Hulkberry Kush
Hulkberry Kush

What is HulkBerry Kush? A Kush Strain with Split Personalities

HulkBerry is one of the most popular cannabis strains around today

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Joseph Billions on Tuesday Aug 4, 2020

HulkBerry - The Kush with a Sativa Second Ego

hulkberry kush marijuana strain

With the different cannabis strains that are available today, it’s understandable how the majority of users often get lost in the search for the perfect one. Given that as humans we are each unique and different, our choices as regards to what the perfect strain is will vary. Some users prefer Sativa strains over Indica while some love a blend of both, a taste of both worlds. Hybrid strains arise from a blend of different proportions of sativa and indica parents in varying ratios which affects the concentrations of cannabinoids present in them and ultimately the effects they induce in users. One such interesting strain is the HulkBerry kush!

A Closer Look at HulkBerry

HulkBerry is also called the Bruce Banner strain with a lot of similarity to the infamous superhero it is named after. HulkBerry arises from special parent strains in OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel and the fusion of these two makes for a dynamic product in hulkberry. This strain offers a unique and special kind of high with a reinvigorating burst of energy that is sure to set the pace for a cloud nine feeling. If you are in the market for a special type of strain of cannabis that will set you in a special type of euphoric high that is both dynamic and still has a good sedative effect, then you should probably stop your search at hulkberry.

Obviously, hulkberry gets its name from the strong and unique double-faced Bruce Banner, the green superhero that can go from calm and collected to the strong and all-conquering incredible hulk in a matter of seconds. This name is without  a doubt the right fit to describe the special effects of the hulkberry kush because with the special drive and energy-driving high that it offers its users, it can turn your every day shy and timid personality to the life of the party in an underground rave.

What does HulkBerry entail?

To fully understand what hulkberry is all about, it begins with the genetic info around this special kush. The sativa-dominant kush is one of three unique strains with hulkberry being phenos 3 with a higher proportion of OG Kush in comparison with Strawberry Diesel. Phenos 5 is the direct opposite of hulkberry kush because the parent source with the higher percentage is the Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush present in a lesser proportion. The third type of this set of unique strains of the same parents has an equal percentage distribution of the Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush. All three strains are special in their own right but the hulkberry kush is quite special due to the gooey nature of the huge chunks of kush coupled with its unique scents and flavors.

HulkBerry kush is known to be very elusive in the markets which have allowed for different lookalikes and counterfeits to spring up in the markets but these are still quite far from what the real deal offers. This has all continued to increase the value and popularity of hulkberry in the cannabis world and though it is grown in small batches, the search and the demand for hulkberry kush continue to grow and can only grow the more.

The sativa-dominant hulkberry has a 28% concentration of THC which accounts for the special and euphoric high that it offers. This high THC content explains some of the special benefits that users have attributed to this strain such as the ability to help deal with anxiety as well as depression. Other benefits of hulkberry kush are that it can be used to deal with stress, reduce pain and fatigue. However, we must also state some of the drawbacks that have been identified with hulkberry which include dry mouth, dry eyes, and dizziness.

In terms of growth condition of hulkberry, within a duration of 9 to 10 weeks, the strain is bound to bloom and a 12 to 12 light schedule is sure to be adequate to sustain the growth. Much like one of the parents, hulkberry kush flowers to a large extent during the flowering stage and gives of a lovely aroma with lemon-like scents. In the presence of a Screen of Green, hulkberry grows considerably and offers a good return in terms of yield to the grower which makes it a special favorite of many growers. It also has the ability to grow to very considerable lengths rising to over 78 inches and if grown in the right space with adequate lighting and adequate watering and minerals, they could serve as a gold mine for any grower.

HulkBerry might just be that kush that you have been looking for if you desire an intense euphoric high and if used properly, you can be sure that you will keep wanting more.

Have you ever had a taste of this marvelous kush, if yes, what do you think of it? And if you haven't, will you be giving it a try? Drop your comments in the section below.







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