Gorilla Glue Outside
Gorilla Glue Outside

Whiskey and Weed Part 3 - Gorilla Glue With A Happy Single Malt

Do you want your happy weed to match a nice happy whiskey?

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Oaktree on Saturday Feb 13, 2016

Welcome to our third addition of Whiskey and Weed here at Cannabis.net.  If you missed our first two pairings, we had a great time with Johnnie Walker Black and some Blue Dream.  Two hybrids that are popular and mainstream.   The second installment covered Ardbeg with a nice White Russian strain.



Before we look at this week’s pair, I wanted to answer a few question I got on the site and over social media.

  1. How do you choose your Scotch or Whiskey – I try to use only great stuff but also have to watch the price tag, so that most readers could afford to try it.  I pretty much will keep the selections at $50 to $60 a bottle or under.  This would put us in the “good to very good” groupings, without hitting the $100 and $200 a bottle stuff.  Maybe around the holidays I will do some special single malts and blended scotches at that level, like Johnnie Walker Blue or MacCallan 18.  Generally, 10-12-year-old Scotch will be around $50 to $60 a bottle, and 18-22-year-old Scotch is around $100-$200 depending on blend, company, and location.


  1. Why two blends and only one single malt?   Single malt Scotches are a work of art, deep, aged, and unique.   Since we have done hybrid strains so far, which is a blend of sativa and indica heritage, I have used blended Scotches in the same way.  Today we will switch it up to a sweet single malt Scotch that acts like a blended scotch since it is aged in two different type of wood barrels.


Let’s take a look at a great strain today called Gorilla Glue.  Gorilla glue is a really beefy sativa hybrid with claims of Chem’s sister and Chocolate Diesel in its heritage.   It is grounded and earthy, and has a pine or spruce scent to it.  It is a popular stain among pros and beginners as you feel very relaxed and de-stressed from a few puffs.  You will also feel happy and light without the “trippy” or psychedelic phases you get with a Blue Dream hybrid.   This bud does have a strong aroma, so keeping it in an air tight or safe place is a must.

Today’s scotch will be the Balvenie 12-year-old, double wood bottle, that scores a nice 90-95 from the Wine Enthusiast.  It is a smooth, mellow single malt (not to dark and heavy to match our stain), with combined flavors of a sweetness and nuts.  The sweetness is in stark difference to say our Johnnie Walker Blue that had more of a smoky flavor.  The sweetness of Balvenie 12 leaves you with a long, smooth finish, with tones of a sherry mixed in.  It doesn’t have the fire that our JWB had but it has a nice sweet finish that lingers, so less burn, more sweet.


I always prefer to taste the whiskey before the weed.  Take the whiskey glass to your nose first and see if you can pick up any of the flavors.  Can you smell a hint of cinnamon?  Sweet vanilla?  Now try some in your mouth, move it around, take a breath through your nose and see if your taste buds pick up any flavors.  Swallow and feel the fire, or burn, as it comes up in your chest but the sweetness will cut it off before it really gets into your nose.

Take a nice puff of your Gorilla Glue and see how the earthy, pine taste feels after a sweet, burning scotch.  A nice touch of sweet with a little fire on one side, and then fire with a bit of sweet pine on the next.  This single malt scotch is light in flavor and should give you a nice feeling of relaxing emotions, without knocking you out.   The Gorilla Glue should act in the same way, de-stress you, make you feel happy overall, and want to have a great time or next few hours.










What did you think?

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