CBD for too high
CBD for too high

You Got Way Too High and Want to Use CBD to Come Back Down, But How Exactly Do You Do That?

How can you use CBD to help control your high or stop you from 'Greening Out'?

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DanaSmith on Wednesday Mar 6, 2024

cbd for being too high

The Best Way To Use CBD If You’re Too High

Let CBD Help You Come Down From THC – Here’s How!


Experimenting with weed in different forms and dosages can be tons of fun. You can choose from a huge array of products on the market these days, and different ways to consume.


However, for those who feel like experimenting with higher doses or more potent cannabis products, there’s a risk of accidentally getting too high. While it isn’t dangerous, getting too stoned can be seriously uncomfortable and anxiety-inducing – plus, it can last for hours. It can also cause paranoia, spiraling into unpleasant thoughts, and much more.  Greening Out is no fun if you consume too much THC.


That is – unless you have some CBD with you. It might seem odd because THC and CBD are both derived from the same plant. But the truth is that CBD has been proven to be effective in reducing the psychoactive effects of THC even after you’ve gotten stoned.


There are several studies that explain how CBD counteracts THC. In one 2019 study, lead author Roger Hudson says: “CBD by itself had no effect.”

“However, by co-administering CBD and THC, we completely reversed the direction of the change on a molecular level. CBD was also able to reverse the anxiety-like behavior and addictive-like behavior caused by the THC,” he says, of the findings using animal models.


Having some CBD at home is always a good idea, especially in case you ever get too high. These are the best ways to consume CBD to mitigate the effects of getting too high:



Smoke CBD: Smoking CBD-rich cannabis strains, hemp joints, or pure CBD strains are the fastest way to alleviate the effects of too much THC. It’s a fast-acting and potent way to absorb the therapeutic and anti-anxiety properties of CBD, helping you come down within just a few minutes. However, smoking hemp or CBD strains does give off a smell and smoke, so if you’re trying to be discreet, you may want to check out other methods below.


Softgels or capsules: For many people, keeping a bottle or two of CBD softgels or capsules is a convenient, mess-free way to consume it. This form also makes it easy to carry wherever you go, so you can simply take it with a sip of water. However, it may take slightly longer for its effects to hit especially if your stomach is full.


CBD oil: Consuming CBD in oil form is another popular way to take it because of its fast-acting effects. Simply place a few drops under the tongue, allowing the oil to bypass the stomach and go straight into your bloodstream.



A note on dosage: Keep in mind that the effectiveness of CBD in counteracting THC also greatly depends on the dose. You’ll need to take more CBD if the product is a low dose, such as under 5mg per serving.


Other Ways To Counteract Your THC High

While CBD does help, there are several techniques you can also incorporate to help you sober up from THC quicker. Check out these proven tips below:

  • Eat light snacks and hydrate: The simple act of eating light yet filling food, and hydrating with water or juices, can go a long way in helping to bring you down. Cold, refreshing drinks (provided they aren’t caffeinated or alcoholic) is an effective way to prevent dry mouth as you slowly come down. Also, many find that eating helps to keep you grounded, since being too stoned can be a highly cerebral experience.


  • Don’t panic – stay calm! While waiting for your high to come down, try to make yourself as comfortable and calm as possible. It would be ideal to chill out in a cozy couch or on the bed, far from distractions and intense stimulation. Making yourself physically comfortable means that the mind will soon follow. Remember that there is no need to panic, so stay calm and breathe.


  • Take a shower: If you’re home, spending time in a bath or going for a shower is one of the most satisfying things to do – which will also help you come down. It’s meditative and soothing, as well as effective. You can spend as much time showering or bathing as you need to. However, if you aren’t feeling up to it, you can also just splash your face with cold water. You’ll be surprised how soothing it is!


  • Go to sleep: If taking a nap or sleeping is at all possible, just do it. Lie down and close your eyes, wait until you fall asleep. For most people, a strong THC hit can easily put one to sleep, so it shouldn’t take that long. Once you wake up, your high will either be completely gone or significantly less.


  • Look for a healthy form of distraction. It could be calling up a friend, watching cartoons or a movie, playing video games, or listening to music. These activities can take your mind away from the discomfort and often scary experience of getting too stoned.




Everyone’s experienced it at some point or another. One minute you’re having so much fun with weed, the next thing you know, you’re so uncomfortable, anxious, or paranoid. But there’s never any reason to panic because you’ll get out of it soon enough.


CBD is always great to carry around in case this happens. You can also use these tried-and-tested tips to help you come down safely and efficiently!

What’s your favorite way to come down if you get too high?





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