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Put some fast food inspired faces on your party menu

Super Snacks for Stoners

Football party food guaranteed to beat the munchies

Posted by Laurie Lyons on Wednesday Feb 3, 2016

With the Carolina Panthers’ Cam Newton out there dabbing after every touchdown (yeah, we know it has nothing to do with smoking weed, but we still like to pretend), and Denver’s Mile High city representing its name in every way possible, this may be the most 420 friendly of all of the Super Bowls in the 50 year history of the game. Thankfully, they’ve made the logo much easier to read, so now we don’t have to fuss with all of those frustrating Roman numerals, and we can just get on with it.


Best Munchies and Snacks When Using Cannabis? from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


But of course, no Super Bowl is worth watching for stoners if the snack game isn’t on point. So, if you’re hosting your own bowl party and feel like showing off your prowess in the kitchen with a little more than your basic batch of cannabis brownies, you might give some of these snacks a try.



Yes there’s a lot of cheese. Yes, there’s a lot of bacon. It’s game day, no one needs to move their bowels for a while.





Dips are absolutely required at any gathering of snackers. Just be sure to spring for the good chips and/or crackers, because nothing is sadder than watching a stoner’s precious cargo plop on the floor.

7 Layer Dip: Beans, cheese, sour cream, guacamole, plus a few more layers of goodness, and you’re golden. Just be sure to taste and season as you go along-some of those layers can get a bit bland without some extra TLC.

Cheesy Bacon Jalapeno Corn Dip: Cheese. Bacon. Jalapenos. Done.

Crab Rangoon Dip with Wonton Chips: A little Chinese take-out inspired dip should definitely be a crowd-pleaser.

Mag Mud: If there’s one thing that they know how to do well in Austin, TX, it’s queso. And tacos. And BBQ. Ok, food in general, but one of the best queso recipes on the planet comes from Magnolia Cafe, and someone was nice enough to put a knock-off recipe on the Internet.

Beer Pretzel Dip: Beer and pretzels go together like peanut butter and jelly, so why not put them together into one appetizer and add some cheese?




Utensils mostly have very little place when it comes to football party foods (except for chili, of course), and these snacks are a little twist on the usual.

Cheesy Taco Snack Mix: Try a bowl full of something a little different than your standard Chex mix. Or just buy a bag of Chex mix. Either way.

Pizza Wheels: These are easy to make, easy to grab, and make you look way more impressive than just dialing up Papa Johns.

Pulled Pork Pop Tarts: If these are wrong, then no one should want to be right. Pulled pork without a fork is definitely a game changer.

Crescent Jalapeno Poppers: Bacon, cheese, and jalapenos, again? Yep.

PB&J Chicken Wings: Yep, it sounds insane, but you’ve probably tried weirder things at 2am.





Chili is a game day staple, and if you don’t have a family recipe that you’ve been working on for years, then pull out the crock pot and give one of these recipes a try.

Stout Chili: A beer-based chili-what’s not to love?

Chocolate, Whiskey, and Bacon Chili: Upgrade from the beer to an even more sophisticated booze-based chili with this whiskey and chocolate combo. With bacon, of course.

Jerk Chicken Chili: If you’re the type of stoner whose bedroom is covered in Jamaican flags and Bob Marley posters (i.e. you’re still in high school or college), a jerk chicken chili will fit right in for your game-day event.

Buffalo Chicken Chili: Individual chicken wings may be football staples, but if you want to keep your stoner friends from getting sticky sauces everywhere, this buffalo chicken chili will come pretty close to that flavor without leaving a pile of bones for you to clean up.

Frito Pie: Frito Pie is a Texas tradition for a very good reason-because it’s ridiculously good. They’re also insanely easy to prepare-start with a great chili recipe in your good ol’ crock pot, or if you’re pressed for time just grab a few cans of Hormel. Chop up an onion, throw out a bowl of shredded cheese, and *here’s the best part* get individual portion bags of Frito’s to serve it all in, leaving you with minimal clean up. Just be sure your stoner friends don’t burn themselves on the chili.




A few twists and tweaks on fast food classics make for more playful snack options.

Cool Ranch Doritos Tacos: Taco Bell doesn’t get to have all of the fun! If you feel like getting really messy and weird with your snacks, the Cool Ranch Doritos Tacos are the obvious choice.

Quesalupa: Leave it to Taco Bell to come up with yet another odd concoction; the creative director there surely has to be a stoner. The quesalupa hasn’t made its way to all of the stores across the US, so making these may just impress the crap out of your friends.

Dorito Crusted Chicken Strips: Lots of fast food places serve chicken strips, but do they serve Dorito crusted chicken strips? Nope. You win.

White Castle Vidalia Dip: No White Castle near you? Most grocery stores sell the famous stoner burgers in the frozen foods section. After just a few steps, you’ve got a pretty unique dip that probably only makes sense to pot-heads.





Apple Pie Nachos: Football and apple pie make a pretty ‘Merica combination, and turning the apple pie into nachos makes for a fun snacking sweet.

Angel Food Cake Churro Bites: Bite-sized bits of cinnamon and sugar. Yes.

Crunchers: Crackers covered in ooegy gooey sweetness are easy and handy for when those sweet cravings kick in.

Oreo Popcorn: After Oreo killed it in the Super Bowl advertising game a couple of years ago, no party is complete without the famous cookies, and this recipe lets you present it in a nicer way than just a few open packages.

Potato Chip Cookies: It’s hard to go wrong with a treat that combines sweet and salty, crunchy and soft. Serve them clean or as edibles, either way your guests will love you for them.

Let's dish. What's on your munchies menu?









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