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5 Strains That Get You Super Creative

Unlock The Creative Block With These Cannabis Strains

Posted by DanaSmith on Tuesday Feb 21, 2017
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Top 5 Strains For Creativity



Writer’s block and other creative blocks can now be a thing of the past. Certain cannabis strains are excellent for helping users push their creative boundaries, and encourages them to go deeper into their art no matter what it is.



The most ideal strains for creativity are sativa-dominant because they have just the right hallucinogenic as well as energetic properties needed to let the juices flow. A deep relaxing indica isn’t exactly going to inspire you to write the next indie hit.


Cannabis helps to free the mind from boundaries that the conscious self imposes. It helps unlock your creativity and encourages you to explore new ideas and thought processes that you previously couldn’t tap into.



For a truly inspiring creative session, try one of these strains:



durban poison strain

  • Durban Poison will relax your mind and allow a waterfall of ideas to just come flowing through. After a few hits, you’ll feel your creative power be unleashed by this wonder of a strain! If you are looking to really get lost in your art and zone out, try Durban Poison. It’s known for being one of the most energizing strains in the world too, ideal for daytime smoking, creativity, and productivity.


space queen strain

  • Space Queen is a memorable strain for anyone who’s had it. Space Queen is known for being unparallelled the cannabis community with just how happy users get! While some people are inspired by heartbreak, Space Queen will inspire you with happiness which can always be a great start to any kind of creative process. The comedown of Space Queen is gentle, so you can spend hours on end with your craft and feel so good all throughout. This strain is popular for its relaxing, calming, uplifting, and creative properties.


green crack strain

  • Green Crack is an excellent choice if you need a little help with focus and concentration. Green Crack will give you a laser-like focus and before you know it, you’ve already churned out a literary masterpiece. This strain is ideal if you are about to start on a large project, or need some inspiration to start it. Green Crack will help ensure that you do fantastic at your work while feeling wonderful and euphoric the entire time. Green Crack isn’t just good for your creativity - it tastes great too! Its flavor resembles that of a mango or tropical fruit which makes smoking it each time a real pleasure.


  • Jack Herer is as famous as its namesake for a good reason. This sativa-dominant hybrid is valued for giving users clear-headedness with a blissful buzz, making it an indispensable strain for creative types. Jack Herer has a spicy pine-scent which, once you smoke it, feels like you’re in a beautiful lodge somewhere up in the mountains. Jack Herer is a top quality strain and is potent with all of its effects - this one means business.


ak 47 marijuana strain

  • AK-47 might just put your head through the roof, creativity wise! If you want to sit and map out creative thoughts, letting your mind wander aimlessly until the good ideas come flowing, this is the best strain to let you do it. AK-47 gives you a mellow but long lasting buzz, ideal for hours of brainstorming, working, mind-mapping, whatever it is you need to whip up your masterpiece. AK-47 has a high THC content but don’t expect a couchlock with this one; surprisingly this strain does a fantastic job at keeping you alert and mentally focused even if you have to engage in social situations like that upcoming art gallery opening you were invited to.


Marijuana is the safest and most powerful psychedelic used by artists around the world for centuries now to boost their creative process. Some of the greatest thinkers and artists have been known to use pot. These include Carl Sagan, Steve Jobs, and Oliver Sacks.


Has cannabis helped you become more creative? Share your experience with us in the comments below!











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