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Marijuana Zombies

Hoarding Weed Seeds for the Imminent Zombie Apocalypse

Grab Your Marijuana Seeds And Twinkies

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Oaktree on Tuesday Mar 29, 2016

Hoarding Weed Seeds for the Imminent Zombie Apocalypse

Why You Should Be Hoarding Seeds For The Coming Zombie Apocalypse from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


Okay, perhaps the idea of a zombie apocalypse might be a tad bit exaggerated, however, looking at the state of global affairs some sort of catastrophic event could be hiding right around the corner. There’s a number of scenarios that could easily send society into a chaotic whirlwind into Discordia. 

What would happen if the power went out for 90 days? Biological attacks? Trump winning the presidency? What would you do in the case of an emergency?

I’m not trying to sound the “Prepper” alarm or anything, but never considering an ill-fated future is quite irresponsible and ignorant. The global socio-political climate is quite volatile these days and it seems there are polarizing paradigms tugging away at the illusion of order and security we comfort ourselves with each night before drifting into infinite slumber. 

For me, I like to envision a more hostile and feral future. I envision what I would do in a zombie apocalypse mainly because I love the genre, but also the extremism of what is needed to survive this fictitious future requires a lot of foresight into what would be needed to flourish in such a post-order society. Whether you’d like to envision alien invasions, robot uprisings or viral outbreaks…that’s entirely up to you as the following strategy would work in virtually any scenario. 




Understanding the “Value of Things” in the Apocalypse


When everything you know and trust comes crumbling down in a pile of rubble before your very eyes, there will be a moment of absolute chaos. Within virtually every apocalyptic scenario one can expect riots and chaos in the streets. Vital resources like food and water will instantly increase in value and medicine will sky rocket. 

In fact, for a significant time after the “initial event” that triggered the apocalypse, items like drugs and weapons will quickly becoming currency. In most cases we’d digress to a barter system and independent communities would trade with each other. 

Thus, if you are able to secure the basic needs of humanity, you will have the leverage to make the apocalypse work for you. 


Why Weed is Money in the Apocalypse


As mentioned, medicine and food will become top priorities in a chaos riddled society. Thus having weed becomes a mighty asset for anyone. Not only does cannabis provide medicine, you can also obtain a lot of protein from the seeds and make products such as rope, clothing and even fuel from hemp. 

Having enough seeds on hand allows you to grow both hemp and cannabis and seeing that most people would be preoccupied with survival, you should have very little competition in this area. 

Sure, it would take you roughly 90 days to crop out your first plants. But by carefully planning your crops you can establish a cycle that can deliver new crops every month or even weekly. Can you imagine how many people would be willing to trade for some reefer during the most horrific time during their lives?

You could provide medicines for pain, insomnia, PTSD, depression and many of the side effects of a catastrophe. You could create biodiesel, clothing and even food from the seeds. If you grow your organization organically, you could become a new port of civilization within the chaos. 

Of course, depending on the apocalyptic scenario in play, you would approach the process of establishing your “plantations” differently, however the end result will always be the same. A supplier of Food, Medicine, Clothing and Fuel in the end of days. 

That my friends, is exactly who you want to be at the time the proverbial poop hits the fan. 


Hoarding seeds in general




Cannabis would be my main “money maker” in the apocalypse however in addition to hoarding cannabis seeds, I’m also building a small seed bank with vegetables and fruits and what not. You want to diversify your options and create means to generate “wealth” in a time of need. 

For me personally, the moment that everything comes crumbling down I will leave the city and find some place far away from all the mayhem. Once I have established a safe environment, I’d get to work to building my empire. 

You can even expand your operations by getting your hands on other currently prohibited seeds as well such as poppies, the coca plant, morning glory and so forth because if everything goes to hell, being able to create medicines from these plants will be vital. Become a sort of “medicine man” of the end times and you’ll be just fine. 


How secure is the future?


Some of you might be thinking that this article is bogus. No way that anything bad will ever happen to us…right? Well, I’m sure that before each World War people thought the exact same way. As mentioned, our socio-political environment is incredibly volatile, people don’t trust their governments and all of our money is a lie. 

Can you honestly stand there and say, “nothing bad will ever happen?”. While I’m not saying that you should become a “prepper” and create a bunker, hoard years of cans and so forth…but I am saying that having a back-up plan isn’t necessarily a foolish idea. 

To create your mini seed bank, you don’t require a lot of space or money. To stock up for 90 days’ worth of food also doesn’t require too much effort. Within this period, you would be able to produce enough food to keep you alive even when all commercial elements fail. 

All you need to do is identify “where” you’ll go when society crumbles. I play around with the idea every now and then and it’s a good exercise in caution. I might just be high, but I think weed is going to be currency in the zombie apocalypse.












What did you think?

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