first date should you smoke weed
first date should you smoke weed

5 Reasons to Smoke Weed on Your First Date with Someone

Why you shouldn't hide your cannabis use from someone in a first date

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Joseph Billions on Monday Oct 19, 2020

5 Reasons to Smoke Weed on a First Date with Someone

first date smoking weed

Going out on a date any time soon? It's imperative you know that there are several ingenious ways for you to spice it up and make it a day both of you will always remember. If you are a cannabis enthusiast, you can look into the option of spicing up your date with good kush. Instead of going on the conventional boring dates, you can revamp your outings with edibles, smoking joints, and so on.

Before going down this path, there are a few things you should consider and the first thing on the list is figuring out if your partner is open to cannabis. To know this, it is imperative you understand your stance about cannabis. This means finding out if you are an occasional smoker who just likes having fun once in a while, someone who uses it to help with one issue or the other, or someone who just likes to smoke. After figuring this out, you can then take the next step to find out your partner's thoughts on cannabis. The answer to this simple question will determine if you should proceed with cannabis or not.

 If your partner turns out to be a cannabis enthusiast like you or a person who doesn't mind trying out new things, new experiences, etc you can work on incorporating cannabis consumption before, during, or/and after your date.

The importance of what cannabis brings to the table in terms of good vibes, mood enhancements, easing tension, and so on can't be overemphasized. And for those undecided about using cannabis on a date, below are a couple of reasons to smoke weed on your first date.

Reasons to Smoke Cannabis On Your First Date

Are you still undecided about consuming cannabis on your date? Here are five mindblowing reasons to change your mind.

Metabolism and Appetite Boost

Going out with someone for the first time might cause some jitters or anxiety that might prevent you from being able to eat. This is something that having a joint or a quick toke might just help you get rid of. Weed helps boost your appetite to enjoy a hearty meal and enjoy the evening. Also, it should be noted that you can kill two birds with one stone by opting for edibles. With this, you can eat and enjoy the benefits of cannabis at the same time.

If you're opting for edibles it's advisable you keep the quantity you consume as minimal as possible. Edibles high can be pretty strong, so its consumption should be done in moderation. You're trying to spice up your date not ruin it.

Smoking Together

Couples that smoke together stays together! It is sometimes considered as a romantic gesture to bring a joint to your date especially if your date smokes weed too. One of the good things about having weed on your first date with a partner is the opportunity to smoke together. Smoking weed with your partner does more than bring good vibes and ease tension, it helps build a connection between you and your partner. It also helps take the edge off, allowing you to feel relaxed around each other, and easily think about what you wish to do during the date and afterward.

If you have concerns about getting too high especially since you have a partner with you, you might decide to try a variety of techniques, tools, and gadgets such as a vape pen to control or set a limitation on how high you can get.

Mood Enhancement

Going out with someone for the first time is a huge deal for many people which is why they are usually uptight and nervous at that point. This nervousness has often ruined the tone of many dates. Someone with a great personality can become so nervous to the extent that they fail to portray their real selves to their date. Instead of showing who they are with confidence, they make a mess of things and ruin their chances.

Smoking a joint before a date is a sure-fire way to boost your confidence and enhance your mood. It gets you to a state where you're less anxious or nervous and ideas on how to keep your date happy and laughing flows freely.

It is advisable you get a strain that keeps you calm and relaxed, not one that'll make you hyper.

Boosting Creativity

It is no news that cannabis helps boost creativity, and this function of cannabis can be very beneficial on a first date. When on a date the majority of people get too tense and nervous that they run out of ideas on things to talk about, jokes to keep it lively, and so on. This is a catalyst for disaster, especially on a first date. First impression matters, so the importance of getting the first date right cannot be overemphasized. To prevent the lack of ideas and creativity on your first date, cannabis might just be what you need.

Cannabis takes away your inhibitions and lets your creative juices flow. It helps you think deeply and discuss the topics that matter. This will let you give more of yourself while learning more about your partner without necessarily waiting for multiple dates.

A Great End to the Date

Going on a first date with someone opens up a lot of possibilities including sex. Sometimes, it could even be a planned sex date and even if sex wasn't originally planned there is a very good chance of it happening especially if the date turns out very well and you wish to continue seeing each other. There are even instances where some people get turned on when they smoke some particular strains of cannabis.

Having weed before, during, or after your date helps heighten your senses such that when you have sex, it is very enjoyable and lets you feel all the sensations strongly.

Bottom line

It is preferable for you to make 'weed-smoking' something to enjoy with your partner. Making your partner uncomfortable by smoking alone at the date or showing up quite high isn't advisable. If you or your partner are just trying out weed for the first time, it is highly recommended you take it slow.











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