a chocolatier. Alongside being able to satisfy your sweet tooth, you may enjoy the many potential effects of magic mushrooms, like pain relief, calmness, and relief from anxiety and depression. 

There’s no denying the taste of chocolate is the leading benefit of consuming magic mushroom chocolate over raw magic mushrooms. However, the portability and ease of consumption are also worth mentioning. You can carry a packaged chocolate bar in a backpack and simply tear off the packaging to consume it. There’s no preparation required. 


If you’re already a tea drinker, it makes sense to explore magic mushroom tea. It’s one of the many convenient ways to consume magic mushrooms. Think carefully about your preferred potency before you make it, as this can determine how much magic mushroom you use. However, the standard dose is around an eighth of a mushroom with two cups of water. You may opt for a lower dose by adding an extra cup of water. 

Grind your mushroom up and add tea bags and the mushroom to a saucepan with the heat off to let it steep. Then, strain your tea with a filter, add additives like ginger and honey, and enjoy your fresh brew. 

Making magic mushroom tea only takes around 20 minutes, with 10 to 15 minutes of that time used for steeping the tea before it can be drunk.  

Smoothies and Juices

When you struggle with the texture of raw magic mushrooms alongside their intense flavor profile, consider adding it to a smoothie or juice. You can prepare your beverage as you usually would with CBD or plain fresh fruit, but add a small amount of mushroom into your smoothie cup before blending it. 

While you might taste subtle earthiness, you can use intense smoothie ingredients like yogurt and berries to overpower it. You may also like to try a combination of these ingredients below: 

  • Fresh orange juice

  • Banana

  • Frozen berries

  • Coconut milk

  • Honey

  • Agave nectar 

Baked Goods

If you love creating delicious baked goods, there’s no reason why you can’t use your baking skills to create magic mushroom-incorporated baked goods. From white chocolate truffles to chocolate cakes and even candies, there are plenty of great recipes you can follow to get the most out of your mushrooms. 

Baked goods take more time to prepare than tea or straight mushrooms. However, they can certainly be more palatable. Sometimes, that’s more important than what’s the most convenient. 


You may be surprised by how harmoniously magic mushrooms pair with everyday meal ingredients. Whether you’re making a light lunch or a hearty dinner, a dose of magic mushrooms may fit right in.

Combine the earthiness of the magic mushrooms with the richness of pine nuts, oil, cheese, and basil in a delicious pesto. These ingredients can mask the potency of magic mushrooms while balancing their earthy flavor. 

A beef stew with mushrooms can also be a delicious and hearty meal on a cold winter’s evening. Ingredients like beef tenderloin, onions, carrots, meat broth, and red wine can be a match made in heaven with a dose of raw or powdered magic mushrooms.

Hidden in Food

When time is of the essence, and you don’t have time to prepare an entire meal or snack revolving around magic mushrooms, consider hiding them in simple food. You can then enjoy minimal prep time while still masking some of that intense mushroom flavor.

Many people prefer the ease of fruit. You can hollow out a small piece of fruit, such as a strawberry, grape, or orange segment, and tuck a small magic mushroom inside. You can then consume one fruit piece to enjoy the effects and mask the taste. 


When magic mushrooms’ intensity is too much for you to handle in juices, chocolate, or tea, consider making or buying capsules. You can swallow the mushroom without ever getting a hint of its flavor.

Mushroom capsules can involve grinding dried mushrooms and placing the contents into empty pill capsules. Carefully work out how much mushroom is going into each capsule by measuring it on a microscale. If you don’t have a scale, you can try alternative measurement options like a ruler and penny or a smartphone app. You can then consume your magic mushrooms as if you were taking your morning vitamin.

Dried in Powder Form

If you’ve already gone to the effort of drying your magic mushrooms and turning them into a powder for insertion into a capsule, you can skip the capsule step altogether. Swallowing capsules is undoubtedly easy, but you can also use the powder on its own.

Powdered magic mushrooms are easy to hide in pasta sauce, pizza, smoothies, soups, and other rich dishes. Just don’t forget to label it clearly so you don’t accidentally use it as a regular herb, spice, or seasoning! 

How to Decide Which Option is Right for You

You have options galore for how to consume magic mushrooms without tasting their full earthiness and intensity. However, it can be a hard decision to make! The decision-making process may be easier than you think when you consider these factors: 

  • Whether you prefer sweet or savory food

  • Time constraints

  • Technical abilities

  • How many magic mushrooms you have

  • Whether you’re preparing them for yourself or a group

  • If you’re consuming them on the go or at home 

  • How discreet you want to be 

Consuming magic mushrooms in their raw form is easy, but that doesn’t mean everyone finds them pleasant. You may like to explore some of these options above for a more satisfying magic mushroom-consuming experience.





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