best cannabis grinder
best cannabis grinder

Finding the Best Grinder for Vaping Herbs - Kannastor Brand

What are the best herb grinders on the market today?

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BehindTheWaves on Tuesday Aug 21, 2018

Finding the Best Grinder for Vaping Herbs - Kannastor Brand

The Best Grinder for Vaping Cannabis Herb - Kannastor Brand from CannabisNet on Vimeo.

If you are like many who feel that overwhelming need and desire to smoke, but you find that smoking has a negative effect on your breathing and your lungs, you aren’t alone. Many people like smoking and the way it makes them feel, all except the impact it can have on lungs.  Thankfully there is a way to still enjoy your smoking with almost no risk of harmful effects to your lungs. Vaping with a desktop vaporizer or pen style vaporizer and grinding your own herbs is a great way to get all the benefits without the negative side effects.

By using a grinder, you can grind your herbs, spices and other smokable materials into a much finer solid, that can then be used in a vaporizer to ensure that you get the quality you need without the cough that hurts. This also makes it easier to get the maximum benefit from your smokables. Grinders take your smoking sessions to the next level in the same way a coffee grinder makes coffee a lot better than boiling the coffee beans in water: it maximizes flavor and effect, concentrating it into something enjoyable” (Kannastor).  If vaping sounds like a great solution, you may do well to use one of our high end Kannastor grinders to ensure you get the best vaping experience possible. If you are new to the world of vaping and grinding, here are some pointers and some helpful information to make your experience with dry herb grinding the best it can possibly be!


Warning About Plastic Grinders

Many newbies are either intimidated by all the options available or simply are worried about paying too much for their grinders and end up going with a cheap plastic model most of the time. This is a mistake and a plastic dry herb grinder should be avoided whenever possible. A grinder is an investment, something that you’ll and up using a lot and that you will come to cherish over time. Many grinders are made with quality materials and are designed to last for years to come. They are both functional and stylish, just like the classic lighters once were. Plastic grinders, by most vaper’s standards, are terrible, and are intended to be used only as a temporary solution to the need. Some vapers have a plastic grinder in the glove box for emergencies or take them on trips so as not to risk losing their prized grinder while traveling. Other than occasional usage, plastic grinders are not recommended and you are much better off with a quality grinder from Kannastor.


The Multi-Chamber Grinder

Most grinders are made in one of two general styles- a single chamber or a multi-chamber design. Multi-chamber grinders are most often top of the line and represent the highest quality in dry herb grinders. These grinders are able to keep the grounds of your herbs while also sifting out pollen or keif.  Your ground herbs are stored in one chamber while the unused part is stored in another. Many people own both single and multi-chamber grinders, because a single chamber’s biggest benefit is portability while the multi-chamber’s biggest benefit is its functionality.  


A Word About Mesh Screens

One thing to consider when looking for the right mix of equipment to use for vaping or smoking of fresh ground herbs is the use of mesh screens.  This is the fine metal screen that helps filter out the good ground material from the coarser less desirable materials. The finer you can grind your herb the better your vaping experience will be. The mesh in your grinder should be made of either stainless steel, silk or monofilament.  The holes in the screen come in many sizes and can affect how large a particle you filter out. By experimenting with different sizes, you can determine what works best for your tastes and what size grind gives you the vaping or smoking experience you want.


Two Great Options for Dry Herb Grinder Needs from Kannastor

2.5 Inch Four Piece Grinder Sifter | Kannastor

When it comes to dry herb grinders, this high-quality metal grinder from Kannastor is one of the best varieties on the market today.  It is made from top quality aluminum and is designed in such a way as to create the smooth, durable finish that is attractive and easy to clean. A superb quality piece, this Kannastor grinder will provide you with many years of superior grinding and the best vaping or smoking experience you have ever had!

- Easy Change Screen design makes it easy to clean and maintain between grindings

- Properly sized screen holes design ensures consistent grinding and shifting each time

- Durable aluminum construction is made to last and hold up to years of daily use


63mm/2.5 Inch Kannastor Multi-Chamber Grinder & Sifter | Kannastor

The 2.5-inch multi chamber grinder with Easy Change Screen from Kannastor is a superstar on so many levels. The properly sized drop through design will have you precious leaves shredded with a distinct precision and quickness. 

- Food grade aluminum and magnetic closures make this a grinder perfect for daily use

-Deep chambers hold more of your grinding material for longer vaping or smoking

- Limited Lifetime Warranty included with the purchase of this Kannastor grinder


The Kannastor Difference

Kannastor takes price in its products and stands behind them. When purchasing a grinder choosing a high-quality brand is a good way to ensure a great product. Grinders might be classed as an accessory, but they are a necessity for seasoned smokers.


The Best Grinder for Vaping Cannabis Herb - Kannastor Brand from CannabisNet on Vimeo.











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