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ladies vape pens

The Best Ladies Vape Pens On The Market

Ladies Vapes And Vape Pens Are Taking Off In the Cannabis Niche

Posted by jsp1073 on Tuesday May 16, 2017
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 The Best Vapes and Vape Starter Kits for Ladies


girls vaporizer




You might be wondering:


Where can I find vapes that are just for ladies?



Am I right? I mean, guys have an incredible selection of vapes that are fresh, colorful and packed with impressive features that get us going and having fun.




I am not saying that any vape is meant for just men or women, but I’d imagine that you want a vape that is tailored just for you. I mean, that’s why you are here, right?


Well, it just so happens that I created this list that gives you just what you were looking for - the best vapes out there for you ladies. Look, the dry herb vaporizer movement is exploding. So, ladies stay tuned - this list is for you.



Shall we begin?



Innokin iTaste CLK

innokin itaste cannabis

[screenshot -]


This vape pen by Innokin is the perfect vape if you are looking for something sleek and compact with a feminine edge. The iTaste CLK is a variable voltage pen that uses e-liquids. It comes in 3 different colors - QuickSilver, Onyx, and Pixie and you can expect to shell out around $50 for this beautiful pen. The vape pen comes with a micro USB charging cable, lanyard, and beauty ring.


This vape pen comes with a couple of excellent features such as a pass-through mode and a rotational wheel to set your ideal voltage for vaping. The iTaste CLK comes with an 800 mAh rechargeable battery that you can charge while you vape. Just insert the charging cable into the port beside the LED power button and you are set for vaping. Make sure though that the battery has some juice in it before using this feature or the battery will power off. The pen also has a wheel where you can set the voltage to between 3.5 - 5 volts which help you get the best flavor and vapor experience.



ELeaf iStick Mini

eleaf ministick

[screenshot -]


The iStick Mini is a perfect fit for ladies looking for a box mod that compliments their daily wear, is compact and delivers a vaping session that is sure to please. This box mod comes in a compact design with an 1100mAh battery with the ability to charge while vaping. It comes in four different colors - black, gray, blue and red (looks pink though) and is also around $50 ($25 depending on where you buy it from).


The iStick Mini comes equipped with a charging cable and adapter (also acts as a beauty ring) and has an OLED display right on the top. This is a perk since you can always monitor the battery percentage and voltage while you vape. Just like the iTaste, it uses voltage with a range of 3.3 - 5 volts. While not necessarily a negative, the charging port is located on the bottom of the unit, so you won’t be able to charge it while standing it on the table. But, it still looks amazing with its metallic colors, and you can fit it in your purse or pocket.



Vision Spinner 2


minispinner vape

[screenshot -]


The Vision Spinner 2 is an excellent vape pen that is suited for ladies looking for something to match any of their accessories but still get a kicking vape experience as well. This vape pen is powerful, stealthy and comes in a variety of colors. You can pick up this pen for around $40 (depending on where you shop), and it comes in black, white, gold, steel, brown, green, yellow, red, blue, orange, purple and pink.


The Vision Spinner 2 comes with a 1650mAh battery with the capability of vaping while charging. The firing button comes in the same color as the unit and is backlit. A battery indicator will let you know when the battery is low and it will usually take around 2 to 3 hours to charge up again. A downside to this vape pen is that it only has four preset values to choose. You only turn the dial, and it will snap into place on whichever setting you want. You have choices between 3.3V, 3.8V, 4.3V and 4.8V.


Keep in mind that many people try to sell these as knock-offs. Make sure that if you decide to buy this device, that it is authentic and you only buy from trusted vendors.



Crystallized Vape Pens


bubble gum vape pen

[screenshot -]


Alright, I’ve saved the best for last. This entry is necessarily catered to any brand but rather to different sleeves and vape pens that are styled just for women. These sleeves and pens are perfect for those ladies looking to go all out in style with many of them coming with different crystals, pearls, and other accessories - even Swarovski! They are designed to be fashion accessories and are truly the top pick for any woman who wants to vape while looking fabulous. There are four different types you can choose from - 3D Bling, 50 Shades of Pink, Swarovski, and Gold Bubble Gum.


The 3D Bling Series Blue/White edition is a sleeve for your vape. It runs at around $50 and the glue used on the sleeve is waterproof.


50 shades of pink vape pen

[screenshot -]


50 Shades of Pink is a vaporizer for those ladies who are in love with...well pink. It’s made with Swarovski crystals and pink charms and comes with a matching clearomizer. It costs around $90, and it even comes with a repair kit if any crystals fall off.


seashell vape

[screenshot -]


A mention worth noting is the Crystallized Vape Swarovski Teal Mix. It’s just the battery but can be paired with tanks. It is comprised of Swarovski crystals and other charms and the glue used is waterproof. It comes equipped with charging cable and adapter, and you can pick up this pen for around $95.


bubblegum 3d vape

[screenshot -]


Last on our list (and I’m sure will be a favorite) is the Gold Bubble Gum Custom 3D. It boasts an 1100mAh battery, USB charger, wall adapter, case and a matching clearomizer and drip tip. It has gold metallic pearls, AB crystals and a huge 3D Kawaii heart right next to the firing button. It’s a perfect accessory for any lady at $65.


Well, there you have it, ladies. If you are thinking about vaping, just starting to vape or you are a long time vaper and want something classy and feminine, then you have quite the choices to choose from. These vapes are sure to not only satisfy your sense of fashion and style but deliver on a vaping experience that will leave you wanting to add to your collection (and hey, tell your friends!).









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