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Fireball Whisky

Weed And Whiskey #6 - Fireball Cinnamon Overload

When you get this kind of cinnamon fire, you don't fight it

Posted by Oaktree on Monday Feb 29, 2016

I have to be honest, I didn't want to write this one up.  This is one of those "can't stand to write it up but due to its popularity, you have to write it" write ups.   For those that are over 25 years old, let me introduce you to the latest craze in whiskey that the young folk seem to love, Fireball.  Now, if you have never had Fireball whiskey, you may at first hear the name and think, "Hmmm, must be a beautiful single malt with an extremely earthy and strong fire or burn to it."

'au contraire mon frere'

Fireball whiskey is a cinnamon flavored whiskey made by the Sazerac Company. Its foundation is Canadian whiskey, and the taste otherwise resembles, no, is identical, to the atomic fireball jawbreaker candy you had as a kid.  Remember the "hot balls" you would put in your mouth and see how long you could keep them in there?  Well, turned out that hot ball was intense cinnamon and someone decided to make a whiskey that tastes exactly like one of those balls, but in a liquid form.  It is bottled at 33% alcohol by volume, which means it is 66 US proof.   As you can see by these numbers, the "fire" is in the cinnamon taste and not the wallop of the alcohol proof.


So why am I such a curmudgeon for this type of whiskey?  Well, for one, whiskey tastes great just by itself.  There are hundreds of whiskies to try that have different flavors and scents, no need to add in the crazy flavors like Vodka did in the last 15 years.   Apricot Chocolate Honey Vodka with a twist, anyone?

The second reason is that even if I did want to try a flavored whiskey (like honey whiskies on the market), this one is just too much syrup and sugar.  After two shots you feel like you just ate a bag of cotton candy or a few bags of Skittles. When you were a kid, did you ever make Tang, or even Chocolate milk at home, where two spoonfuls of Tang or Chocolate syrup was perfect?  Remember the time you did about 10 scoops just to find out how it would taste?  Yep, that is what the mixologist did with Fireball, it is very syrupy and very sweet.

The third reason, pairing a whiskey should complement the strain of marijuana.  It is hard to match a strain to such an overpowering, sugary, cinnamon, whiskey. 

So in order not to rock the boat and keep it flowing, I went with one of the only cinnamon flavored strains out there, so that when you do the whiskey taste and then the puff, you should keep a nice flavor of cinnamon, with the Snow Bud strain hitting your throat and taking a bit of the syrupy sugar out and giving you a nice clean cinnamon inhale.

Snow Bud is a hybrid that comes from its parents indica Afghani and sativa African.  As you can guess, it is earthy, sweet vanilla, and cinnamon.  It is most popular in Arizona right now, but I have seen it popping up on the West Coast.  You will get a nice happy and euphoric feeling with this bud, and it is known to pack a wallop with high percentage of THC.

They say "if you can't beat'em, join 'em" and this is the case if we are going out with some shots of Fireball and then some Snow Bud.   It will be a very sweet, sugary night with the cinnamon of the Fireball whiskey and then a nice toke of the Snow Bud marijuana. 

It is best to try the whiskey first and get into the cinnamon, "hey that taste just like that candy" zone.  After you drink a shot, wait an extra 20 seconds to let the syrup and sugar get down the pallet.  Then, fire up a nice hit of Snow Bud and enjoy the etheral cinnamon buzz that should be hitting your nose and brain.  Be ready to have some water in a glass near you as the sugar from this whiskey and the dry mouth from the strain will have you looking for something to quench your thirst after your tasting.

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