Dirty sprite marijuana strain
Dirty sprite marijuana strain

The Dirty Sprite Cannabis Strain Review

The Dirty Sprite marijuana strain is a Cinderella 99 and Lemon Wreck hybrid

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HighChi on Monday Mar 14, 2022

dirty sprite strain review

The Dirty Sprite weed strain is one of the most elusive cannabis varieties in recent times. Significant details about the strain's origins, lineages, and genetics have never been disclosed.

The strain is commonly described as "Blackleaf's secret child." Blackleaf is a cannabis manufacturing organization that specializes in developing mysterious and rare premium strains of marijuana. They provide exotic flowers and concentrates for cannabis enthusiasts within and around Southern California. The team developed the Dirty Sprite Strain some years ago and chose to leave details about the product's genetics shrouded in mystery.


The Origin Of The Dirty Sprite Strain

Though undisclosed by the original developers of the strain, the origin of the Dirty Sprite weed has been researched to be a hybrid produced by crossing Cinderella 99 and Arcata Lemon Wreck. In reality, no one is certain about this theory.

The Dirty Sprite strain is neither sativa nor indica dominant. It has a balanced genetic feature that combines both Sativa and indica features into one. Some people may read this and assume the strain is less potent than regular strains, but they'd be very wrong. The hybrid is one of the most potent strains on the cannabis market at the moment.

Another speculation about this strain is that it got its name from the modern-day hip-hop culture. Sprites are often connected to refreshing products and substances. This is basically what the Dark Sprite strain is in thje cannabis word, refreshing and crisp.

It won't be far off to point out that the original growers of the Dirty Sprite strain, the Blackleaf team, wanted users to lean into the mythical angle of this cannabis breed, especially since they produce it in limited quantities. Some even say it is as rare as the fabled wood sprites.


Cultivating the Dirty Sprite Strain

As mentioned earlier, only Blackleaf can give comprehensive details about this strain. However, since details about its presumed parents are known, it's possible to sketch a likely growth habit for the dirty sprite strain.

Like all cannabis plants, this hybrid takes about 9–11 weeks to mature when grown outdoors or indoors. Considering the genetics crossed to create this strain, the plants' height will be on the tall side, and you can expect their leaves to grow broad. More reason to have enough space before you begin to cultivate.

You can manage the plant's growth spurt by manipulating the light in an indoor growing facility. Once the crop begins its vegetative phase, you can alter the light cycles to induce an early flowering phase. This won't be possible in an outdoor facility because the sun is the source of light. However, the farmer could occasionally trim the plants to prevent overcrowding. Proper spacing for cannabis plants should also be adhered to.

Whether grown indoors or outdoors, the Dark Sprite strain is guaranteed to give a more than average yield, especially if all the best growing practices are adopted.

The strain, like its parents, fares best in warmer climates. It is easy to grow, and it can adapt to adverse weather conditions. When grown outdoors, you can expect a yield of 17 ounces per plant, while indoor grown yields about 12–15 ounces per plant. Harvest time usually falls in mid-October for outdoor crops.


The Chemical and Physical Properties of Dirty Sprite Strain

The strain is 50% Indica and 50% Sativa, with a THC content ranging from 18–27%. Regular users of the Dirty Sprite Strain say that it induces a calming sensation that is both euphoric and therapeutic.

The Dirty Sprite strain has a danky aroma that could draw a lot of attention your way if you're considering using it at work or in public spaces. This hybrid strain is definitely not the type of strain you'd be able to carry without completely sealing it up. This danky fragrance is accompanied by forceful notes of lemon scent and a subtle piney aroma.

Regarding flavor, the Dirty Sprite cannabis strain is lauded for its unique lemon and lime mix. Many users often liken this taste to fizzy or soft drinks. While some say that it sets them ablaze with its distinct novelty flavor, One or more hits of this strain will deliver complex flavors, depending on the method of consumption.

It has a very smooth smoke that smells earthy when exhaled. Complex flavors are layered throughout the Dirty Sprite weed strain to make it unique. Whether you choose to enjoy your cannabis in vape form, dabs, or keep it old school and roll one, the Dirty Sprite strain's effects will come on strong.


Therapeutic Effects of Dirty Sprite Weed

In these present times, people are looking for new methods to survive and remain healthy. Moving away from conventional pharmaceutical drugs to cannabis-derived medications is starting to be a new norm.

The dirty sprite cannabis breed has several health-improving impacts. People suffering from chronic pain, mood disorders, and insomnia can use dirty sprite weed for relief. It is also an effective treatment for inflammation, depression, and other symptoms that come with managing cancer.


Other Effects of the Dirty Sprite Cannabis Strain

The Dirty Sprite strain delivers a delightful high to the user. If you just had a rough day and you have an urgent need to raise your mood, the dirty sprite sprain is an excellent choice. You begin to feel good as soon as you light it up and take a drag. The smooth and sweet impact of this strain has users clamoring for more.


Final Note

The Dirty Sprite Strain induces a few adverse reactions in novice users. You may experience dry eyes or a dry mouth after using the strain. To mitigate this, an ice-cold beverage drink or a electrolyte  drops could be used. Note that the pungent smell of this strain will stick with you for a long time if you attempt to use it outside your home. Try not to walk into the streets with an unsealed or loose packet of dirty sprite on you or the smell may give you awal.

Hopefully, with time, Blackleaf will finally loosen the tight lid where it keeps the information about its most mysterious strains like the dirty sprite variety. If not for anything else but to clarify the various speculations and theories about the strain.

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