smoke weed first date?
smoke weed first date?

Should You Smoke Weed on the First Date? - Over 82% Say YES and Over Half Says It Helps Boost Sex Drive Says Dating App Survey

Cannabis is big on dating apps and people are wondering how soon is too soon to fire up the bong!

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alishabee on Monday Jun 10, 2024

smoke weed first date

The top dating app for Black singles, BLK, has conducted a poll that reveals fascinating information on the relationship between cannabis culture and contemporary dating. The poll looks at marijuana-related views and behaviors, emphasizing how the relationship between cannabis and love is changing.


Cannabis use on dating apps is relatively new phenomen with recent legalization and social use. BLK's survey offers a comprehensive look at how cannabis use is woven into dating experiences:


- Daily Participation: 53% of respondents engage in cannabis-related activities daily, with an additional 25% participating frequently and 7% regularly, indicating the widespread use of cannabis among daters.


- Profile Preferences: Almost half (47%) of participants view a "420 friendly" tag in a dating profile positively, suggesting strong compatibility through shared cannabis interests.


- First Date Reactions: A significant 82.8% of respondents are open to their date using cannabis on a first date, showing high acceptance of cannabis use early in the dating process.


- Communication and Libido: While only 40.5% believe cannabis positively affects communication with their partner, 58.5% feel it boosts sexual desire or libido, highlighting its perceived benefits in intimate settings.


- Foreplay Preferences: Over half (51.1%) prefer incorporating cannabis into foreplay, underscoring its role in enhancing intimate moments.


- Advice for Novices: The majority (50.6%) recommend being open to new experiences without letting cannabis define the connection, emphasizing the importance of balance and authenticity in navigating the 420 dating scene.


Insights from BLK


The survey's findings highlight how important cannabis is to many people's dating experiences. A tendency toward increased acceptability and integration of cannabis into social and romantic connections is shown by the openness towards 420 activities. This trend reflects wider societal developments as cannabis becomes more popular and acceptable.


The report also emphasizes how crucial it is for couples to communicate and understand one another's cannabis use. Although cannabis can improve intimacy and connection in a relationship, partners need to approach this with open communication and mutual respect.


Cannabis's place in dating and relationships will probably change as it becomes more and more ingrained in society, opening up new avenues for intimacy and connection.


Changing Attitudes Towards Cannabis in Dating Profiles


The survey reveals that nearly half (47%) of participants view a "420 friendly" tag in a dating profile positively. This suggests that shared cannabis interests are becoming a significant compatibility factor in modern dating. As cannabis use becomes more widespread and socially accepted, individuals are increasingly looking for partners who share their lifestyle choices, including their attitude towards cannabis.


This transition mirrors a larger cultural shift in which personal behaviors, such as cannabis usage, are no longer vilified but rather viewed as a possible source of connection. The existence of a "420 friendly" tag can act as an icebreaker, allowing users to identify common ground and develop more open and honest discussions from the start.


This trend also indicates a shift in dating toward greater transparency. People can attract compatible partners who are more likely to have similar beliefs and recreational tastes by outwardly declaring that they are cannabis-friendly. Since both parties are upfront about their lifestyle preferences from the start, this openness can result in more meaningful and suitable pairings.


The "420-friendly" term may appear in even more dating profiles as cannabis continues to gain popularity. This changing mindset indicates rising ease with incorporating cannabis usage into social and romantic relationships as well as daily living. The acceptance of different lifestyle choices and the search for real relationships founded on common values and interests are reflected in the normalization of cannabis use in dating profiles.


Navigating Cannabis Use in Relationships


The results of BLK's poll highlight the significance of partner communication and comprehension surrounding cannabis usage. While intimacy and connection are two areas where cannabis may improve a relationship, navigating this territory successfully calls for honest communication and respect for one another.


The poll revealed several interesting findings, one of which was that 58.5% of participants thought cannabis increased libido or sexual desire. This shows that a lot of people think that adding cannabis to their personal lives is advantageous. On the other hand, opinions on cannabis's influence on communication are more divided; just 40.5% of participants believed it improved their relationships with their partners. This discrepancy emphasizes the importance of open communication between partners regarding cannabis usage and how it affects their relationship dynamics.


Incorporating cannabis into a relationship might create new chances for connecting and sharing. For example, more than half (51.1%) of respondents prefer to include cannabis in foreplay, showing that marijuana can play an important role in improving intimate moments. These shared experiences can assist in deepening the emotional and physical bond between spouses.


Couples must, therefore, approach cannabis usage from a balanced stance. Although cannabis can improve some parts of a relationship, it is important to ensure that cannabis does not become the relationship's defining characteristic. The majority of study respondents (50.6%) advise keeping an open mind to new experiences but avoiding allowing cannabis to control the interaction. This counsel emphasizes how crucial it is to be true to yourself and make sure that your relationship is based on a solid foundation of respect for one another and shared ideals.


Eventually, marijuana's place in dating and relationships will probably keep changing as it gets more popular. Couples who are honest with each other about their cannabis usage and how it affects their relationship will be better able to incorporate cannabis into their life in a way that is both healthy and constructive. Partners may negotiate the challenges of cannabis usage together by creating an atmosphere of trust and understanding, which strengthens their closeness and connection.


Bottom Line


BLK's survey highlights the growing role of cannabis in dating, showing many are open to integrating it into their romantic lives. Nearly half view a "420 friendly" tag positively, and 82.8% are fine with cannabis use on a first date. While 58.5% say cannabis boosts sexual desire, only 40.5% believe it enhances communication, stressing the need for open dialogue. As cannabis becomes more accepted, its role in relationships will likely expand. Couples discussing their cannabis use can better enjoy its benefits, maintaining a balanced and authentic connection, ultimately enhancing their dating experience.





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