blunt, spliff, or joint
blunt, spliff, or joint

What is the Difference Between a Spliff, a Joint, and a Blunt? (Cannabis 101)

Do you know how roll a joint? How about a spliff? Maybe a blunt for the crew?

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DanaSmith on Monday Jan 15, 2024

difference between a blunt spliff or joint

Spliffs, Joints, Blunts: What’s The Difference?


Despite the rise of high-tech ways to consume weed nowadays, joints will always be one of the most popular ways to consume.

After all, joints have been a predominant image in weed culture for decades. They’re still one of the most versatile way to consume weed: even if we now have a wide range of vapes, edibles, and concentrates to choose from, pre-rolls are a fast-growing cannabis product in the North American legal cannabis market. In fact, many says that pre-rolled joints are trendy again.


Of course, you can also make joints yourself at home. It’s really easy.

But for newbies navigating the world of weed, you’ll come across a variety of different forms of smokable joints – including blunts and spliffs too.

So what’s the difference among all of them?


Joints can be made in a variety of sizes, usually thin just like cigarettes, using thin and light rolling papers. The rolling papers are available in various flavors, colors, and sizes though it’s more common to use 1 ¼ or 1 ½ sized weed papers. They can also come in wide or king-sized joints, as well as ultra-thin and thin.


Rolling papers can be infused with grape, chocolate, tobacco, and other types of flavors to give a tastier smoke. They can also be made of rice paper, hemp paper, or other variants. There are also extra-thick rolling papers, which are preferred by some smokers since they burn slower than traditional thin papers.


When you buy pre-rolled joints at dispensaries, they are already measured ahead of time. They usually contain 1 gram of weed inside, though half-gram and 1.5 gram pre-rolls are available too depending on your area.

Joints are typically smaller than blunts, though they can come in many sizes depending on the paper used as well as how much weed was put in the roll. You only really need paper and cannabis to produce a joint, though some prefer to use a filter inside. Filters are primarily used to prevent weed from getting inside the mouth when you take a puff. They can also help provide stability to the overall joint especially when it’s large and heavy, while preventing fingers from getting burnt.


Newbies may want to use cigarette rollers or rolling trays and other accessories to make rolling the perfect joint easier, but these aren’t necessary – with enough time and practice you can make your own joint at home within a few minutes.


Many cannabis connoisseurs prefer joints because they are so easy to make, accessible, and versatile. You can take them anywhere and share with your friends. However, when tobacco leaf papers are used, joints tend to burn much faster.




Spliffs are like cannabis joints, though it combines both cannabis and tobacco inside the rolling paper. Spliffs usually tend to contain more tobacco than weed, but it depends on the person who’s made it. Of course, when you make your own spliffs, you have the advantage of customizing how much of each you want.


Sometimes, spliffs can contain very little tobacco while on the other hand, they may contain an equal amount. The papers used for spliffs are usually 1 ½, king, wide, or cone-styles, but they’re certainly larger than papers used for joints because of the added tobacco. If you’re smoking alone, using a 1 ¼ sized paper will do fine though you may prefer king-sized rolling papers; this applies to both joints and spliffs.


Adding nicotine to a joint, which is essentially what differentiates a spliff from a joint, is preferred by certain cannabis users because of a few factors. For one, the presence of nicotine can result in a more energetic psychoactive effect. Another is – well, there are still some people who enjoy smoking nicotine or tobacco. It really is nothing more than a personal preference.


For individuals that are more health conscious, you may want to steer clear of spliffs because of the health risks involved.




Blunts, like joints, contain only weed. However, blunts are much larger than joints. They were originally created using a cigar wrapper; its tobacco contents were emptied out then replaced by weed.


Nowadays, there’s so many different kinds of blunt papers created specifically for medicating and smoking weed. But just like joints, one can find papers in varying sizes, thicknesses, and flavors. Generally speaking, blunt wrappers are much thicker so they burn slower.

Because of the sheer size of blunts, these are perfect for sharing with your friends!


Which Method Is Best?

Each of these smoking methods have their own pros and cons. At the end of the day, it’s always a personal preference and none of them is better than the other. One thing’s for sure: joints are the most popular among them all, mostly because they’re just so flexible and easy.



Joints, Spliffs, And Blunts Don’t Work For You?

If you’ve tried them all but prefer another way to consume weed, that’s totally fine. With such a great variety of consumables in the legal weed market, you can experiment and find something that you are comfortable with.

There are some smokers who prefer a more controlled smoking experience, hence the use of vapes. Vaporizers and electronic vape pens are advantageous for people who don’t want to have to waste roaches, or want a controlled dose with each hit. Alternatively, there are also baked goods, gummies, oils, dabs, and even cannabis-infused drinks to choose from.





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